Thursday, 30 November 2017

MAAT Golden Ratio Search - The first region-wide search for well-proportioned faces in Asia

Have you ever wonder whether the both side of your face is proportional? The MAAT Golden Ratio Search is the first region-wide search for well-proportioned faces in Asia, organized by Merz Aesthetic. They sought to provide information to empower women to better understand facial proportions relative to attractiveness.

The region-wide search was a structured programme developed to support the objectives of the scientific guidelines, which is to bring science to life. This event was an integral part of the launch of the first scientific guidelines that provides a holistic approach in aesthetic treatments to assess a well-proportioned faces in Asians.

Unveiling of the MAAT Golden Ratio Search Country Representatives across Asia Pacifc

The "MAAT Golden Ratio Search" was conducted in 10 countries to demonstrate that well-proportioned facial types transcend ethnicities and geographical borders, and the launch was held at the 38th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS) in Bangkok in November 2017. More than 3,000 submissions were received from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Malaysian Representative - Salini Muniandy

L-R Dr.Louis Leh, Salini Muniandy, Dr. Lim Ting Song & Mr. Goh Sin Hua (Merz Country Manager)

"The “MAAT Golden Ratio Search” used the science of measurements to create awareness on symmetrical face ratios relative to beauty. This knowledge of facial proportions and shapes gives women more positive control over their facial appearances, and ultimately life," said Salini Muniandy, the most well-proportioned face in Malaysia.

10 Country Representatives across Asia Pacific

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