Monday, 6 November 2017

[Giveaway] Anti-Theft Backpack

If you still don't know about the famous anti-theft backpack, you're out of date! Just kidding, but if you never heard about it, let me introduce it to you now!

So this unique designed backpack that I bet you've seen a lot of people have been wearing it out there, is the anti-theft backpack!

What's so special about this bag? This backpack's special features are:
  1. Anti-theft - The zip is designed to be hidden so that no one could open your bag easily.
  2. Anti-scratch
  3. Lightweight 
  4. Glow in dark lines on the bag for night safety purpose
  5. USB charging port attached on the bag
  6. And has spacious compartments.

It's the Korean version of urban leisure bag, student bag, computer bag, and USB charging travel bag.

So if you're interested to get one of this bag, you're in luck! Cause the original anti-theft backpack cost more than MYR100, but now you can get it at around only MYR40 in ezbuy, or even cheaper during their 11.11 sales from 8 - 11 November! Click here to purchase.

And here's an even better news! I'm giving away one (1) Anti Theft Backpack for one (1) lucky fan of my Facebook page!

How to Win:
  1. Like my pageNicoleYie.
  2. Register for a free account by clicking here.
  3. Voila! Just wait for my good news on 13 November 2017!

For more information, kindly visit


  1. Joined your giveaway. I really like this anti theft backpack.

    1. Thanks for joining Linda! Good luck to you!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I once had a good friend that is very very close to me. We were so close that we lived in the same room, use the same toilet, use the same internet, use the same kitchen, travel to campus in the same car, waking up listening to the same alarm, use the same washing machine and sometimes... even share the same bed! (but not share the same GF) We share so many happy moments under the same roof for whopping 3 years! Until one day, our campus decided to sell off their land and move to Sg Long. :(

    After that day, we were forced to move into a new home on an unfamiliar land. Due to budget issue, me and him have to be separated and a new guy interfere in between us, his name is Edward C.! (What the hell) Even though we still living in the same place, but everything is different now... We don't share the same toilet anymore, don't waking up listening to the same alarm, etc etc... We barely talked to each other or do anything together! ;(

    2 years have passed... I hope that we can meet up and still be good friends. I miss his dancing skills, especially the first time I see him dance in front of the class! Man, so cool! I recently knew that he got a new bag that looks exactly like this! I wish I could have one that is similar so that we can bro-ple (couple) bag! And most important, this is anti-theft so that nobody can steal him away from me. ;)

    Joined your giveaway! Wish i could win! (serious!)
    I love you bro, Egg Wing Chuah...


  3. Hey Nicole,

    My boyfriend really wants this bag!

    He had a very good friend that lived in the same room, use the same toilet, use the same internet, use the same kitchen, travel to campus in the same car, waking up listening to the same alarm, use the same washing machine, etc.. After graduation, they are not so close anymore...

    He really wants this bag so they can regain their relationship and you can really do a big favor to them!

    Looking forward to hear good news from you!


  4. Your blogs and its stuff magnetize me to return again n again. anti theft travel bags,

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