Friday, 27 July 2018

5 Psychological Ideas To Help You Create A More Meaningful Space

July 27, 2018 0
It’s often said that our instincts and intuition guide us throughout life. Sometimes it can be in the form of an ecstatic gut feeling and other times it may be equally impactful but less exciting moment of clarity. For example, perhaps you’ve found a bandar kinrara house for sale, stepped into the house and immediately sense that it’s the one. This neurologically based reaction is a great example of how psychology influences our choices and our self-satisfaction. Thus, it is a good idea to take some tips and ideas from the psychology toolbox and apply it to design and d├ęcor, allowing the creation of a space that’s so much more than just pretty – something meaningful.

Monday, 23 July 2018

ID.AZ Dermastic 5 Minutes Clay Mask Review

July 23, 2018 0

Few years back I did reviewed a few clay masks before and since then I'm too lazy and annoyed to use clay mask because:
  1. It was normally comes in a pot shape that I have to dig your fingers/spatula into it to apply on your face. That way I always got the mask into my finger nails and I hated it.
  2. Some of them dries up in the pot very easily after they were contacted with air and I can't even use half of the products anymore after a while!
  3. Most of it are hard to be washed off!

But I've found these clay masks that has different functions in different colours, and most importantly it comes in a tube shape! Which means I don't need to dig my fingers into the pot anymore and the remaining products doesn't contact with air that makes it dries up! Hygienic and convenient!