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Captivate her heart with Teddy Bear Jewellery this festive season | Love & Co.'s Teddy Bear Collection

November 17, 2019 3

Whenever my friends and family ask about what gift should we buy for a young girl as a birthday or Christmas gift, I would always tell them that every young girls' dream is to own a big size teddy bear (I would go for giant size if I could). To my record, I was never wrong. Because teddy bear is a great huger. Because I've experienced the view of teen girl being so happy to receive giant bear during her birthday and cuddle it to sleep that night. Because it's also my dream to have a giant teddy bear as well till this date.

When I heard about Love & Co. is launching a Teddy Bear Collection, I can't wait to check it out and show you guys the whole collection because it's something you might wanna own if you love teddy bears like me! Hint hint, Christmas is around the corner, feel free to share this post to your partner. 😉

In case you haven't heard of Love & Co., they are a premier jeweller with international standing that heralds a unique brand concept. The specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance.

Love & Co. as a brand synonymous with love and romance, their new Teddy Bear Collection which inspired by the classic teddy bear, representing a timeless symbol of unconditional love, warm cuddles and companionship that spans all ages.

For over the century. teddy bears have been cherished and loved by everyone, and are amongst the most popular gifts to signify love and companionship.

Love & Co. Teddy Bear Collection - a sweet pink colour displayed at the corner of the store.

Store manager Patricia explaining the story and meaning behind this collection series.

Made with love for love, each piece of Love & Co.'s Teddy Bear jewellery is endearing with its own charm and is a tender reminder of your promise to be her beloved companion. Carefully crafted from 18k rose gold and precious stones, the collection features a series of creations:

  • Heartfelt Confession - Express your true feelings with the captivating charms of Teddy
  • Love Lock - With her hand in yours, experience the magic of love unlocked
  • Cuddle Me - The warm and cuddly Teddy Bear, the perfect gift for all occasions
  • You Make Me Smile - You make me feel like the luckiest girl alive
  • My Companion - The trusted companion beloved by so many through the years

Here I'm gonna show you some of my favourites that I've tried from the store. It's quite a lot cause they are all really pretty!

Love Lock Series:

Cuddle Me Series:

You Make Me Smile Series:

Fun fact for this series: the curve line that the teddy bear was leaning on represents a smile.

Heartfelt Confession Series:

This series is really cute cause all of the bear has a little pink heart attached at the middle of the bear.

My Companion Series (the middle one):

And here are some of the other designs, which is under My Teddy series.

And here's a good news for you! Every purchase of Teddy Bear Collection, they are giving you a super cute teddy bear Bluetooth Speaker for free!

It doesn't just work as a speaker, but also a super cute display and the heart that it was holding is actually a jewellery box for you to display your necklace or bracelets!

This is me trying to show my pretty rings from the Teddy Bear collection, and the face that's hinting your partner this is definitely the best Christmas gift you can buy for your girlfriend/wife this year!

So far my personal favourite has to be all dangling designed earrings, the ring from You Make Me Smile Series, and everything from the Love Lock series! Have you spotted any of your favourite yet?

Aside from the Teddy Bear Collection, Love & Co's best selling patented series design is the Promise Collection. The earrings, necklace and ring on the middle finger are from Promise Collection.

And I was so honoured to be able to try on their Diamond ring as well! What's best is their engagement ring box is unlike the typical ring box but a crystal glass like this!

And I get to learn from Patricia on the details of their diamond ring, which part of the design holds what kind of message in it.

So it's your turn to check out their wonderful collection for yourself at their showroom listed below and have them walk you through the meaning and detail behind every delicate design!

Love & Co. Showroom Locations (Malaysia)

  • The Gardens Mall | #Lot F-239A
  • One Utama | #Lot G138
  • Sunway Pyramid | #Lot G1.75
  • The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey | Lot G-061
  • Johor Bahru City Square | #Lot J1-02
  • Gurney Plaza Penang | #Lot170-G-47A

For more information, kindly visit Love & Co's:
Instagram: @LoveandCoOfficial