Wednesday, 31 October 2018

(Review + Discount Code) Sudio NIVÅ - True Wireless Earphone

October 31, 2018 13

With the disappearing audio jack in iPhone, we are moving forward to an era of wireless audio technology. To all my trendy ladies who loves fashion and beauty, if you still haven't heard about Sudio, first, read my previous review on Sudio VASA Earphone, then continue reading this post cause I'm about to show you a very trendy looking wireless earphone - the Sudio NIVÅ Wireless Earphone!

Sudio NIVÅ is Sudio's first-ever truly wireless earphone collection. With its remarkably compact construction and 10m range, Sudio NIVÅ brings you a clear and crisp sound signature to fully immerse you in the music.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack - Review After One Month

October 30, 2018 2
Hi Pinkyies! Remember my previous post on an introduction to Zephyrine products? If you missed it out, click here to direct you to the post itself so that you won't feel missed out when you're reading this post!

To recap, my first impression on these products was quite positive. I was asked to continue trying it and do another review after 1 month of usage.

So I'm just gonna go straight to the point on what I feel about these products after using it for a month!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Best Lipstick I've ever used?! 50gram X Swanicoco - Show The Velvet Lipstick Review

October 15, 2018 2

Hello my lovely Pinkyiess! If you've got surprised by my title, you really should be cause I'm about to share the best lipstick I've ever used in my life from the 2018 the hottest brand in Korea - Swanicoco. Here I have Swanicoco's super new and super limited edition lipstick. Keep reading to find out more about this Korean brand and product!

Swanicoco is a famous natural cosmetic brand from Korea. Thanks to 50gram (yes that famous online florist shop in Malaysia) for bringing it in to sell in Malaysia, now Malaysians can try it out without needing to daigou or fly to Korea to purchase it!

50gram is the sole company who's the first to launch this product in Malaysia, and they are delivering to nationwide. Other companies will launch in later dates. And also it's limited so grab it now before it goes mainstream!