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Nion Beauty Opus Express Review

Hey Pinkyies! Do you have any cleansing device in your current skincare routine? I used to own a brush type cleansing device which I loved it very much, but recently I decided to try on a silicone type of cleansing device by Nion Beauty - the Opus Express. If you're confused on what's the differences between these 2 types of cleansing devices, just keep reading to know more!

What is Nion Beauty?

Nion Beauty is a USA based company that provides skin care cleansing device, developed by team of from USA & Korea which combining Japan cutting –edge technology. They are revolutionizing skincare, combining cutting-edge advances in materials science with leading dermatological research to produce a range of beauty products that are years ahead of the competition.

What makes the Nion Beauty Cleansing Devices special from all other famous brands out there is that they comes with Kinectic Skin Cleansing and S-ION Technology which make their brand more different with others brands, and also not forgetting to mention that their products' prices are very affordable!

The whole PR kit includes an Opus Express, a small black bag, travel size device Opus2Go and a foam maker.

Here I have Opus Express (the pink one) and the Opus 2Go (the white one)

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Nion Beauty, I get to try out the Opus Express and Opus 2Go!

Nion Beauty Opus Express

Offering unrivaled value and a whole host of innovative features, the Opus Express is this year’s must-have cleansing face brush. Ideal for those looking to explore the potential of S-ion Technology® , it makes a great gift for a loved one and a fantastic treat for yourself.

The Features of Opus Express:

  • 3-Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration.
  • S-ion Technology® silicone tip.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe to use in the shower.
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Available in 2 colours (Pink/White)

Some close up look on the product. I would say that this design is very nice and easy to hold and use.
Power on the device by pressing down the button and selecting your desired setting: High, Medium, Low, Off.
Operates on 2 AA batteries. Do note that some cheap brands of batteries might not work on this device.

So I've been talking about their Kinectic Skin Cleansing and S-ION Technology, how does it really works?

How it works?

The Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to delicately break-up and whisk away impurities. It is using gentle vibration mechanism to remove dirt, pollutants, impurities without stripping the face of its moisture. This system results a healthy glowing, moisture and elasticity skin.

S-ION Technology is referring to mix of rubber silicone and tourmaline which can generate negative ions to benefit our skin. Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily.

Close up look on the Silicone head. It is interchangeable.

So earlier I mentioned that I decided to change my cleansing device from brush to silicone. Here's why.

The most traditional way on how a cleansing device works is they use mechanical cleansing where the brush heads use friction to wash away dirt and oil. The Nylon brushes rotate side to side or spin in circular motions results in micro tears, irritation, redness, exacerbated, and skin’s natural oils are stripped. Besides, these bristles can harbour bacteria, and also strip the skin of natural protective oils, leaving it dry, red, and irritated. 

On the other hand, NION’s unique silicone brushes move up and down against the skin instead of side to side. Soft skin, effective toxin removal, improved blood circulation, and skin’s natural oils are preserved. The difference is that there will be no more friction, no more harming the skin, and naturally bacteria-free.

In case you wonder, Silicone is a unique material that technically belongs to the rubber family. With no phthalates and a low extractable content, it is safer than plastics, doesn’t react with other materials, and is both incredibly durable and soft. Best of all, the silicones that you’ll find in Nion skin care devices have antibacterial properties that make maintaining your products a breeze.

In short, Silicone better because
  • More durable than rubber 
  • Resistant to fungus and chemicals 
  • Impervious to UV rays and heat 
  • Exceptional durability 
  • Bristles will not wear down 
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Continuous running lifetime (at least 250 hours)

Usage Direction

  1. Wet your face with water and apply your favourite cleanser.
  2. Wet the Silicone bristles of your Opus Express with warm water.
  3. Let your Nion do its thing! Gentle glide the Opus Express across your face in a circular motion for 1-1.5 minutes (recommended for first time users to deep cleanse for 3 minutes.
  4. Rinse your face, pat dry for gorgeous glowing skin and apply your favourite moisturizer.
  5. Care for your Opus Express by rinsing with warm water and let air dry. Use mild soap if necessary.

Nion Beauty Opus Express Retail Selling price with 6% GST: MYR 187.90
Where to buyNion Beauty Official Store | WATSONS (both selected stores and online) | LAZADA | ASTRO GO SHOP | ZALORA

Nion Beauty Opus 2Go

Such a cute mini on-the-go product!

Perfect for jet-setters, this disposable silicone facial brush is packed full of features! Available in a variety of colors and showcasing their pioneering S-ion Technology® , the handy Opus 2Go is a must-have beauty product for any trips.

This small little device comes with an internal cell battery with up to 10 uses (based on a recommended usage time of 3 minutes). Made with FDA approved body-safe silicone, Opus 2Go is low voltage, water resistant and free from harmful chemicals. Hence it's safe to bring it anywhere.

The teardrop shape is easy to use and effortlessly reaches every contour of your face.

The Features of Opus 2Go:

  1. S-ion Technology® silicone.
  2. Disposable
  3. Shower friendly
  4. Best for travel
  5. 2 Button cell batteries
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Last for 20 days use.
  8. 3 units per pack.
  9. 3 colors per pack. (White/Blue/Pink)

 Nion Beauty Opus 2Go Retail Selling price with 6% GST: MYR 140.90 (3 units per pack)
Where to buyNion Beauty Official Store | WATSONS (both selected stores and online) | LAZADA | ASTRO GO SHOP | ZALORA

My thoughts

To be honest, on the first few usage, I felt that my previous brush cleanser works so much better cause I can feel the bristles actually cleanse my pores deeply. However I noticed that in overall, this silicone tech thing is really working like how it claimed!

First of all, it does its main job to remove skin impurities. Every time when I felt that there's a lot of blackheads on my nose, this device removed them instantly after only using it for less than 2 minutes! Can feel that my skin is smoother than before! 👏

This product unlike my previous cleansing device, it doesn't create lots of foam after a minute of cleansing, but I can see the product gets lesser after sometime. Not sure how the science really works, maybe my product melts the impurities and gone? I don't know but most importantly at the end of the usage, my skin feels really clean without feeling dry.

I also do realize this product is so much easier to take care than my previous device as previously I need to rinse it thoroughly before and after usage, and change the bristle head every 3 months to avoid bacteria. Now with this, I can clearly see what's between the silicone bristles and rinse it without any extra effort! Love it when my precious time is saved like this ❤️

And on the price range and the silicone durability, this product is actually so much better to use and I'm very happy with it!

For the Opus 2Go, I really love this mini product's concept! It's so inconvenient to bring along an extra device every time you travel, no matter it's near or far. If a product can make your skin cleansed at anywhere anytime, a big fat thumbs up for that!

So what do you guys think about this cleansing device? Will you try it out? Looking at the affordable price range, I think you should! Do let me know if you have tried it, would like to hear your review as well! 😉

For more information, kindly visit:
Nion Beauty Website:
Instagram: @nionbeautymalaysia

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 
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