Monday, 12 March 2018

How to turn your balcony into a garden

You just upgraded your house, from a humble HDB unit in Pasir Ris to a posh condominium in Marine Parade, congratulations! Besides being excited for the upgrade and more facilities, there’s one more that’s worth to be excited for – the balcony. While many finds that the balcony of their condominium seems to be giving them additional chores to clean during the weekends. We find it otherwise, we are more excited to turn the balcony into a garden. Not only it adds to the greenery to the house, it acts as the air purifier and improves the air of your house. Let's see how you can transform your balcony into a garden.

1. Check the weight bearing of your balcony
Right before you start buying any heavy, concrete pots or huge containers, do check if your balcony can bear the weight. Do check with your property management or landlord on the weight load before placing or arranging any extensive gardening items.

2. Explore vertical garden
Vertical garden is a trendy thing in Singapore, you could easily have spotted on some of the famous skyscrapers. Some balconies are small that makes it difficult to build a proper garden, consider the vertical garden options. You can build a vertical garden by purchasing a mountable hanging gardens or using plumbing pipe for the plants to crawl over or you can build a shelving system from recycled items. Perfect solution for your lack of space on your balcony.

3. Use your gardening equipment as decorator items
The issue with small balconies is storage, so make sure your gardening equipment are properly displayed and attractive to keep it display. Besides being used to watering plants, watering can looks great for display especially the metal ones, it looks good to be display along with the potted plants and small spades. You can utilize the vertical space by hanging clippers and spray water bottles on to the mounted peg board on the wall. Utilizing the vertical space save you from keeping bulky storage boxes that is taking up too much space for such a limited area.

4. Do up a balcony lawn
It’s pretty sad that you can’t have a lawn from staying a condominium or HDB. Don’t worry, there are plentiful of options available for condominium or HDB residents. Firstly, you can buy a fake grass or known as synthetic lawn tiles that looks real. The synthetic lawn tiles are easy to manage, cost-effective way to enjoy your balcony lawn. Besides, you can also consider a container lawn which you can lay on specialised rubber that provides drainage for seeded balcony grass. But before deciding on any of the lawn suggested, do seek some advices from your local hardware store which they will be able to help you better.

5. Water features
Water features are easy to setup and perfect for balconies due to their closer distance to their source of power for lighting and water pumps. Water gardens are easier to maintain and they look lush among clusters of other plants. With water features, your balcony garden doesn’t have to be plant exclusive

6. Container gardening
To increase your interest for your balcony garden plants, you can upcycling and mixing up with pots of your choice. You can use almost anything as a pot for your plants but have to make sure that there are ample drainage so your plants don’t drown. Contain your herbs by using vintage apple crates or any fruit crates, all you need is to drilled holes into the bottoms. Then you can filled up the crates with jars, buckets, old drink containers and tin can.

7. Cosy seating
It’s chilled to sip a cup of coffee with heaty arrangement. Get yourself few furniture like outdoor sofa or plastic chairs to make it more exciting. Besides, add cushions to one or two layout. Besides, when doing some gardening at your balcony, find a spot for yourself and get cosy with the world’s.

8. Plant climbers
Get yourself some plant climbers if the condominium belongs to you. You can get it to cover the walls, ceiling, rails and others. You can maker your house to look shady and private sanctuary as plant climbers are grows fast. Usually, it needs to be trim or look after to avoid looking messy

9. Balcony garden gadgets
Hurry to your local nursery and discover what offers are available for your balcony garden. With the advancement of technology, there ae always new gadgets and ideas that you have never thought of. All balconies are unique and different so it requires different kind of solutions or ideas to maintain. But be sure to treasure and enjoy your balcony gardens area.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post.

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