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About the Owner

Personal information

My name is Nicole Leong. I named myself NicoleYie as my web name because it's more unique. I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, and I'm currently working in KL city centre in a media agency.

I graduated from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR, fyi not TARUC or KTAR) on 2015 with the course Bachelor of Science (Hons) Applied Mathematics with Computing. You guys probably wonder what on earth is that about, so basically - it's nothing about Account or Finance, it's just Maths like Algebra, Calculus or Statistics, with a little bit of Software Programming. What I love about it is all the weird symbols and short forms that makes my life so much easier.

My major languages that I speak are Chinese and English, and I speak Penang Hokkien too. The main language I use to blog is English so that everyone around the world get to enjoy reading what I wrote and share, but sometimes if I feel like it, I will blog in Chinese.

Some of my beauty information for interested clients

Skin type: Oily to Combination
Skin tone: Yellow Undertone
Skin condition: Hormone pimples (not constant), dark scars & holes, dark circles.
Hair condition: Long, fine, easily get tangled, oily scalp with hair fall problem.

My interests

I've been dancing since I was in kindergarten and this is my one and only favourite exercise till now. I've started to join Sixth Sense, a girls group who dances and does Kpop covers on our YouTube Channel in August 2017. Did my first cover with them in August and currently joining a Kpop dance competition with the team. Do hire us if you're looking for performers for your event!

I love everything in pink and cute! Current (and all time) favourite cartoons are My Little Pony, Hamtaro, Canimals, Pusheen, Hello Kitty, Minions, and Ribbons!

I love everything in pastel colour. I love rainbow colours too! Everything which mixed with at least red, blue, yellow and green are my favourite!

I love my mom. She is my everything. I have an elder sister, Hazel who sings more than she drink, and a younger brother, Leonard who's talented in drawing, designing (he designed my name card!) and playing video games. I have a mixed breed pet dog called Lexy and they are literally everything in my life. <3

Last but not least, you can know what I love throught my blog post by following my blog! =)

About the Blog

The story behind my blogs

I have 11 years of blogging experience. I started to blog when I was 13 (2006) in Wretch, and I moved to Blogger after 3 years (2009). So the blog you're reading right now is 8 years old.

The reason why I started to blog on the very beginning is because of trend! Wretch was so popular when started to get in touch with internet and I was so into blog designing and editing! Besides, my blog is my memory. I record every single day on what I did and what I faced in my blog, and that was once upon a time.

I used to write every single shytz about myself and my daily life in this blog, in a childish way. And I'm happy to see myself improved to become more and more proper day by day. That's how I grow! (feel free to read back my old post and you'll sick of me *lolling at myself*)

I used to abandon it when I was sick of it and used to think of deleting it too! But after all, I realized that this blog has became a part of my life now! Even though I used to stop updating it for a thousand years, I'll still visit it every day by myself! #becauseIlovemyself

So turns out I share awesome stuffs like products review, fashion tips and foods to everyone of you through this platform, and I do hope that you're happy of everything I shared! :)

How my blog works

I normally blog in English, sometimes in Chinese if necessary, and every time in broken or mix languages. *I admit that my grammar and vocabs are really bad! But I always try my best to make my post easy to read*

I'm using either Fujifilm X-A1 / Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX10 / iPhone SE for my blog images, and my iPhone SE and iPad Mini for mobile uploads on my Facebook or Instagram.

I blog mostly about beauty product reviews and fashion posts. Sometimes I share about advertorials, food reviews, lifestyle stuffs, places I traveled, thoughts and everything possible! :)

I accept :
  • Sponsorship 
  • Brand Collaboration 
  • Events / Parties / Launch invitation 
  • Ad banners placement on sidebar 
I do :
1. Review on
  • Skin Care Products 
  • Cosmetic Products 
  • Online/Offline Stores 
  • Any other products which is not offensive and harmful for anyone 
2. Advertorial on
  • Promotions of any shops/brands 
  • Products launch 
  • Online Shops or Boutiques 
3. Giveaway on anything which my readers would definitely be interested in.

So, kindly email me @ nicoleyie0528@gmail.com if you're interested to reach out your brands or products to a wider audience through this blog!

Last but not least, thank you all so much for spending your precious time to read about me! I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts too! Your footprint meant a lot to me! ;)

Have a nice day ahead ;) Peace. ^.^Y

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  1. Hello Nicole! :) You look really familiar and as if I have seen you somewhere before. Came out that you are studying in FES as well! Nice to meet you. :D

    1. omg you too??! Haha not sure if I have seen you before too...? >< Haha nice to meet you too! ;)

  2. Nice wan Nicole, hope you get a lot sponsor and free skin care products :D

    from author of Test Drive Review N Car Tips

  3. hi, just finish your portfolio, it's so comprehensive omg~~ Have fun in blogging, and hope to see u again!!

    1. Hey Maple! Haha you read it! Thank you! Ya hope to see you again soon! <3

  4. You are great, Nicole.
    Hope can meet you one day.
    Keep in touch, thank you