Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Japan trending cleanser - Botanigrace Powder Wash and Foam Wash Review

I don't really use Japanese products but the recent trend of Powder Wash cleanser is a must try for me! It looks really interesting, and it can create fluffy foam easily as well! So here I'm sharing a short review of this product.

The Boranigrace Powder Wash is a deep cleanser in powder form. It's formulated with Moroccan clay, baking soda and contains AHAs. These ingredients help to to break down dirt, absorb excess oil and slug off dead skin cells and any other impurities from pores. 

The powder is in grey colour.

This powder wash contains active enzymes - papain and protease to break down old protein build up. The charcoal and Moroccan clay in it helps to absorb and cleanse pores from impurities.

This product is suitable for all skin type as it has:
  • 3 natural surfactant agents
  • NO Parabens
  • alcohol free
  • oil free
  • silicon free
  • NO tar based dye
  • NO UV absorbers
  • mineral oil free, and
  • fragrance free

To use it, just pour abit of the powder onto your palm, mix with some water and rub it to create foam.

Gently scrub the cleanser to your face each morning to combat blackheads, shine, clogging, melanin, etc, and watch the power of active enzymes work hard to melts them away.

The powder with water itself will only form a little bit of foam, but it's enough to do the deep cleansing. However if you're a sucker for fluffy foam like me, try to rub the products together in a net!

Before I received this product to try out, I've been seeing YouTubers review this and some of them recommended to try this technique as fluffy foam does better in deep cleansing!

Look at them fluffiness! It's so soft and bouncy to apply it onto the skin!

I tried this for only a few days and I realized every time after using it, my skin feels very smooth and soft like a baby skin! The product description says use it every day, however some reviews said only use it 2-3 times a week cause often use foam wash cleansers might strip out too much oil from your skin and cause unnecessary dryness on your skin.

But if you don't have the net and you'd prefer to go for direct foam cleanser, you may try out the Botanigrace Foam Wash! It's cheaper in price and easier to use as well, but I thought it would be super fun to play with the powder!

The handy pump creates soft, dense foam and bubbles to provide effective but gentle peeling - it is gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

Both of these products are available in Luxella - an online destination that provides wide range or Japanese beauty products to beauty addicts all around the world! 

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Personally think that you guys should give the Powder Wash a try cause it's something fun to use and play with! Plus, deep cleansing is so much needed for Malaysians due to our weather! So why not grab this chance to get this at a lower price? :D

Here's an additional review on an interesting Japanese product which I think you guys should check it out - I'm Ready 1 Minute Sheet Mask!

I'm Ready 1 minute sheet mask saves time by replacing your morning skin care routine! It is formulated especially for pre-makeup application. Using this will prevent foundation and makeup from cracking, smudging and your makeup will last longer.

It has 7 pieces in 1 pack, so you can have a week to be lazy in the morning! XD

Just put on one piece of the sheet mask, wait for only 60 seconds, and you're ready to apply make up and leave the house!

Don't you think this product is pretty interesting as well? Another recommended product to try out from Luxella! Get it while they are having sales now!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with SushiVid.

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