Monday, 31 December 2018

A Cloud Nine Kind of Christmas Party with The Butterfly Project & Althea Korea

It's the last day of 2018. I know I haven't been active in my blog since this year but I'm here making my last day and last post of the year memorable, by blogging about one of the best Christmas Party with The Butterfly Project Malaysia this year!

I have been blogging about Butterfly Project's event for many year ever since I've joined them as a butterfly (a Beauty Blogger). Every year was a blast and unforgettable! Well without further ado, let me just get into the event content for this year's Christmas party with The Butterfly Project and Althea Korea!

What : Butterfly X Althea Christmas party
Where : ChubbeeCloud Uptown Damansara
When : 8 December 2018, Saturday
Theme : Pink Christmas

As usual, our mamasan Tammy has put in a lot of efforts and thought on every TBP's party many months beforehand (she even got into a fight with another 'unicorn cafe' owner and it went viral! 🀭) I've always admire how she can handle TBP's stuff mostly by herself, and her full time job at Althea at the same time!

Note: Photos without my own watermark belongs to The Butterfly Project's, credits to Eros the photographer.

If you still haven't know, ChubbeeCloud has finally launched their first offline store a.k.a Personalized Gift Experience Store & Cafe in August 2018, and with all the cute bath tub set up, pastel colour theme and OMG-super-cute Unicornish beverage and desserts, it's definitely one of the insta-worthy cafe to go in PJ town since then!

The party theme was Pink Christmas. I am almost out of Pink outfits (too many pink theme party this year) so I throw myself into this maroon tulle skirt so that I don't look plain or dull. Credits to Eros for this awesome shot! πŸ˜

And the giant pink bear whom you can take a bath with in ChubbeeCloud's store right here! *smirkkk πŸ˜

I'm so glad that Althea is the main sponsor for TBP's Christmas party this year cause everyone knows that the brand loves their fans! The most exciting part (especially for beauty enthusiast like me) is knowing that you're gonna get more beauty products from them again in the event!

Some of the Althea Exclusive products displayed and we get to try them on as well.

Colour coordination on point with all the ChubbeeCloud's Customized Marshmallow boxes deco as background!

One of Althea's latest new born - the Flawless Creamy Concealer

Most of TBP's parties or events couldn't lack of some super unique and cute desserts by AskJoey! Check them out below! Also spare yourself some tissues while doing it because you might be  drooling by just looking at the foods!

Ehhem I'm not stealing....

Specially made for The Butterfly Project Community, how sweet!

This pic actually makes rainbow freaks (like me) happy :)

And how could you not take picture with them! If it isn't that crowded in the event, I could have taken selfies with each and one of the colours of the doughnuts and cookies! πŸ˜

And I guess that's too much of rainbow colours, now let's talk about what actually happened during the event alright!

The event is, of course, started with our Mamasan giving a little fun speech and our agenda of the day.

Look at everyone in PINK! It makes me so happy!

There are a total of 30 butterflies in the event, so to make things easier, they have given us this small little to-do-list and order list so that we know exactly what we're gonna do and get during the event.

  1. On the left side of the note are the tasks for us to do some IG posting.
  2. In the middle is the token for us to play with the Althea Game Machine (yes there is a claw machine in ChubbeeCloud guys!!) and we will be winning some gifts or vouchers if we managed to claw anything!
  3. And on the right side is our order list for ChubbeeCloud. I have been wanting to try out their colourful drinks since they've launched the cafe and finally it's time! All thanks to TBP!

How many special food have you spotted? Let me introduce them to you one by one!

Magical Mericorn Milkshake 🧜‍♀️πŸ¦„ - Aesthetically and taste buds pleasing rich Vanilla Flavoured Milkshake made from Premium Australian Ice Cream. Topped with handcrafted Unicorn marshmallow, chocolate mermaid tail and sprinkled with rainbow pebbles collected from under the sea. (Description taken from ChubbeeCloud's IG)

Tell me how is this no insta-worthy? At least, it is camera-worthy. 

This kitty taking a hot bath, is the Signature Hot Mallow Bath in Tropical Coconut Matcha. Available in Rich Charcoal Chocolate as well. The kitty marshmallow was given to us separately so that we can place it on top ourselves, fun to play with but in the wrong hand... (I mean my hand), the kitty looks like its about to sink. But it didn't!

And fun fact! The kitty marshmallows were all hand-drawn one-by-one by ChubbeeCloud's owner! Kudos for the hardwork!

And this is how it works. I didn't manage to dunk it in gracefully tho. πŸ™ˆ 

And for people who prefers the classic boba drinks or cold brew tea, they have it as well!
Left: Cold Brew Elegant Earl Grey Apple Tea with real sweet apple bits
Right: Signature Boba Brown with chewy boba pealrs fully coated in brown sugar and fresh milk

And lastly, introducing one of their latest food in the menu - the Signature Chubbee Toast in (left) Boba Bomb & (right) Kimchi! Seriouly they make me think that anything can be match with everything, cause I'm madly in love with these, especially the Boba Bomb with brown sugar flavour! I swear I'm going back again to try the one in Teh Tarik flavour! πŸ€€

Enjoying my meal together with Ridley, Dash and Sharon! Look how happy all of us are!

Enough with foods, it's GAME TIME!!

And this is the game machine that I was talking about! It's-In-PINK!!

During normal times, we were given 2 coins to play with the machine. During the event, we get 5 chances!

And guess what, you gurl here got it on her first try yo!

Yay πŸŽ‰

I've got myself an Althea Voucher! Time for some shopping!

And if there isn't a photobooth, there is no event happening! This time we got Tagbooth to keep us some memorable photos together with our blogger friends with some fun props, and more creatively, we get to customize the photo before it was printed out! How cute!

There are some cute Xmas stickers on the left side of the screen for us to decorate the picture!

Tadaa! Not a good designer here but at least I tried okay :P!

And this is another version of the photo we will get in softcopy! Look how cute the design is! 

With my crazy and pretty friend Sharon. This is my favourite shot cause I think I did great in the deco, noticed we are not in our Plain Top anymore? πŸ˜‚ And someone please tell me where can I buy this red nose raindeer specs that I'm wearing!! It's too cute!!

The hardcopy version! We have been playing with it while there is no one there cause the props and design is on point! Not forgetting to mention the photo quality is superb!!

And of course, best dressed competition! 

Congratulations to the top 3 best dressed that walks away with a holographic bag filled with Althea Exclusive products!!!

Well after so many photos and activities that I've shared, not sure how do you think about this event, but I must say that it' definitely getting better every year. The community really brings up a lot of opportunities to beauty bloggers out here and till now, they are still giving!

We actually got a surprised gift from the community, like some of us are really so damn surprised when we didn't even know what's inside (including me). They got us the customized marshmallow with each of our pretty photo uniquely printed on top!! πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±

OMG it was me trying the Boba bomb for the first time before this event!!

In case you didn't know, ChubbeeCloud was famous with their Bespoke Marshmallows where you can customize pictures on top of the marshmallows, cause who would ever thought of creating something like this as a special gift?

I used to receive this from Etude house few years back in a giveaway, and since then I have been telling my friends there is this special gift idea from ChubbeeCloud cause it's like the sweetest idea could be! Most importantly it's fun to customize the faces and words thru their website!

Last but not least, the group photo that we never miss! And I will always ask - spotted me? 

Like I said, Althea loves their fans! Look at this box of wonders that all 30 butterflies received from the event! It's actually all priceless cause they are filled with love and memories!

*Hint hint, I will be holding a giveaway on these products very soon so make sure you followed me on my Instagram @NicoleYie!

Once again, thank you The Butterfly Project and all the sponsors for making this Christmas party another memorable one! Do follow them:

Photos without watermark are taken by Eros (Fishmeatdieand The Butterfly Project Malaysia

Thanks for reading! Happy new year 2019 to everyone of you!!