Friday, 17 August 2018

[Giveaway] Wada Perfectly Nude CC Cushion Foundation Review

Hey Pinkyies! Today I'm going to review a locally made cushion foundation from Wada Malaysia - the Perfectly Nude CC Cushion Foundation SPF35++ PA. Make sure you keep reading cause you might win yourself one of this foundation away from me! *wink wink

I've noticed almost every ladies who make up needs to use highlighter to give themselves a glow on the cheek. But what if I tell you that a foundation can provide a healthy glow as well?

The Perfectly Nude is a cushion foundation that brightens up complexion instantly while leaving skin fresh and clean throughout the day for long lasting dewy finish.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Althea X Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Review

Hey Pinkyies! Not sure if you remembered that there was a period of time since last year, I was quite inactive in my blogging and social media posting cause I was too busy and tired from my daily dance practices and works. I still remember having that tiring lifestyle everyday feels really exhausting, and it makes me feel so lazy to do anything after work.

Actually I'm still having a little bit of this kind of lifestyle right now (still joining a lot of dance related stuffs with my full time job) but now! My lifestyle has finally improved a little bit after owning the Althea X Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer! *insert advertisement background music lolll*

Okay my main point of this post is I'm going to share this new-unusual-multitasking-but-fast product, the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. Basically, it works as a cleanser + detox mask, and you can complete these 2 steps in 10 seconds every morning and night! Whuttttt for real? *insert shocking sound effect*

Monday, 13 August 2018

How To: DIY Perfume Made With Essential Oils

Most of us have a few perfumes that are our favorites. They usually cost way too much, and sometimes, we just cannot justify the price.

Did you know that you can make your own perfume at a fraction of the cost? Further, you can customize it to find your favorite scent. It doesn’t matter what your favorite scent is, with a little trial and by tweaking the essential oils until you get it perfect for you.

There are only three ingredients needed to make perfume. They are usually kept in a dark bottle to help preserve the smell. You can use them in a perfume atomizer, or small bottle with a cork top. Some women keep them in a dark bottle, with an eyedropper. This makes it easy to put a drop or two on you wrist, or in the bend of your elbow.

Friday, 27 July 2018

5 Psychological Ideas To Help You Create A More Meaningful Space

It’s often said that our instincts and intuition guide us throughout life. Sometimes it can be in the form of an ecstatic gut feeling and other times it may be equally impactful but less exciting moment of clarity. For example, perhaps you’ve found a bandar kinrara house for sale, stepped into the house and immediately sense that it’s the one. This neurologically based reaction is a great example of how psychology influences our choices and our self-satisfaction. Thus, it is a good idea to take some tips and ideas from the psychology toolbox and apply it to design and décor, allowing the creation of a space that’s so much more than just pretty – something meaningful.

Monday, 23 July 2018

ID.AZ Dermastic 5 Minutes Clay Mask Review

Few years back I did reviewed a few clay masks before and since then I'm too lazy and annoyed to use clay mask because:
  1. It was normally comes in a pot shape that I have to dig your fingers/spatula into it to apply on your face. That way I always got the mask into my finger nails and I hated it.
  2. Some of them dries up in the pot very easily after they were contacted with air and I can't even use half of the products anymore after a while!
  3. Most of it are hard to be washed off!

But I've found these clay masks that has different functions in different colours, and most importantly it comes in a tube shape! Which means I don't need to dig my fingers into the pot anymore and the remaining products doesn't contact with air that makes it dries up! Hygienic and convenient! 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

My Most Effective Way of Slimming! | Susenji

Hello Pinkyies! I bet a lot of you have heard about this famous slimming product that has been shared by a lot of people or influencers across social media, which is Susenji (瘦身奇). I get to know about this product from my friend Apple who has been recommending this product to everyone! Those testimony showing how awesome this product is got me curious, and I have to try it out myself to know if the effectiveness is true or not.

Some of you might think that this is a gimmick product too like how I did before I tried it out, but I think you should continue reading this post before you judge because I'm going to share my usage result after using it for a month! (See the image above also know there will be good results haha)

*Disclaimer: I'm not selling this product! Please don't email me to place order ok 😂 
If you're interested to buy this, please contact Apple thru her Wechat: @apple_lse

Susenji is a body slimming gel to get rid of stubborn fats and bloated area in the easiest way. It's highly recommended by a lot of influencers out there because it's convenient to use, very effective and it's not oilynot sticky and no burning sensation! 大家都说它不油不黏不辣!

According to the product description itself, it says that it's able to reduce about 1 to 5cm in a week, while obese people might be able to lose 1 to 3cm (which I will suggest obese people to take detox drink instead). It is also able to give you 4 amazing effects:
  1. Expel Excess Water From Body
  2. Increase The Fat Burning Rate
  3. Eliminate Vivotoxin
  4. Increase The Efficiency of Skin Care.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Fashion Diary #3

Wow, the last time I posted my Fashion Diary was 5 years ago? I do feel ashamed, but I did posted a lot of fashion related post after that. Feel free to check them out here.

Since I wasn't very active since last year, so now I decided to quickly share some nice OOTD pictures taken together with my bunch of blogger friends this year!

And after 5 years, you can definitely see the difference of pictures taken for my OOTD. Check out my Fashion Diary #1 & Fashion Diary #2.

Alright let me just spam the images and some details in case you guys wonder where did I got my outfits and where did I take those nice images.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Make Your Moment with Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018!

Hey Pinkyies! I know it's quite a surprise that I am blogging about phone instead of new beauty products this time, but trust me, Samsung knows that most of my readers are urban girls or beauty enthusiasts like me, that's why I was given this opportunity to try out their new selfie smart phone - Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 and share my review to you guys!

The Samsung Galaxy A8+ is a selfie smart phone for the urban girl, especially beauty enthusiasts like me because it has
  1. Dual Front Camera with Live Focus,
  2. IP68 water resistant function, and
  3. Low-light photography.

With these 3 main features, it's perfect for everyday use with awesome photography and selfie in any conditions and lighting!

Monday, 7 May 2018

7 Best Ways To Improve Your Décolletage

Wrinkles are sneaky, they can develop in any part of the body, like the chest, or the cleavage; wrinkles forming in these areas can frustrate someone because they are hard to prevent; once they pop up, they are not shy to show themselves.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

You are thinking about undergoing a facelift to keep your beautiful, youthful appearance. Your probably never knew you had so many facelift options. Before taking the next step in your journey for a more improved, perfect you, it is important to understand more about common facelift procedures and the deep plane facelift procedure.