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SoADDICTED to this Lip Treatment! | LipAddict Tea Party with The Butterfly Project

Hi Pinkyies! Is time for more Pink colour post cause I'm about to introduce you an awesome product that improved my dry and chappy lips in 3 weeks time!

Before I start, let me ask a quick question. When you see the word "Anti-Aging" on a beauty perspective, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I would say most of you will think about Anti-Aging Skincare. A lot of people out there actually ignored or forgot that the part of the body with very thin layer of skin needs anti-age too!

So in this post I will be sharing about an Anti-Aging Lip Treatment by SoADDICTED - LipAddict. Bet you never heard about this brand before because they were only selling in selected aesthetic clinics since their launch 6 years ago!

So last month I was invited by my favourite blogger community - The Butterfly Project to join them for a LipAddict Tea Party @ Happ Cafe to know and understand more about this product. Trust me, you will see something very magical when I show you my result of my 3 months journey with LipAddict!

Event details ft sexy girl Bo 

This dessert table st up by AskJoey 😍 Let's have a quick look thru on some of the Insta-worthy desserts.

Spot all the cute desserts namings that are all related to lips and the brand name "SoAddicted"!
Didn't manage to try this Popsicle cause it's attractive like hot cakes and everyone grabbed it before I did. 😭 

Their cupcake are delicious, from a person who loves cream!
You gotta have sweet lips when you have sweet tooth! Agree? 😂
Do check out AskJoey for parties deco and desserts like this!
AskJoey's Facebook page: 

Told'ya it's gonna be a pink post! Look at everyone in pink that day!

Now let's get back to the product that sounds so awesome to me!

People tend to neglect the aging process that are happening in the lips, especially for people like us who loves all the long lasting colourful liquid lipsticks, the longer it stays the better right? Wrong! All the colour pigmentations and drying content will make your natural lips looking dark/pigmented and old... cracky... dry...... whatever that makes it look old and ugly!

If you're having bad looking natural lips, LipAddict is here to rescue your lips! Keep reading to find out how your lips can be saved!

What is LipAddict?

LipAddict is a non-injectable anti-aging lip treatment that instantly moisturizes, heals and enhances your pout! In short, you don't need any monthly lip fillers no more!

How it works?

The lip gloss contains a proprietary nano peptide complex that boost collagen and elastin production, resulting in less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Spot the mini concave mirror located on top of the cover of the lip gloss! Effort design but it only serves its purpose when we are not using the cover to apply our lip gloss. 😂

LipAddict isn’t just a ‘lip gloss’ – it’s an anti-aging lip treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates, plumps, and improves definition of the lip contour. It can result your lips to be fuller, smoother, softer and more youthful looking!

4 Key Benefits of Lip Addict

Instant Healing

Instant Hydration/Moisture

Instant Enhancement/Plump

Main ingredients

If you thought this effective product comes from all sorts of chemical ingredients, then you are wrong! LipAddict is a Patented product that comes from a medical background. They only use medical grade ingredients in all of their products, hence it's a very safe product to use, even for pregnant women and cancer patients!

Here are some of the natural ingredients that are used in the product:
  1. Collagen
  2. Hyluronic acid - naturally binds water to give your lips instant natural volume (plumped)
  3. Grape seed oil - (all the natural oils provides instant moisture)
  4. Castor oil
  5. Apricot Kernel Oil
  6. Aloe vera
  7. Jojoba oil
  8. Avocado oil 
  9. Vitamin C & E - the superior ingredients for instant healing
  10. Mint & Stevia - A menthol cooling sensation + sugar replacement for the sweet scent

It comes in 12 gorgeous shades so you can match your treatment to your mood. 
Credits to Zoelie who lent us her hand to do the swatches and snap photos!
Behind the scene!!
A close up look on the product. The application tip is flexible that can be bend while applying the lip gloss. 
Unlike other glosses, LipAddict’s lightweight molecular formula guarantees that your lips won’t be left with that sticky sensation! 

If you take a closer look, some of the lip gloss shade contains some gold shimmers in the product! I really love that!!

During the event last month, we were introduced about the brand and product by the manager of SoAddicted, that's why I'm here to share what I learned about it to you guys! Aside from that, we get to see a demo on Day and Night make up look by MUA - using some of the SoAddicted products.

So how to use LipAddict Lip Treatment?

The brand itself encourage people to use it on both Day and Night. Pick your favourite shade to wear during day time with your favourite makeup on, and use the Night Treatment (#213 Jewel) before you go to sleep.

If you're having cracked lips, it's still safe to use on it, just that there might be some tingling sensation due to the menthol. If you have a dry peel off skin out of your lips, you can apply it on the outer contour of your lips.

Since the product is so safe to use, you can always reapply it any time you want to increase the moisture. Do note that the first 2-3 times when you start to use the product, there might be more skin peel off from your lips, and it's totally normal as it's exfoliating the dead skin from your lips.

The best part of the event is we get to create our own new colours of the lip gloss by mixing some colours out of the 12 shades.

Taking pink, red and nude colour and this is the shade that it turns out.

Applied it on top of my pink lips. Loving the glow on my lips!

I still remember how excited I was after the session cause they convinced me on the benefits of the products. Are you already convinced by me? Let's see some shades that I have been using and my results shall we!

We were randomly given 2 different shades (Mine: #203 and #212) and 1 transparent shade (#213) for the night treatment.

Swatching time~

#213 Jewel

A transparent gloss for the night. Of course it can be worn on top of your own favourite lip colours to add on the glow and treatment at the same time!

#212 Pink Sugar

A very light blue-toned-pink colour that's suitable for a daily light makeup look. Sometimes I love to wear it with my favourite lip colour for that little healthy looking lips.

#203 Mon Cherie

My favourite orangey-red shade that's not too pink or too red. I wore this shade the most out of the 3 because the opacity of the colour is dark enough to be worn alone.
Which colour do you think I looked the best on??

Here I did 2 make up looks which I think it suitable for the 2 colours that I got!

Left side using Pink Sugar, with Pinkish eyeshadow and blushing face, inspired by my pink flowers.
Right side using Mon Cherie, a darker shade that brings out a little bit of edgy look.

Results after 3 weeks

TOP: Before start using LipAddict
BOTTOM: After 3 weeks of using LipAddict
I wore it every morning to work and every night before sleep, with some skipping days when I forget to bring it out when I'm sleeping over at boyfie's place.
  1. My lips are obviously not as chappy as before
  2. The changes in the colour of my lips! The hyperpigmentation from all the long lasting lipsticks I have been wearing, and now it looks healthier in pink!
  3. My lips does looked slightly plumpier now!

I'm SoAddicted to my lips now! XD

My Thoughts

This is definitely a perfect product for every office workers! I often have some peel off skin on my lips when I'm in an air-conditioned room, but I did feel the difference when I'm wearing the LipAddict lip treatment in my cold office! Also recommending this to Pregnant women and Cancer patients cause the natural ingredients are safe to use for even Cancer patients! Whattt 😱

It's a very healthy product that the colour doesn't stays on the lips very long, so I have to keep on reapplying it every few hours. But I'm totally fine with it cause I'm in love with the cooling sensation and sweet taste that comes from the mint and stevia!!

And speaking of the result, I was expecting for it to improve my lips after attending the event, and I guess it didn't disappoint me cause I'm in love with my current lips now, and still using it and hoping to get my natural healthy lip colour back!

But I wouldn't say that after using it my lips feels like "wow my lips are completely out of dryness now!" cause guys let's be real here, if you want to completely heal your dry lips to have a very moisturized looking lips without the help of the lip treatment after few weeks, you gotta take good care of your diet and drink lotsa water as well.

The only down side of this product to me is I couldn't wear it to certain occasion like when I'm dancing cause my hair is going to stick on my lips, and it's annoying! But this doesn't stop me from giving this product a rating of 10/10! Great scent, great colour, great looking lips instantly and it does improved my dry cracky lips! Strongly recommended for 

So if you're interested to try it out, do check out these outlets that are selling their products:

And not forgetting some of the group photos taken after the event with other butterflies.

If you can spot me... :1
The four girls that had fun together - Ridley, mua, Zoelie and Sharon.
Fooooood and that's Sydney behind me :3

Once again, thank you The Butterfly Project and SoAddicted for providing this information session! Without this I wouldn't encounter such a great product that improved my lips so much! 😍

For more information, kindly visit SoAddicted's:-

Instagram: @soaddictedmalaysia

Note: Photos without my watermark, credits to Eros.

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