Sunday, 30 September 2018

Nion Beauty Opus Express Review

September 30, 2018 2

Hey Pinkyies! Do you have any cleansing device in your current skincare routine? I used to own a brush type cleansing device which I loved it very much, but recently I decided to try on a silicone type of cleansing device by Nion Beauty - the Opus Express. If you're confused on what's the differences between these 2 types of cleansing devices, just keep reading to know more!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack - Introduction and First Impression

September 29, 2018 0
Hi Pinkyies! I'm back with another Skincare related post! This time I'm going to introduce this special brand to you guys first, then I will do a full review on the products after using it for a month. But first, let's understand about the products from Zephyrine.

As the age goes by, we (or at least me) will start to think of focusing on better skin cares to use on daily basis. By saying "better skin care" we mean products that uses natural ingredients and focus more on skin repairing and moisturizing.

Hence, today I'm going to share about the Zephyrine Classic Starter Pack that consist of 3 basic skincare products.

Before I introduce the product, Zephyrine is a Taiwan skincare brand that focus on gentle and refreshing to give the skin the purest care.

They are famous in using luxurious ingredients, professional formula to naturally and effectively create the most suitable skin care products for Asian women/men. Any skin types like sensitive skin can use their products with a peace of mind.

Monday, 24 September 2018

SoADDICTED to this Lip Treatment! | LipAddict Tea Party with The Butterfly Project

September 24, 2018 0

Hi Pinkyies! Is time for more Pink colour post cause I'm about to introduce you an awesome product that improved my dry and chappy lips in 3 weeks time!

Before I start, let me ask a quick question. When you see the word "Anti-Aging" on a beauty perspective, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I would say most of you will think about Anti-Aging Skincare. A lot of people out there actually ignored or forgot that the part of the body with very thin layer of skin needs anti-age too!

So in this post I will be sharing about an Anti-Aging Lip Treatment by SoADDICTED - LipAddict. Bet you never heard about this brand before because they were only selling in selected aesthetic clinics since their launch 6 years ago!

So last month I was invited by my favourite blogger community - The Butterfly Project to join them for a LipAddict Tea Party @ Happ Cafe to know and understand more about this product. Trust me, you will see something very magical when I show you my result of my 3 months journey with LipAddict!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Turn Up The Glow with the new St. Ives Face Scrubs

September 01, 2018 0

Hi Pinkyies! I bet most of you have heard about the famous scrub that can be found in your nearby drug stores - St. Ives' Facial Scrub, especially their Apricot scrubs!

In case you didn't know about this brand, St. Ives is widely-acclaimed and number one scrub brand in the USA, with big market share across regions worldwide since 1980. St. Ives believes the most powerful ingredients can’t be created in a lab. In formulating the products, St. Ives uses the most effective and fresh ingredients sourced from nature – with no unnecessary chemicals.

I believe some of you guys recognized St.Ive's face scrub packaging to be like this:

After 60 years exploring and formulating products that are made from nature, they have finally came out with 6 new face scrubs for different skin conditions!