Thursday, 10 August 2017

Grandparent's Day Gift Ideas ft. U7 Jewelry

Hey Pinkyies! Did you know that 10 Sept 2017 is America's National Grandparents day? I just knew it when I came across a jewelry website from US - U7 Jewelry few weeks ago. Even though we don't really celebrate that in Malaysia, I think we should take this chance to show some appreciation to the elderly and make them happy.

If you still have your grandparents with you, here I'm sharing you some simple gift idea that can be found in U7 Jewelry! Keep reading till the end for a 30% discount code for you to purchase your gifts!

U7 is originated from simple words "Love U 7 days a week". They are committed to provide simple & stylish jewelry that you can wear every day.

All jewelries from U7 are made with love, designed and crafted with world-class craftsmanship. Their products dipped 3 layers thicker 18K real gold using best technology to keep durability.

Besides, all of their jewelries are inspected by quality assurance specialists to assure you receive the best possible product, free from scratches, damaged links or ruined clasps.

Their main products include necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, garment accessories etc, and they come with a wide range of collections as well!
From Man to Woman Jewelries, and US Collection to Religious related Jewelries.

Their featured but quite common design that everyone from all age range can wear is the Alphabet Letters collectionHeart collection and Animal collection.

One of everyone's favourite collection that you can consider to get them for your Grandparents or even for yourself is the Zodiac signs jewelry.

They even have collections like Summer & Zirconia which are featured by U7 Jewelry themselves!

Some pretty interesting designs under Zirconia Collection.

And the Animal Collection is a must share cause they are just too cute!

Here's what I got from them - the Maxi Collar Choker Necklace. I have already lost my grandparent fews years back so I decided to just get myself a short necklace since it's the only jewelry that I wear most often.

Honestly I'm really impressed with the quality! They don't look like they will be ruined by me anytime soon! Haha

But out of everything they have in the website, I would suggest you to go for the Personalized Gift category if you're planning to get someone special a gift! The designs are exclusive and you can engrave names on it, or get the locket necklace and put pictures in it! For some specific items you can even receive a match gift box!

Discount code + Get Free Jewelry!

As promise at the beginning of the post, here's an exclusive discount code for you Pinkyies to enjoy 30% off entire order! Key in the code "NICOLEYIE" upon your check out at U7 Jewelry's website to entitle a 30% discount!

If you're a person who loves to share, now you can Get Jewelry for Free from U7 Jewelry! Click here to join the "U7 Jewelry Get it Free" group to find out how you can get them for free!


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