Thursday, 26 October 2017

Gaston Luga - Backpack for all occasions

Hey Pinkyies! I've been looking for a women backpack recommendations where I can bring it to work or travel. As you can tell from my previous What's In My Bag post, you know that I need a big bag to put all my daily must have stuffs. That small backpack of mine wouldn't be useful if I'm bringing my laptop for work or extra clothing out for travel.

Recently I bumped into this new backpack retailer from Sweden, UK - Gaston Luga where they sell very unique designed backpacks for different occasions, but mainly to travel with it conveniently!

Gaston Luga's backpacks are uniquely designed to fit any setting, no matter where you would go -whether you are sipping Mai Tai on a beach in Thailand, sailing the French Riveria, going to work or simply a weekend brunch with friends, it will suit and add to the occasion.

It comes in 3 different collections of backpack - Clässic, Clässy and Pråper. 

Here I'm using the Clässic Pink & Black. Honestly all 3 designs looked amazing and I had a hard time picking my favourite! At the end I go for the Classic one cause it's bigger and the whole bag is in my favourite pink colour!

In Gaston Luga's experience, he said that most backpacks out there are designed with big fluffy shoulder pads, plastic materials and thin fabric, which brings thoughts back to the first day of school.

But for himself, his vision was to make a line with Scandinavian minimalism and elegance to suit all different occasions

All of his backpack contains leather parts, thick quality cotton, metal details and a mix of carefully selected colors as these has became the foundation of the new brand named after its predecessor, Gaston Luga.

The Clässic collection is made with thick and strong cotton and faux leather for durability and better water resistance.

The front leather straps are held by strong magnets for easy access. The inner lining is made with luxurious 100% cotton fabric.

Two-way metal zipper opens the main compartment, which contains an inner 13-15" laptop compartment and 2 smaller pockets for smaller belongings such as your wallet or phone - making it a good choice for work and travel!

There is also an outer zipper pocket to keep other small belongings that are often used and have to be easily accessible, usually it's tissues, power bank and my keys.

​On top of the minimalistic and elegant exterior, functional features such as the unique Gaston Luga pocket at the back of the backpack that specially designed for things such as passport, travel documents or other important belongings that needed to be easily accessible yet kept safe, are also details that make the backpacks extremely practical.

Under the backpack are four metallic feet, giving the backpack the extra protection and its cooler look.

Here's the features summary of the Clässic backpack:
  1. Strong durable canvas
  2. Magnetic strap closure
  3. Outer zipper pocket
  4. Inner 13-15" laptop compartment
  5. 2 inner pockets
  6. Passport pocket
  7. Adjustable shoulder straps

If you're wondering where is this place, it's taken at a hotel nearby KLCC during my 5th anniversary staycation, and this is the only bag I brought cause the spacious compartment fits everything! 

I have been using it to put some of my heavy items to and from work and I'm not worried about it being teared off easily like my old bags cause I can really feel the thick cotton quality of the bag material.

Here's for the Pinkyies who's interested in getting their backpacks! Use my unique discount code "NICOLEYIE" to enjoy free shipping + 20% off as tax rebate + 15% off on the remaining price after tax rebate on your purchase of Gaston Luga's backpack!

Aside from that, Gaston Luga is having their first seasonal offer for Malaysia and Singapore - a free leather address tag will be added to every backpack purchase!

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @gastonluga

Credits to Edwin Chuah for taking all the photos above.


  1. I'm super in love with the bag colour babe! Tempted to buy but what would I do with too many bagpacks anyway LOLLLL

    1. Haha I feel you babe! Nice bags are always tempting but couldn't own too many of them haha

  2. Just pure brilliance from you here I have never expected something less than this from you and you have not disappointed me at all I suppose you will keep the quality work going on .

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