Monday, 15 October 2018

Best Lipstick I've ever used?! 50gram X Swanicoco - Show The Velvet Lipstick Review

Hello my lovely Pinkyiess! If you've got surprised by my title, you really should be cause I'm about to share the best lipstick I've ever used in my life from the 2018 the hottest brand in Korea - Swanicoco. Here I have Swanicoco's super new and super limited edition lipstick. Keep reading to find out more about this Korean brand and product!

Swanicoco is a famous natural cosmetic brand from Korea. Thanks to 50gram (yes that famous online florist shop in Malaysia) for bringing it in to sell in Malaysia, now Malaysians can try it out without needing to daigou or fly to Korea to purchase it!

50gram is the sole company who's the first to launch this product in Malaysia, and they are delivering to nationwide. Other companies will launch in later dates. And also it's limited so grab it now before it goes mainstream!

About Swanicoco

Swanicoco started off its business by creating naturally fermented soaps. To produce excellent natural soaps, the best medicinal herbs are carefully selected, boiled and then fermented. From there, Swanicoco is currently the top natural cosmetics company in the Republic of Korea. Their collection of various basic makeup products boasts of great coverage, long-lasting effects, and UV protection.

The word Swanicoco means that they pursue the elegance of a 'swan' (feminine), and the 'coco' means 'coconut' (as they offer botanical natural cosmetics) as well as 'cuteness' in French.

Here I got the Limited Black Edition & only shade that's selling in Malaysia - Juliet Red. It's an orangey toned red lipstick. More shades will be coming in soon!


If you wonder how is this brand the best, well, the secret beauty of this brand is using BIO Fermentation ingredients.

Swanicoco uses grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs as ingredients for fermentation, and integrates biotechnology into eco-friendly natural components to help improve the skin. Moreover, instead of purified water, they've use fermented extracts, which accounts for 80% of their cosmetics. They have thus completed a step further through their upgraded fermented cosmetics technology.

Swanicoco does not use ingredients that are harmful to the skin such as dyes, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, steroids, alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, and benzophenones. The main ingredients of Swanicoco's cosmetics are either extracted from Korean natural plants; patented ingredients from Europe, including France, which leads the global cosmetics ingredients market; or organically certified ingredients from the United States and Australia.

The product itself looks like a normal bullet lipstick, except there's a twist you need to make when you open and close the case. I really like that cause it's more secure when you bring it out in your handbag cause it locked the cover to the lipstick. Not forgetting to mention the quality of the packaging is superb!

The main feature of this lipstick is it's long-lasting. moisturizing and softening by carnauba wax and natural oils. Besides, it comes with very vivid colours. Juliet Red is such a perfect colour to any occasion!

Close up look on the velvet texture and colour.

I'm surprised that the long lasting lipstick actually made my lips looked more moisturized than when I'm not wearing any lip product!

Selfie was taken with my iPhone's front camera. Hence the colour is not very good.

My thoughts

You guys have already expected me to write a 10/10 review here as you can tell from my post title itself. Here's to summarize what I love (and hate?) about this product.
  1. The application is easy and nice. The velvety texture makes the lipstick easy to apply. It's smooth to glide onto the lips and easily to blend as well. 
  2. It feels unreal to have a lipstick that's matte but still moisturizing; long lasting but doesn't stained much, and it is really really really long lasting! 很重要所以要讲3次! *Do refer to a test I did & real testimonial from the images below.
  3. There are a few times I only apply a thin layer to my lips cause I don't want it to look too bright, and throughout the day I feel like it' as if I did not wear any lipstick, until I look into the mirror, to remember I'm wearing a long lasting lipstick.
  4. Product packaging is sleek and it doesn't have any scratch marks on after putting into my handbag with full of stuffs!
  5. I cannot believe that this bullet lipstick has actually outrank all of my favourite matte liquid lipsticks!

This is to show that my cup wasn't stained at all after wearing the Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick! 

I'm always used to apply lipstick together with my makeup, so you can say that I eat my own lipstick every morning. But I don't think I manage to eat Swanicoco's lipstick before cause look at how it doesn't transfer!

Sorry for the poor selfie but this is me at work after having lunch! Lipstick is still there!

I've wore it to most of my show performance cause they require me to wear red lipstick. I still remembered one of my friend even noticed how lasting my lipstick is (cause hers was gone after 2 performances).

So what do I hate about it? They really need to come out with more shades! Peachy-Pink colour please! And that's all for my thoughts. Are you convinced by me already?

Product Information

Name: Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick Black Edition (Limited Edition)
Shade: Juliet Red
Country of Origin: Korea
Price: RM88.85
Where to buy: 50gram (link)

Once again, thank you 50gram for bringing in such a wonderful product into Malaysia! I really can't wait for new shades to come in and collect them all!

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.