Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack - Review After One Month

Hi Pinkyies! Remember my previous post on an introduction to Zephyrine products? If you missed it out, click here to direct you to the post itself so that you won't feel missed out when you're reading this post!

To recap, my first impression on these products was quite positive. I was asked to continue trying it and do another review after 1 month of usage.

So I'm just gonna go straight to the point on what I feel about these products after using it for a month!

FYI I won't be showing the product images here, find out more about the product details in my previous post.

#1 Rose Essence Treatment Lotion

This classy looking bottle of essence treatment lotion in a super high quality glass bottle. A water-like texture essence with a premium rose scent, I have been loving this bottle of wonder since I started using it cause it's non-sticky, quick absorption and feels refreshing after each usage! A little bit goes a long way, I only used 3-4 drops every time, andit looks like I barely use the product looking at the pic above, I can use it until next year for sure!

Even though this product contains pearl extraction that helps to brightens up the skin, unlike a lot of whitening products out there, this one never irritates my skin! On the other hand it soothes my problem areas and I noticed my skin doesn't have much breakouts after I started using it.

Rating: 9/10

#4 White Truffle Repairing Cream

I think I haven't mention before that this cream is actually my most favourite product in this set of skincare. First of all, love the super pleasant scent (not sure how to describe it tho). And then the texture, it makes me want to massage my face more than ever cause it feels so smooth when the product started to melt into my skin. My skin feels really moisturized after every usage, and a layer of thin oil (not that kind of oil-oil, but a smooth layer kind of..oil-like layer?) stays on top of my skin throughout the night so that my skin moisture will not be dragged away in my air-cond room.

A lot of bloggers recommended to use this cream as a make up base as well. I did a mini test on my hand with a bad cushion foundation and turns out the cushion blends to my skin really well! Probably it's because this cream has smoothen my skin and the foundation managed to blend in together very well!

Rating: 10/10

#6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask

The fancy name of this mask makes me wanna stick the mask forever to my face until the essences completely absorbed into my skin, and heal heal heal my skin! 

Firstly, awesome scent, a kind of pleasant welcome greeting from the product when I started to peel the package off, love it! And I really love the quality of the sheet mask! It's thin and fit onto my skin perfectly! After every usage (erm only had 3 usages actually haha) the essence never leaves any sticky feeling on my skin, but it does have the same oil-like smooth layer on the surface of my skin, just like the moisturizer, except it's very thin and goes away after I apply the toner.

This is definitely a recommended face mask for people who are above 25 years old cause...y'know, they said you started to lose your collagen after 25, so it's time to improve skin elasticity and firmness starting from now on!

Rating: 9/10

From all of these pics above, I did not edit much. I only have a thin layer of tinted moisturizer on my skin, and what you see are the current flaws on my skin. I would say this skincare did helped me to improve my skin texture (it feels softer) and definitely helped to reduced some of my scars.

I didn't expect these products to completely heal my scars and holes, but I do realize my monthly breakouts have decreased after I started using these products! Even tho there is some small breakouts, it never make it gone worse!

I used to have a series of skin care that I loved a lot because it helped to improved my skin a lot (you can try to dig it out from my blog post few years back), and this is definitely going to be my new favourite skincare that I will be recommending my friends to try it out!

Product Information

Name: Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Price: MYR550.00
Where to buy: Zephyrine's Website (link)

And that's all for my review on Zephyrine skincare! If you read everything, thank you so much! I hope this post helped anyone out there who's looking to try out a really natural and effective skincare!

For more information, kindly visit:
Website: http://www.zephyrine.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MsiaZephyrine
Instagram: @zephyrine.my