Monday, 29 January 2018

My 2017 Hair Transformation with Jeff Lee

People are actually calling me names this year, especially that mystical creature called Unicorn. Well, they ain't gonna call me a unicorn for no reason. If you have followed me throughout the year 2017, you know I have been changing my hair colour like a chameleon, except the process has to be done in Jeff Lee The Hair Company!

So here's a compilation of my hair in 2017! Make a guess of how many times I have bleached my hair before we start! ;)


This was my pink hair after faded from my rainbow hair that I did in 2016. The only colour left is pink, and I just did the signature hair treatment in Jeff Lee, the Korean Hair Spa Treatment.

If you followed me in social media you know that this is my all time favourite treatment cause it's lying down without worrying my backache, and there's a complimentary shoulder and hand massage as well! I did a detailed post about this treatment 2 years ago, click here to read it.

I know it still looked frizzy on the front part cause my hair is already damaged, but the feeling is super good and hair is super smooth after every treatment! Always recommend their service!

Honestly I miss this pink hair of mine very much cause the colour is too pretty! But the colour is hard to maintain, and sometimes it looks quite weird, so I decided to try a new colour the next month.


Yup this is the biggest change of my year! This is the month I decided to ditch my complicated pink hair and go for a really different colour! Thanks to Director Jeff Lee for doing the magic on my hair, this Denim blue is my all time favourite hair colour for now! Wrote a blog post about this transformation as well, if you missed it, click here to check it out.

Kudos to Jeff Lee for this outcome! Getting rid of my pink base is the most challenging part cause he needs to make sure there's no red/orange base left in my blue hair.

Check out my short transformation video here! Low resolutions cause I only used Meipai to do a quick editing.


So after 2 months the blue has faded, used purple shampoo to maintain the colour and it actually turns into this purple. Feel that my hair is getting more damaged and unhealthy cause I don't take care of it, so decided to just chop it off!

Bye long hair, I actually missed u so much! T.T
But it feels so much healthier and easier to manage!


Just another treatment month and look at the result every time after I did the Korean Hair Spa Treatment! 

Colour faded abit after the treatment cause I requested to do scalp treatment.


The month I feel bored with my faded hair colour again. This time still wanna go for blue instead of red and the stylist Zion and Sam recommended me this super pretty indigo (or some people said it's purple) colour! It's super strong and pigmented cause it doesn't came off easily after so many washes!

Not sure why but I requested to put a light blue underneath the hair so it looks more... fancy? Lol.


This is the indigo colour faded after a month, and you can say it's really strong cause it's still there after a month! Love this ombre colour very much!!


Back to red tone! This time I want to try some pastel colour so I decided to try out baby pink. And noticed my hair is so straight and super smooth? I tried out their Keratin Fusion Treatment as well. It's almost like rebonding kind of treatment but the technology is way more advanced, only super frizzy hair need to do this treatment. But for my super damaged hair that has already bleached for like... 5-6 times? Yes please!

Another satisfied outcome!!


My first short bangs! Yes the short short, higher than eyebrow kind of short. Cut it because of my competition, and also want to try something different. Hair will grow out anyway so why not. Turns out a lot of people actually complimented it! (And guess what, I just did my second short bangs now in January 2018! XD)

After the treatment and faded colour of the red.


Decided to go for something platinum but because I had red base, again, Director Sam added blue colour into my blonde dyes so when the colour fades off, it's more blonde without orange base in it.

So that's all for my hair transformation! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!

This year I had an awesome hair journey with Jeff Lee The Hair Company! Make sure to mention my name NICOLEYIE to enjoy 10% discount on your first visit!

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