Monday, 30 October 2017

The #1 nail salon in Malaysia, Enchanted Siblings is now 2 years old!

Enchanted Siblings is now 2 years old! I was honoured to be invited as one of the blogger to join their super cute pastel unicorn theme birthday celebrations last month at their Sri Petaling branch.

In case you don't know who and what Enchanted Siblings is, it's a nail/beauty salon founded by the CHAN siblings - 3 elder sisters: Celeste, Munny and Ylinn and youngest brother: KW Chan. Hence the name - EnCHANted Siblings.

They are the number 1 nail service in Malaysia after being established 6 months in 2015 at new town of Sri Petaling. They are also the fastest growing beauty salon in Malaysia. No doubt for being the top salon cause they are really professional! (Read till the end to check out my nail art done by them!)

After a year of establishment, they have opened their second branch in Publika (which is where I first tried out their nail service).

What makes every girl scream about them is their theme! They are the first themed beauty prestige in Malaysia as they have 2 different theme for 2 of their branches:
  1. Sri Petaling branch is named as Erelise (Pastel Home Themed, where the party was held), and
  2. Publika branch is named as Lunaria Palace (Pink Heaven Palace Themed)
Most importantly, their overall theme is in Pastel colours!! It's basically my dream house!

Check out the amount of certs they received! And there are more of them in their Publika branch! *claps*

Before I show you more about their services, let's enjoy these delicious looking pastel colour foods that they served during their anniversary party.

Still can't get enough of pastel pictures? Keep reading for more!

So the main service from Enchanted siblings is nail enhancement. They have 1000+ original Japan/Korea designs by themselves. Besides, they do Japanese Express Gel Extension, Bridal Nails and Nail Courses as well.

They are also famous for using genuine SWAROVSKI Crystals for their nail arts and bracelets as they are certified by SWAROVSKI the big brand itself.

Look at them blings!

Loving all of their pastel designs!

Aside from Nail services, they also have Korea Embroidery service such as Microfeathering, Micropigmentation or Combo of both. Do contact them to find out more about these services (contact details at the end of the post).

During the anniversary event, we were introduced to their handmade bracelets service called  Pinkubizu,. The specialty about their bracelets is they are all made from ONLY genuine SWAROVSKI and Japanese fine beads.

They have 2 different types of heart shape SWAROVSKI crystals for their bracelets - one is the pink colour, and another one is mix colours where you can see blue, purple and pink in 1 crystal. It's so pretty I couldn't stop watching at them!

And the bloggers who attended the event that day get to make our own bracelets with our own colour choice of crystal and beads designs!

Picture was taken and saved from my Instastory.

So here's the close up look of my creation! Did the ombre effect from blue to pink, and I'm in love with my own creation, especially the SWAROVSKI crystal! Too pretty!

More beauty services will be launched soon at Enchanted Siblings so make sure you follow them and stay tuned for more!

Check out my first ever nail design done by Enchanted Siblings! When they showed me they are doing to do that blue pink ombre effect, I couldn't be more excited cause it's basically my dream nails!!

Besides having my dream nail designs, they are also famous is making super long lasting gel nails, which at least could last up to 4 weeks and the designs are still complete! Mine last up to 6 weeks, and it could be longer but I can't stand my nails to be too long so I removed it once I got the time to visit them.

Honestly I never experience such long lasting gel nails before, my previous one all will start to peel off after 3 weeks. So I'm definitely recommending you guys to try them out for a quality nail designs and professional service, and not forgetting to mention that all the staffs are so polite and patient!

If you ask me any bad things to say about them, I can only say that they are always fully booked! Okay it's not a bad thing for them or us at all XD. So you might need to plan your visiting date in advance with them, that's why it took me so long to get it removed cause I always can't find the suitable time to visit them.

Enchanted Siblings

-Sri Petaling: 11 Ground Floor, Jalan Radin Baru 9, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
-Publika: Block A1-G2-08, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours
11.00am - 7.30pm

-Sri Petaling: +60 12-668 8717
-Publika: +60 13-668 6688

Instagram: @enchantedsiblings | @enchantedsiblings2

So pinkyies, have you heard about them or tried their services before? Let me know in the comment section below! :D


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