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7 Best Ways To Improve Your Décolletage

Wrinkles are sneaky, they can develop in any part of the body, like the chest, or the cleavage; wrinkles forming in these areas can frustrate someone because they are hard to prevent; once they pop up, they are not shy to show themselves.

Since the skin on the chest is delicate, thin and sensitive, it is a hot spot when it comes to aging signs. Although chest wrinkles are part of the process of aging, it is not that pleasing to look at. It also does not mean that you can just accept it as a sign of aging, you need to treat it and even prevent it.

Luckily, there are methods that can be used to improve and treat the cleavage wrinkles. The same methods used for treating can also be used for preventing chest wrinkles. The list below shows effective treatments used for cleavage wrinkles.

Aloe Vera

One of the most natural fighters of wrinkles is Aloe Vera. It is a powerful plant that is used to prevent the formation of cleavage wrinkles, and as a result, it offers you a smooth skin. Let us look at how Aloe Vera treats and prevents cleavage wrinkles.

Aloe Vera helps to keep your body’s natural moisture in so that it escapes slowly. The retention of moisture in the skin helps to keep the skin smooth and healthy for a long time.

Aloe Vera also has powerful antioxidants to help fight UV produced free radicals which are responsible for the creation of wrinkles on your chest or in other areas.

Aloe Vera also helps to produce more elastin and collagen that slows down the aging process as it improves the appearance of the skin.

How to use Aloe Vera
  • Break the leaf of the plant
  • Dissect the leaf into two pieces
  • Use a squeeze to get the aloe vera sap onto the skin or in a bowl
  • Just as you would apply a moisturizer, apply the gel in the same way


Sunscreen is a huge player in skin care, let alone in the treatment of cleavage wrinkles. The purpose of sunscreen is to prevent the UV rays of the sun from damaging elastin and collagen that works to help the skin to be wrinkle free and firm. If you are not a user of sunscreen, the sun’s rays will work to sag your skin inwards. You will not see the sagging at first, but once you expose yourself to the skin repeatedly, the lines will form deep cleavage wrinkles.

How to use sunscreen

Use an SPF 45+ sunscreen on any area of your exposed skin like your chest, shoulders, neck, and face every day before going out to work.

After every two hours, reapply the sunscreen even if you are in the office building.

Silicon skin patches

When you go for a skin pad, you will find two ingredients; oxygen and silicone. This combination creates a powerful treatment that prevents the formation of cleavage wrinkles. When treating the wrinkles on your cleavage, the patch will create a microclimate on your skin which helps to hydrate, smoothen and heal your skin. The patch traps moisture underneath to rebuild and aide the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. All it takes for the results to be seen is a good sleep at night. To maximize the healing process, do the following steps:
  • Use cleansing discs to prepare your skin
  • Apply the skinpad
  • Apply the decollete serum in the morning

After applying the skin pad for the first time using the 3-step process, you will wear your favorite dress or low cut blouse confidently. The results are seen after just one application, and it does not have any side effects. The best quality of this product is its affordability; there are different brands on the market, you should try out the best or seek the counsel of your doctor.

Creams containing retinoic acid

After every 27 days, your skin cells usually regenerate, but when you introduce retinoids to the skin, it catalyzes the regeneration process to promote the appearance of a much softer, fresher skin that is clear. Healthy and clean. Retinoids also help to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals that break the skin and cause it to lose its texture and firmness.

Although retinoids is a scientifically proven method of countering wrinkles, the net effect shows after about two months of application.

How to use retinoic acid to treat cleavage wrinkles
  • Use an OTC cream for 2 weeks
  • Switch it up by getting a retinoic cream that is high in retinoic acid and use it for 2 weeks.
  • Increase the strength of the retinoic acid after every 2 weeks

Eight glasses of water each day

If you want to treat your cleavage wrinkles naturally, try taking eight glasses of water on a daily basis. Most of the treatments we have looked at are purely applied directly to the skin but taking water works from within the body.

Eight cups of water can seem like a challenge if it is thought of as a one time task. But here is a simple method you can use to make eight glasses seem like an easy task:
  • Drink two cups during when you wake up or after breakfast
  • After lunch, take two cups of water
  • After dinner, take two cups of water
  • In between meals, have a bottle of water that you can use to sip water slowly through the day

Chemical peels

In a chemical peel, your skin is exposed to an acidic solution which creates a "temporary controlled wound" that makes the skin to blister which will be peeled off after a short while. After the treatment, you will have a much smoother, fuller and softer skin.
As amazing as it may seem, chemical peels produce more side effects that include:
  • Damage to the kidney, heart, and liver
  • Infection
  • Permanent or temporary scarring
  • Permanent or temporary change in color
  • A sensitive skin after treatment

There are other safe products that can be used, and the product costs upwards of $1,000.


For more information regarding safe treatment of cleavage wrinkles or other procedures to enhance your facial features, call Dr. Philip Schoenfeld, M.D. at 301-652-RENU (7368), or log onto RENU Artful Medicine website to check out the procedures offered at the clinic located at 5454 Wisconsin Ave #1625.

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