Monday, 11 June 2018

Fashion Diary #3

Wow, the last time I posted my Fashion Diary was 5 years ago? I do feel ashamed, but I did posted a lot of fashion related post after that. Feel free to check them out here.

Since I wasn't very active since last year, so now I decided to quickly share some nice OOTD pictures taken together with my bunch of blogger friends this year!

And after 5 years, you can definitely see the difference of pictures taken for my OOTD. Check out my Fashion Diary #1 & Fashion Diary #2.

Alright let me just spam the images and some details in case you guys wonder where did I got my outfits and where did I take those nice images.

#1. The car park crew.

When my hair was still long and having a short fringe. This series of photo I have a lot more but only posting 3 of my favourite. You can check out more of these images from my Instagram.

Got this green romper at only MYR25 from Jaya One's bargain sale section! And so happened that there is 3 pieces, so the 3 of us (team swaggers) decided to just get it together and take pictures together!

Team swaggers: Yours Truly, Sharon & ShinMay.

All of us just pair the romper with white top, white hat and white shoes. We just randomly go to a nearby parking lot (I actually forgotten which mall was it), yes a lot of people were looking but we just do it! Some of our friends have been calling us Car Park Crew since then 😂.

#2. Casual Date

The floral bomber jacket and singlet was given by my sister so I'm not really sure where did it came from, most probably are blogshops. And those were old pink shorts that I love from Adidas Neo.

The white Nike shoes are one of my best buy this year as I got it from a Warehouse Sales at only MYR99, freaking happy cause it's so comfy and useful in many occassions like outfit matching or dance performance.

Location: Bangsar APW.

#3. Paddy Field

Okay my hair is now finally short. At first I really have no idea how to dress up for a natural scenario like this. But suddenly thought that I have this green floral shorts from Taobao for my dance competition last year which I barely can wear it out, matching it with a floral top and transparent outer wear.

Got the round fedora from Carousell few years ago and finally wearing it again. Didn't expect the outcome to be quite cool, all I did was only matching the outfit with what I have in my wardrobe!

Miss my 1 day trip with the swaggers to Sekinchan! All these nice pictures were taken by them, more images can check out our Instagram! (Click here: Mine, Sharon, Shinmay)

#4. Denim

One of my favourite style so far as well. The denim romper dress is also from Jaya One's bargain sale section (same as the green romper), and the artist hat I got it from Cotton On for only MYR20, it's the last piece and it's on sale as well! Wearing the same white Nike shoes as the Casual style.

I'm wearing the same white crop top as the one in the Car Park Crew outfit. It's from Taobao and bought it for dance competition purpose! Glad that I'm able to wear it a few more times.

In case you can't tell, we planned this outfit together! Carinn, my old blogger friend came back to KL for a few days and 3 of us decided to meet her up and take OOTD together like how we usually do!

Besides denim, we looked like we are having different styles. But actually all of us have similarities among each other!

My Similarity with ShinMay: Romper style
My Similarity with Carinn: Tote bags!
My Similarity with Sharon: White Top

I personally love how Sharon match her T-shirt with the jacket and shorts itself! I don't really own T-shirts (only those from society and I wore them to sleep hahaha), that's why I only paired mine with the same ol' white crop top.

Recently there's a lot of fashionista out there also love to buy T-shirt with unique designs and just match it with accessories, and that's it! Feels like a lazy fashion but it's still fashion!

And if you're looking for similar T-shirts like this, I recommend you to check out Apom! They are selling cool and hilarious Malaysian Culture related theme T-shirts, mugs and tote bags!

Seen in a different light, Apom captures the genuine and unfeigned aspect of Malaysia and recreates them into what the brand is now, a piece of Malaysia. With various different personalities and styles ranging from local slangs, innuendos and parodies on stylish T-shirts and mugs, we add a little Malaysian zest to display what exactly Malaysia COULD be, unique and innovative yet quirky because in Bolehland, anything is possible.

Some examples of the T-shirts. The Mahalbro and Pokai-doh are one of the best selling design, it's so creative isn't it?! And I think it's also perfect to match with my denim romper as well!

There's too many cute designs to show, you gotta visit their website to see it yourself!

Buying already? Don't forget to use the code "APOM40" during check out to get a special price on your purchase!

Do follow them on their social medias as they are a bunch of friendly people who will repost your posts if you tag them with their products!!
Facebook: Apom Malaysia

#5. Floral 

Floral design never fails to grab my attention. Happen to be able to join Shinmay for a new cafe review @ Voila Flower Cafe and finally I can wear this top out! Got this pink top from Taobao to wear for Chinese New Year but it never happened, didn't really have any occasion to wear it until now.

The earrings and high waist jeans shorts are from Taobao as well. Mad love with this cafe cause it's too perfect for everyone's instagram feed! More images of the cafe you can check out Shinmay's blog post here.

#6. The walking cotton candy

Ending this fashion post with this epicly thick sweater dress that I got from Taobao! I immediately add it to cart cause it's so cute, but misread that it's actually a plus-sized dress! Only knew it when I tried it on earlier this year! That's why I looked like a walking cotton candy, named by my cousin sister!

Same case goes to the white beanie. Can you tell it's actually quite thick? Bought it from Taobao during their winter season and that's one mistake that I've made haha. The only time that I will wear this whole outfit is when I'm in a colder location like Genting Highland or cold season in other country.

Okay I didn't expect that I have so much to say for each of my outfits! So what do you all think about these outfits?

If you noticed, most of my outfits are either from Taobao, Bargain sales sections, clothes from my sister/mom or my old outfits. I don't really spend much on outfits even though I love to dress up, and I will try to mix and match what I have in my wardrobe to make my outfit different.

One of my proudest purchase is my RM99 Nike shoes cause it's really comfortable, and it's rare that the final pairs of shoes are at my common shoe size! But I will need to take care of it cause it's white.

So which of these outfits is your favourite? ;)