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ELLE SKINCARE Light Beauty Collection Review - Advanced Light Essence Lotion & Spot Correcting Serum

Hey Pinkyies! Most of you definitely have heard of Elle magazineElle clothing, but have you heard of Elle Skincare before? YES it's legit! Elle Skincare has just launched new products through and I was proud to be one of the few bloggers to hands on 2 of the products from their new White collection before they were launched!

There are 2 collections launched in the website - Moisture & White. Today I will be sharing my review on the White collection which is also known as the Advanced Light Beauty Collection. *discount code at the end of the post!*

The light beauty collection is a targeted skincare line with specially formulated treatments to address dark spots and pigmentation skin concerns, which is one of my biggest concern right now! This collection intensively works on defeating different phases of melanin formation and inhibit dark age spot formation to help you achieve a spotless, glowing and fair skin complexion.

The products come in a very minimal and classy packaging at the same time.

Summary of what this series of products can do:

  • In-depth whitening effect
  • Inhibit the formation of pigmentation
  • Improve dark and dull skin complexion
  • [Serum] Correcting dark spot and prevent melanin formulation
  • [Lotion] Exfoliate and gently eliminate dead skins
  • [Lotion] Skin repairing

This collection consist of 2 products:
  1. Advanced Light Spot Correcting Serum - cure pigmentation on targeted areas
  2. Advanced Light Essence Lotion - helps in whitening overall skin tone

Advanced Light Spot Correcting Serum | 15ml

The Spot Correcting Serum aims to cure pigmentation and give your skin a bright skin complexion by defeating different phases of active melanin formulation. Aside from diminishing dark spots, this lightweight serum will also recreate the nature of flawless skin!

I love that it comes in a pump bottle like this cause I can easily measure how much product I needed per usage.
Can you see the super light texture of the serum?
The serum has a very pleasant floral scent as well which keeps me using it more!

Main Ingredients

  1. Tranexamic Acid – inhibits melanin formation to achieve flawless and bright skin
  2. Sea Daffodil Extract and Actiflow EL – speeding up skin regeneration at the same time prevents reproduction of melanin that will cause dark spots

Usage Direction

Apply small amount of the product on the part of your skin where the dark spots are. Gently massage your delicate face until the serum is well absorbed into the skin.

Note that this product has to be used up within 6 months after opening the packaging.

Sometimes I would drop it on my hands to apply, but sometimes when I'm feeling lazy, I'll do this.

Where to buy: Click here to find out more about this product and the price (They are having promotion so do check them out!

Advanced Light Essence Lotion | 50ml

The Essence Lotion is a lighweight essence that contains potent pigmentation reducing ingredient- Ethyl Ascorbic Acid to help in whitening overall skin tone, thus leaving you with a glow-from-within healthy skin. It also helps to gently eliminates dead skin cells before penetrating deeply into skin pores to help brighten your skin tone and complexion from the inside out.

It's said to be a lotion but has a serum kind of texture, which is very lightweight.

The lotion has almost the same floral scent as the serum does.

Main Ingredients

  1. Ethyl vitamin C – Penetrates deep into layers of skin to perform in-depth whitening treatment, thus improving dull and yellowish complexion that brings back the healthy skin glow
  2. Waltheria Indica extract – Helps to gently exfoliate and wash away dead skin cells while penetrating deep into the skin to get rid of pigmentation and even out your skin tone.
  3. DermalRx® SRC – Helps to repair skin and even out skin tone, giving it an overall even and glowing complexion.

Usage direction

Apply an even amount of the product onto your face and neck area. Gently massage your delicate face until the lotion is well absorbed into the skin. Use it after Advanced Light Spot Correcting Serum for better result.

As you definitely can tell that it's really very light and easy to absorb into the skin!

That face after applying it and feels very light and fresh. Bye bye stubbon scars!

Where to buy: Click here to find out more about this product and the price (They are having promotion so do check them out!

My Thoughts on this collection

Previously I don't really dare to try on any whitening products due to the ingredients in it (such as those whitening agents) will worsen those active acnes I have on my skin. But since my skin condition has improved a lot, I need to take this chance to get rid of my scars!

I'm actually still having some random active pimples or acne when I'm too stress or before period, so I try to avoid applying the product directly to those areas. I used it carefully so that my skin will not be bad again, and so far my skin was not irritated by them, and I was quite surprised when I see the before and after images below...

WARNING! Close up bumpy skin coming up next

See the big middle one has turn lighter and I bet it will be gone after I finish the whole bottle of the products!

Honestly I'm impressed, cause I can't really see the difference in real life... I mean I cannot tell how much it has improved, or not. It turns out to be a surprise when I compare both images together!

I would recommend this to those who really don't have any acne problem anymore but trying to get rid of some post-acne scars or any kind of pigmentation! Of course it doesn't give instant results but better than nothing right?

In case you wonder, this is how I normally use these products with my usual skincare regime:


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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.

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