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Captivate her heart with Teddy Bear Jewellery this festive season | Love & Co.'s Teddy Bear Collection

November 17, 2019 6

Whenever my friends and family ask about what gift should we buy for a young girl as a birthday or Christmas gift, I would always tell them that every young girls' dream is to own a big size teddy bear (I would go for giant size if I could). To my record, I was never wrong. Because teddy bear is a great huger. Because I've experienced the view of teen girl being so happy to receive giant bear during her birthday and cuddle it to sleep that night. Because it's also my dream to have a giant teddy bear as well till this date.

When I heard about Love & Co. is launching a Teddy Bear Collection, I can't wait to check it out and show you guys the whole collection because it's something you might wanna own if you love teddy bears like me! Hint hint, Christmas is around the corner, feel free to share this post to your partner. 😉

In case you haven't heard of Love & Co., they are a premier jeweller with international standing that heralds a unique brand concept. The specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance.

Love & Co. as a brand synonymous with love and romance, their new Teddy Bear Collection which inspired by the classic teddy bear, representing a timeless symbol of unconditional love, warm cuddles and companionship that spans all ages.

For over the century. teddy bears have been cherished and loved by everyone, and are amongst the most popular gifts to signify love and companionship.

Love & Co. Teddy Bear Collection - a sweet pink colour displayed at the corner of the store.

Store manager Patricia explaining the story and meaning behind this collection series.

Made with love for love, each piece of Love & Co.'s Teddy Bear jewellery is endearing with its own charm and is a tender reminder of your promise to be her beloved companion. Carefully crafted from 18k rose gold and precious stones, the collection features a series of creations:

  • Heartfelt Confession - Express your true feelings with the captivating charms of Teddy
  • Love Lock - With her hand in yours, experience the magic of love unlocked
  • Cuddle Me - The warm and cuddly Teddy Bear, the perfect gift for all occasions
  • You Make Me Smile - You make me feel like the luckiest girl alive
  • My Companion - The trusted companion beloved by so many through the years

Here I'm gonna show you some of my favourites that I've tried from the store. It's quite a lot cause they are all really pretty!

Love Lock Series:

Cuddle Me Series:

You Make Me Smile Series:

Fun fact for this series: the curve line that the teddy bear was leaning on represents a smile.

Heartfelt Confession Series:

This series is really cute cause all of the bear has a little pink heart attached at the middle of the bear.

My Companion Series (the middle one):

And here are some of the other designs, which is under My Teddy series.

And here's a good news for you! Every purchase of Teddy Bear Collection, they are giving you a super cute teddy bear Bluetooth Speaker for free!

It doesn't just work as a speaker, but also a super cute display and the heart that it was holding is actually a jewellery box for you to display your necklace or bracelets!

This is me trying to show my pretty rings from the Teddy Bear collection, and the face that's hinting your partner this is definitely the best Christmas gift you can buy for your girlfriend/wife this year!

So far my personal favourite has to be all dangling designed earrings, the ring from You Make Me Smile Series, and everything from the Love Lock series! Have you spotted any of your favourite yet?

Aside from the Teddy Bear Collection, Love & Co's best selling patented series design is the Promise Collection. The earrings, necklace and ring on the middle finger are from Promise Collection.

And I was so honoured to be able to try on their Diamond ring as well! What's best is their engagement ring box is unlike the typical ring box but a crystal glass like this!

And I get to learn from Patricia on the details of their diamond ring, which part of the design holds what kind of message in it.

So it's your turn to check out their wonderful collection for yourself at their showroom listed below and have them walk you through the meaning and detail behind every delicate design!

Love & Co. Showroom Locations (Malaysia)

  • The Gardens Mall | #Lot F-239A
  • One Utama | #Lot G138
  • Sunway Pyramid | #Lot G1.75
  • The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey | Lot G-061
  • Johor Bahru City Square | #Lot J1-02
  • Gurney Plaza Penang | #Lot170-G-47A

For more information, kindly visit Love & Co's:
Instagram: @LoveandCoOfficial

Friday, 30 August 2019

Portable WiFi I used during my Vietnam Trip | Travel Recommends

August 30, 2019 2
Hey Pinkyies! It's been a while that I blog about travel related post! If you followed my social media accounts, you'll know that I was in Vietnam last month! Like finally I went overseas this year cause I barely have time to travel before this!

Before I share about my trip experience, I'm gonna share how I stay connected with the internet during my trip first cause you know, it's like the most important thing for the digital ages now after your mobile phone and passport when you travel overseas!

Thanks to my travel buddies Shin May & Sharon, I get to know about Travel Recommends, a trusted travel buddy where they offer travel options like
  1. Internet connectivity such as Portable Wifi or International Sim Cards, 
  2. Transportations, and even 
  3. Pre-paid ticket bookings for the top attractions in your destination.

For this trip we booked the 4G Unlimited Portable Wifi with them since there are 3 of us travelling together and we can just share the WiFi anytime anywhere together. In case you wonder, it can connect up to 6 devices at the same time!

There are a total of 5 booths located in Malaysia - KLIA, Gateway@KLIA2 - Departure, Penang @ Suntech, Johor Bahru and Sabah. Check out the specific location for each places here. The one we went was KLIA2.

Before our trip, we booked our Pocket WiFi thru their website's online booking system and we only need to head over to their booth in KLIA2 which located right in between Gate 1 and 2 of the Departure Hall, Level 3 for self-pickup by showing our booking number before we depart from Kuala Lumpur. It's super fuss-free I have to say!

But if you're afraid you don't have enough time to pick up from the booth, you can still choose to deliver the rental products straight to your doorstep!

They'll give you a pouch with the Portable WiFi, a charging cable, a universal adapter and instructions on how to use the product inside! I kind of make full use of the pouch to also place in my own USB charges and power bank :))))).

The Portable WiFi is using micro USB as the charger so you can use your own cable if you're an Android user, and you don't quite need to worry if you forgot to bring your own universal adapter for your trip cause you can just use theirs!

There's a digital screen on the Portable WiFi so you can check the battery life of the device and how much data you have used on that day.

The battery life of the Portable WiFi can last about 6 - 8 hours, but it's better to standby a power bank to recharge it in case you're out for longer than that!

The rental for the Portable WiFi to Vietnam is only at MYR 12 per day! The cost among 3 of us is only MYR 4 per day, how affordable!

Even though the WiFi's rental is already very affordable, pay your WiFi rental with VISA to enjoy additional discount when you book online!
  • For VISA Platinum, Signature and Infinite Card users, enjoy 30% off with promo code TRVISA30.
  • For VISA Debit or Credit Card users, enjoy 15% off with the promo code TRVISA15.

For those who need more than just Internet connectivity, Travel Recommends also offer international pre-paid SIM Cards in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Just like the Portable WiFi Routers, you can pre-order yours online and have it conveniently couriered to you or pick it up before your flight from KLIA or KLIA2.

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @travelrecommends_my

Thursday, 22 August 2019

LENNOX Collagen Baking Workshop with The Butterfly Project

August 22, 2019 1

Hi Pinkyies, it's been a while! I'm back with a new post which involves both baking and beauty if you can tell from the header image above! I'm so excited to share this with you guys cause you're about to learn how to make your favourite desserts and look younger every time you eat it!

So I'm not gonna spend more time to tease you on what's so excited, let's get straight to the point shall we! Last month I was invited by my favourite blogger community, The Butterfly Project to join a baking workshop with LENNOX at ABC Cooking Studio!

Drugstore shoppers definitely can recognize these collagen drinks before. Yes, LENNOX is a nutritional supplements brand that strive to produce nutritional supplements of the highest quality to meet your health and beauty requirements. They believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and beautiful. Backed by continuous research and development, all LENNOX products are made using natural, organic and carefully selected ingredients that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective for your well-being.

As a person who used to have oily skin and slowly turning into having normal skin (or dryer skin) after 25 (which is an early symptom of aging), I can tell that I have experienced the changes of my skin and body that was caused by aging, work stress, pollution and air-conditioned room, and it is so true! The need of supplement in my daily routine has also increased due to the turn down rate of my metabolism.

Besides the usual supplements like Vitamin A B C or Fish Oil, the word 'Collagen' has appeared more than usual around my circle of (female) friends who are the same age or older than me, which means it's time for me (and you) to start investing in good Collagen product as a daily supplement!

But as a lazy person here, I'm so glad that the products from LENNOX are very convenient to consume!! Keep reading to find out how!

What's Different about LENNOX Collagen?

LENNOX uses aqueous marine collagen, which is 100% water soluble and has a low molecular weight for better digestibility. Compared to conventional collagen, our collagen has a shorter bond structure that dissolves readily and is absorbed more easily by the body.

LENNOX has 5 products in their collagen range:
  1. LENNOX FirmUp+ (For Whitening)
  2. LENNOX FirmUp+ Men (To Fight Oily Skin)
  3. LENNOX FirmUp+ Forte Gold (For Hydration)
  4. LENNOX FirmUp+ EX (For combined effect of Whitening + Hydration)
  5. LENNOX Collagen 5000 (Low-Calorie, Easy-to-use collagen powder)

#1. LENNOX FirmUp+

    Newly upgraded with whitening essence, LENNOX FirmUp+ is suitable for those who want fairer skin. The addition of CoQ10 and Grape Seed Extract, a strong antioxidant, help protect skin from damaging UV rays that may cause aging.

    Their unique powder + liquid formula ensures that total freshness and effectiveness of the ingredients are preserved. The powder is actually the antioxidant because antioxidants in liquid form are easily oxidized even if they remain sealed and unopened.

    With LENNOX FirmUp+, you can fully benefit from the effectiveness of antioxidants because you add them in right before consuming.

    Yup, just as easy as this! Add the powder into the bottle, shake it and drink it! Plus the berry taste is addictive (to me) cause it's sweet and tasty!

    #2. LENNOX FirmUp+ Men

    According to research, men's skin is 15%-20% thicker than women's skin. Therefore, compared to external skin products, health drinks are more effectively absorbed for healthy skin.

    LENNOX FirmUp+ Men is specially formulated for men who lead busy lives and are looking for a fuss-free skin regime that works. Fortified with Cactus Extract & Maritime Pine Bark extract, it helps reduce excessive oil secretion and keeps skin feeling hydrated.

    Just like the previous product, the FirmUp+ Men does come with the antioxidant powder as well where all the men can also fully benefit from the effectiveness of antioxidants because you add them in right before consuming.

    #3. LENNOX FirmUp+ Forte Gold

    Enriched with Ceramide, FirmUp+ Forte Gold is the perfect choice to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. Ceramides are lipid molecules found in high concentrations within cell membranes in the upper layer of skin. They hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and holds moisture. They also act as a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants.

    FirmUp+ Forte Gold with Ceramide transforms dry and sallow skin by improving the moisture-locking function of the skin. This slows down the effects of aging and stress leaving your skin moist and hydrated.

    #4. LENNOX FirmUp+ EX

    FirmUp+ EX is specially formulated to give your skin the double benefits of whitening and hydration. Packed with antioxidants such as sakura essence extract and grape seed extract to fight free radicals, your skin is protected from signs of aging. Sakura essence possesses whitening properties that help to lighten uneven skin pigmentation caused by UV rays.

    LENNOX have also harnessed nature's healing gift by introducing apple stem cell into FirmUp+ EX that functions to renew and repair aging skin cells. As a result, your skin stays youthful and supple.

    #5. LENNOX Collagen 5000

    Last but not least, a collagen drink in powder form. If you are looking for a low-calorie and convenient way of consuming collagen, choose LENNOX Collagen 5000. It is made from high quality fish collagen peptide originated from Japan that dissolves readily in any beverage. The best part is, it gets easily absorbed by the body.

    You can mix LENNOX Collagen 5000 with your favorite juice, milk or yogurt and you get a healthy, delicious and guilt-free treat, which is the main point of having the baking workshop because we are going to add the collagen powder into our dessert of the day - Berry Souffle Cheesecake!

    Thanks to ABC Cooking Studio located in The Gardens Mall, KL, we get to experience and learn from real baking teachers with complete utensils and tools for the baking experience!

    All the butterflies dressed up in Pink (Dress code of the day) with the cute apron prepared by LENNOX team!

    And of course I'm sharing some of the fun moment I had in this workshop! I have also gathered the Instagram Stories I got in my Instagram Highlight here, so feel free to go and check it out!

    Everything was ready to use including the LENNOX Collagen 5000! So let's get started!

    Do I look like I'm here just for fun? Well indeed, serious in learning but gonna have fun baking too!

    First of all, we're making the souffle cheesecake here! Each table has a chef guiding us throughout the baking process, whisking with the hand mixer is super tired, but satisfying when everything was mixed evenly! Saw the white powder? It's the cake flour mixing with the Collagen powder!
    Imma so gonna add the collagen powder into everything I make from now onwards! Hello younger looking skin!
    The Meringue challenge! You are doing it right if you mix it at the right amount of ingredient with the right power of the mixer, until the product is stiff enough that it stays in the bowl without leaking out! And obviously I did it right!
    It's really satisfying to see the almost end product! Partner opposite me is Sharon and beside me is Rane.
    Gonna place my babies into the Oven!
    You thought we're almost done? We have to mix our own cream as well! We added the Collagen powder into the strawberry powder to create the Berry Cream Cheese as the topping for our souffle!
    The end product! I'm so satisfied with the whole flavour, especially the cheese cream which doesn't feel thick and disgusting at all! Most importantly, it has collagen in this 'guilty pleasure', so you can say that there is no guilty involved at all LOL!

    As I said I'm so gonna add the collagen powder into all of my drinks, I've been drinking it with my milo, not taking it every day because of the sweetness (from milo) but whenever I'm making any drink, I try to make full use of the powder!

    I have consumed the FirmUp+ and Collagen 5000 every few days (yes I did not consume it every day even though I know it's better to drink it everyday) throughout the month, and I did noticed my skin is clearer and brighter! To be honest, I did not edit my skin in any of the pictures in this whole blog post at all, and you can compare the image taken from the event and at my home! I noticed my skin has improved so much, thanks to LENNOX!!

    LENNOX is celebrating the LENNOX Collagen Month in August 2019 with the tagline of 'Love Your Skin'.

    Why ‘Love Your Skin’?

    While we are busy caring for others and meeting the demands of our hectic lives, we tend to forget that we, ourselves, also need nourishment and care. Hence, this campaign aims to remind you to love and take good care of your skin. Our skin is a part of who we are, so healthy skin is worth every bit of your investment. When you feel healthy, you’ll look beautiful naturally.

    LENNOX Collagen Month is a campaign to encourage you to take the first step towards healthy and beautiful skin. In conjunction of this campaign, LENNOX is throwing tons of crazy deals your way so make sure you check out LENNOX FB page or LENNOX website for incredible discounts on a different product each week and on top of that, stand a chance to win awesome LENNOX products when you take part in our buy and win contest!

    For more information, kindly visit:
    Twitter | Instagram: @lennox.malaysia