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A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set Review

Hello to my first review post of 2018, happy new year Pinkyies! Today I'm sharing a very-concepty-product from a Korean brand called A:Concept - Make Your Concept Black Set that's very convenient for on-the-go! And yes it's a set so you'll be expecting a few products in this review! Excited ayy? Let's get started!

Loving the box design! To be honest, this is quite a backlog post cause this set of items is a 2017 special edition set, but I was trying other face makeups for the past 2 months that I have to delay this review. But here I am sharing the 2017 A:Concept Edition set now in 2018, still not too late cause the new 2018 edition is not out yet, and it's still available in Althea's website!

There are a total of 4 products in this kit:
  1. All in One Brightening A:Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)
  2. Refill of All in One Brightening A:Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)
  3. Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek 
  4. A:Red orange Lipstick 

Look at this simple chic black designs of all of their products! I just love how this black look!

All-in-One Brightening A:Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)

The A:Cushion is an all-in-one Cushion Compact that can with the function of whitening, anti-wrinkles and UV Protection with SPF35 PA++. In short, it's basically a smart daily item cause it's not your normal cushion foundation casing, you can insert their A:Concept's lipstick into the side of the compact casing!

Open the cushion and the lipstick will be dispensed out just like this! Cool right?? 

The basic trend for a cushion foundation in Korea brands is providing these 3 benefits for your skin: Brightening, Coverage and Long-lasting. We will see later if this product really works.

The product looks quite light, I'm a little bit doubting on the coverage from here.

The A:Cushion contains these ingredients that helps to lighten up your skin tone one level up:
  1. Hyaluronic Acid
  2. Bifida Ferment Lysate
  3. Propolis Extract
  4. Collagen
  5. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Usage direction
After taking a reasonable amount of the product on the puff, apply it from the center of the face and blend out, and re-apply it on where you want to have more coverage. As it has a light and thin formulation, it does not feel heavy even you layer it several times.
Bye big red pimple... but I still can see you XD
Skin does look brighter with this cushion foundation now.

My thoughts
As expected, the coverage is not very strong as it has a very light formulation. But it does lighten most of the scars and brightens up my skin tone in overall. If I don't have big red pimples, I think it can cover up most of my flaws. I actually couldn't feel the long lasting effect cause I'm always walking out door.

In overall, it's just a normal foundation for me. But what makes me want to use it is the extra lipstick holder in it, and the whole casing feels very light, it's my to-go product if I ever need to stand by a foundation in my handbag to touch up throughout the day!

Rating: 6/10

Product Information

Name: A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set
Country of Origin: Korea
PriceMYR119.00 MYR86.00
Where to buy: Althea Korea (link)

Now let's try out the provided lipsticks! The set comes with 2 different types of lipsticks: -

Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek and A:Red Orange Lipstick

Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek is a 2-in-1 product that's created for Asian Women. It's a coral colour and it's suitable for Asian skin tone, while the A:red orange Lipstick is a comfortable and weightless velvet matte lipstick with great colour payoff and long lasting. The bright red shade will bring light to your complexion.

Usage direction
The A:Coral lipstick has a smooth texture that's suitable to be used as both lipstick and blusher.

As a lipstick: Use a lip brush or your finger to apply this product on your lips. Its silky and smooth type of lipstick allows you a better lip expression with finger tapping and blending rather than using the lipstick itself.

As a blusher: After applying a small amount of this product on your cheeks, lightly tap and blend out the apple zone with your finger where swells up when you smile.

The A:Red Orange lipstick has matte finish hence it's not recommended to use as blusher.

My thoughts
I personally love the A:Coral lipstick a lot cause of the pretty coral colour itself and the smooth texture! It's so easy to glide on my lips and provide sufficient product in just a few strokes. But compared to the A:Red Orange lipstick, it's not as lasting. I love the matte texture of the red lipstick as well but it's a little too bright for a daily look. However if it's to bring out together with the A:Cushion for dinner or special occasion that requires smarter look outfit, the red one would be my choice!

Rating: 8/10

Product information

Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek | MYR45.00 MYR23.00
A:red orange Lipstick | MYR45.00 MYR27.00

If you buy only the cushion itself, it's already MYR86, but this whole set cost only MYR106.00 and it comes together with 2 lipsticks and 1 refill pack as well, of course that this set is so much more worth it!

This is really a very all rounded product, personally love this whole set very much despite that the cushion foundation is just normal. Would recommend this set use trust me it's really nice to bring it out!

Product Information

Name: A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set
Country of Origin: Korea
Price: MYR212.00 MYR106.00
Where to buy: Althea Korea (link)

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For more information, kindly visit:
Althea Korea's Malaysia Website:
Instagram: @altheakorea

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 


  1. Super detailed review babe! Love it... Me personally love the red orange lip crayon... It's my new favourite colour!

    1. Thanks babe! Are you using this set as well? :D

  2. I love it because it is all in one compact <3


  3. This set for those who want to look charming, like the girl on the picture is! Thanks for the submission of this post!