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Make Your Moment with Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018!

Hey Pinkyies! I know it's quite a surprise that I am blogging about phone instead of new beauty products this time, but trust me, Samsung knows that most of my readers are urban girls or beauty enthusiasts like me, that's why I was given this opportunity to try out their new selfie smart phone - Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 and share my review to you guys!

The Samsung Galaxy A8+ is a selfie smart phone for the urban girl, especially beauty enthusiasts like me because it has
  1. Dual Front Camera with Live Focus,
  2. IP68 water resistant function, and
  3. Low-light photography.

With these 3 main features, it's perfect for everyday use with awesome photography and selfie in any conditions and lighting!

The A8+ has a big display size of 6 inches, and this is how big it is on my hand!
(If you prefer a smaller phone, the A8 is only at 5.6 inches.)

This phone comes in Black, Orchid Gray, Gold and Blue. The one that I'm holding is Orchid Gray.

Dual Front Camera with Live Focus

As I know a lot of the new smart phones are moving towards having the best camera in their phone, the Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 focuses on the front camera more by implementing the dual lens at the front.

The live focus feature helps to spotlight your moment with adjustable bokeh effect.

Spot the blur background. I always wanted to cover up my messy room in the background when I'm taking selfie, hence I always adjusted the bokeh effect to the maximum, muahaha!

Believe of not, this is my first blog post show casing my new hairstyle as well! Surprised? 😂

The live focus detects face and I'm impressed that the focusing is really clear even though it's making the background blur. I was addicted to this feature that just constantly take selfie with it even when I was in my bare face. And with all the basic camera features that most of the Samsung smartphones has (like beauty effects, camera modes and stickers), what more can you ask for?

Rating for this feature: 9/10!

IP68 Water Resistant

The Galaxy A8+ is rated IP68 and it is protected against dust ingress and water resistant, ready for any moment, rain or shine.

The water resistance rating is based on test conditions of submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, however there are reviews saying that it can last for more than that! Hence I wasn't really worry about bringing it for a swim with me or washing it directly if it's dirty.

During a day swim at noon time, one of my favourite shot with the sunshine.

In case you wonder whether the phone can be charged after using it in the water, if your phone doesn't notify you about having wetness around the charging port, you can proceed to charge your phone. There will be a wetness detection warning if the phone has detected wetness around the charging port, then you will have to wait for it to dry before you charge. 

So make sure you charge your phone first before you go into the pool just in case you need to use your phone urgently after that. But don't worry, I noticed that this only happens when I submerged the phone into the pool for too long.

Here's a video taken with the front camera from 1.2 meters below in the pool.

Before the phone have even introduced, I have already heard from my boyfriend (a Samsung phone user for years) that the water resistant for all Samsung smart phone is really good, and finally I've witness the truth and I am really impressed that I don't know what else to say. With this level of water resistant, you can just walk under the rain with your phone freely.

I had so much fun taking pictures in the swimming pool cause the water reflections under the sun is just pure beauty! I feel like I'm taking pictures with the best thing in the world, without needing to travel anywhere else!

Rating for this feature: The importance of water in life / 10! 😂

Low-light Photography

The image above is quite self-explanatory because look at the phone's screen! The images taken with the front lens is really bright and I can simply capture any moment I want even when it's dark! Now let more of my images below speak up for itself!

Night shoots taken under the water! I never had the chance to do this until I started using this phone!
Creative selfies above or under the water? Not a problem with the Galaxy A8+!

Aside from selfies, I can take nice food photos in a low light restaurant at night as well.

Rating for this feature: 8/10

Some shots taken during day time with the back camera.

All of the photos are non-edited. It has the phone-photography standard and yah, so it's great!

My Overall Opinion

I am not a phone expert but I did a little bit of the phone research while I was using it, and I found out that there's quite a lot of positive review on this phone. The biggest compliment that I saw from most of the tech geeks out there is that the Samsung Galaxy A8+ have features of a flagship smart phone at a lower price point. (The A8+ is only at MYR2,499 according to Samsung's website, while flagship phone's price are normally above 3k)

After tried and tested on the 3 main functions of this phone, I do think this phone is suitable for urban girls, especially those who loves adventures and love to capture every moments in their life.

For the past 1 month of trying this phone, I have captured one of the best moment of the year. Now it's your turn! 😉

Check out more specs of Samsung Galaxy A8+:

For more information, visit Samsung Malaysia's
Instagram: @samsungmalaysia

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 

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