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Christmas Gift from Belif - Oil Control Skincare Review

I know that Christmas is over but I'm still gonna share one of the best Christmas gift that I received this year from belif and The Butterfly Project that contains 4 skincare products for oily to combination skin, suitable for this oily baby (me)!

Unboxed my gift with full of surprise!

Before I show you what I got, I BELIF that most of you have seen this brand before but maybe not very familiar with it, so let me introduce this brand to you first.

What is belif

belif is a true herbal skincare brand that is true to its ingredients, efficacy and value. They deliver superb 'true quality' and 'true value' by upholding the 150-year-old herb processing method and philosophy of a British herbalist.

Sharing the same pronunciation as "believe", belif represents 'trust' and 'commitment' to deliver the highest quality in Ingredients, Formulation, Safety, Benefits and Timeliness for customers, and these are the 5 promises that belif promise to be true.

In all of belif products, dermatologist has tested that there's no addition of
  • Mineral oils
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Animal origin ingredients

What's in the box

  1. Cleansing Oil Fresh
  2. Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
  3. Aqua Gel Oil
  4. Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB

All of these products contains specific herbal ingredients for their specific purpose, keep reading to find them out.

Besides, Dr. Duncan Napier, the founder of belif, has researched and found his own formula in each products. I will state which formula Dr Napier has used in each product.

Without further ado, let's start with the long review of 4 products! I'll be reviewing them according to the steps I use the products.

belif Cleansing Oil Fresh

The first step is the Cleansing Oil Fresh. This cleansing oil helps to, of course, removes makeup, and to add on what's great about it is it's able to eliminates blackheads, leaving you with a light finished feeling. Even though it's a cleansing OIL, it's suitable for oily to combination skin types.

Herbal Ingredients

The 2 herbal ingredients in the Cleansing Oil Fresh are Soapberry and Sweet Flag. They help to prevent future breakouts.

Sweet flag

In this product, it uses Napiers Original Formula, which is belif's key formula that keeps the skin healthy and delays the initial stage of skin aging with its anti-oxidizing, calming, and anti-blemish properties.

Cleansing oils are great to remove waterproof makeups or pore coverage products. However, the general knowledge about skincare is if you have oily skin, don't use oil base products! To me, it's 50-50. If you used the wrong cleansing oil or use it in a wrong way, the oil will cause your skin breakouts.

But for this cleansing oil from belif, even though from the name itself says Cleansing OIL, the oil is still quite watery and light, and the oil will turn into a milky texture after contacting with water, and easy to be washed away with water without leaving any oils behind! It's better than removing the original oil itself with water.

Removed my waterproof eyeliner and lipsticks effeciently!

Usage Direction

Pump once or twice in your palm and gently massage onto dry face, wiping away make-up. Concentrate on blackhead areas with special care, then rinse with lukewarm water.

My Thoughts

Personally not a fan of cleansing oil, but I'm fine to use this one as it's easy to be rinsed away with water, and it doesn't leave any oils behind. It works wonder in removing waterproof makeups, as you can tell from the image above! However I'm only using it if I have heavy foundation on (personal preference). I love that my skin feels quite soft after every use, so it's consider quite good to me.

Rating: 8/10

Product Information

Name: belif Cleansing Oil Fresh
Volume: 150ml
Price: MYR140.00

belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh

Everyone should know that moisturizer is also an important step for oily skin babes as your skin needs more moisture to stop the oil being secreted even more. The Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh is meant for oily skin babes like me because it's oil-free and will leave you with a light finish without excess shine while keeping the skin moisturized.

It has a gel texture that might look thick, but it turns into very watery after blend it.

Herbal Ingredients

The herbal ingredient in this moisturizer is Rosehip that's rich in vitamins.


This product also contains tannins and oil controlling powder. Together with Rosehip extracts, it helps to tighten enlarged pores and improves resilience, leaving the skin clean and smooth.

This moisturizer uses the Napiers Original Formula and also the Napiers Moisture Formula that helps to hydrate the skin while controlling and absorbing oil where needed, optimizing the skin's water-oil balance.

Usage Direction

After applying toner or essence, pump two to three times in your palm and apply evenly over the entire face, moving outwards from the center.

My Thoughts

I was expecting this product to be thicker than the Aqua Gel Oil cause the texture and the colour looks thicker (and then I only realized the Aqua Gel Oil is OIL, lol), but turns out this moisturizer is watery after spreading on the skin! I really love that this moisturizer is very light, absorbed into the skin very quickly, and I find that it does tighten up my pores cause my skin feels smoother every time after applying it!

It's definitely meant for oily skin type instead of dry skin cause of the light texture, and most importantly no oily or sticky feel at all. It has a really light herbal scent but still acceptable.

Rating: 9/10

Product Information

Name: belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
Volume: 125ml
Price: MYR160.00

belif Aqua Gel Oil

If you're sleeping in an air-conditioned room at night, the light texture moisturizer might not be enough to lock your skin moisture. It's time to use a deep nourishment product to keep your skin hydrated.

The Aqua Gel Oil is a lightweight, refreshing gel-to-oil that delivers deep nourishment and hydration to skin, and maintain the skin moisture barrier. This moisture concentrated refreshing gel that turns into a lightweight moisture oil, delivering soft and moist hydration.

Did the colour actually fooled you? It did fooled me initially. The blue colour actually has oil base while the white colour gives more watery base.

Herbal Ingredients

This gel oil contains oil extracts from Passiflora seed that are rich in essential fatty acids. This unique formulation provides weightless yet long-lasting hydration without feeling greasiness on the skin.
Passiflora seed

This gel oil uses all 3 kinds of special formula from Dr Napier - Napiers Original Formula, Napiers Moisture Formula and Napiers Aqua Formula, guess it's one of the best product from belif? The Napiers Aqua Formula calms the skin by supplying moisture and minerals, and improves elasticity.

Usage Direction

Gently apply 2 - 3 pumps to a toned face. For natural makeup free from rough skin surface and dead skin cells, apply a small amount as the last step in skin care, to balance it before makeup.

Using it in my cold hotel room on my last staycation.

My Thoughts

Not sure if you can see it from the comparison image above, the texture is a little bit oily after spread it out. I really thought the blue colour and the word "aqua" makes this product a cooling watery product, but turns out it's not!

The product itself is not thick at all and it does absorbed into the skin fast as well, but there will be a thin layer of oil stays on top of the skin and looks a bit glowy, which is why I said it's good in an air-conditioned room because cause it locks the moisture on your skin.

I personally don't sleep in a cold room, hence I don't use it at night cause the oil will stay on my skin until morning, which I think it's one of the reason that cause me a few breakouts on my cheeks. During day time if I'm feeling to have more moisture for my foundation, I will use it as a base to keep my foundation last longer.

But in overall, this is not my kind of daily moisturizer. I'll only consider to use this when I'm travelling. From the concept and the additional formula included in this product, I would consider this as a treatment product that I don't really need. I'm not saying it's not a good product, it's just not really my kind of product in this set.

Rating: 6/10 - in terms of my personal preference.

Product Information

Name: belif Aqua Gel Oil
Volume: 50ml
Price: MYR205.00

belif Tinted Moisturizer Powdery B.B

Finally it's the last step - Tinted Moisturizer Powdery BB, a.k.a the BB cream. This powdery BB cream creates a clear, translucent, and natural skin tone, making it subtle and matte without the appearance of oiliness. Of course we want to prevent our skin from looking oily, hence a matte finish is really important.

It's considered as a skincare as it's a powdery moisturizer and has SPF 43 / PA+++ to protects your skin from UV rays.

Herbal Ingredients

The herbal ingredient in this tinted moisturizer is Canna from the Caribbean which has a natural ability to control excess sebum. It helps leave the skin smooth and refreshed all day long.


This product only uses the Napiers Original Formula just like the cleansing oil as it's not specifically is a moisturizer, it's more of a BB cream.

The creamy texture blends out easily on the skin. Hmm the colour is very different from my skin tone isn't it?

Usage Direction

As the last step in essential skin care, dispense a small amount, gently apply to the skin and then lightly pat for absorption.

My Thoughts

I was quite excited for this product cause it's a moisturizer with a little bit of coverage! I don't really like to apply foundation when I'm having breakout, and a tinted moisturizer will be the product that helps to cover some of my blemishes in a non-harmful (to me pimples) way.

I love that this cream is easy to apply and spread on my skin smoothly without feeling too dry cause it says it's powdery. Speaking of which, even though it says powdery, it's actually not as powdery as I expected. But I like it doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin and it's really light and semi-matte (instead of matte).

Not sure if you can tell the colour of this product is not quite my (or our?) skin tone. I was quite used to Korean shades that their beige is brighter than this, and this one looks pale or dull. However after blend in a layer on my skin, it feels quite okay and gives an evenly fair look, and the light coverage is good enough to lighten some of my dark spots and scars.

Just like the other products, it does have a herbal scent, but I think it's better than all of the above, maybe it's because of the Canna flower in it?

As a quick to-go product, I think this is an awesome product for a quick application cause it's easy to blend only with fingers.

Rating: 9/10

If you're not having oily skin but dry skin instead, they have another 2 types, which are the Basic BB and Waterdrop BB from the same range that might be more suitable for you.

Product Information

Name: belif Tinted Moisturizer Powdery B.B
Volume: 30ml
Price: MYR99.00

In a nutshell, besides that I'm not really on the positive side for the Aqua Gel Oil, it's mostly positive for all other 3 products and I do recommend for people who has sensitive skin as well cause belif focus on true natural ingredients that promise to not harm anyone! My favourite is actually the tinted moisturizer! What about you?

If you're interested to try out belif products, feel free to visit them at these stores in Malaysia or contact them:

Klang Valley:
Sunway Pyramid (Lot GF-82) | 03-56136226 / 03-56136116
Midvalley Megamall (Lot G001A) | 03-22010645 / 03-22010915

IOI City Mall (Lot GF-73A) | 03-89407388
Suria KLCC (Lot C11-A) | 03-21632163

Queensbay Mall, Penang (Lot GF-20) | 04- 6447966

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @belifmalaysia

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 


  1. Thanks for the review! You easily made me to change my mind! I am excited to see the entire post! The Christmas set is indeed cool!