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iBlazr 2 Wireless LED Flash | Unboxing & Overview

Being a blogger, a good lighting is one of the most important thing in our life in order to take nice photography on products and selfies. But it's impossible to bring out the big ring light (like those beauty gurus used in their videos while filming) to every where for a good lighting, right?

There are tons of selfie lights rings out there which is convenient for your phones. But what we really need a multi-functional item that is not a selfie ring but also easy to use, small in size, can adjust the intensity & temperature of the light, and best if it's wireless and can be connected to both phones and cameras!

So recently I've found one that have been very useful to me - the iBlazr 2 Wireless LED Flash!

The iBlazr 2 is an improved version of LED selfie light from the first iBlazr. The iBlazr team in their parent company Conceptor has been working on this new & best LED light for 2 year! This thing has gotta be awesome!

The box with full of information and a creative way to showcase the light, kinda cool!

What's in the box?
  1. The iBlazr2 Wireless LED Light itself
  2. Silicon Diffuser
  3. Mount Clip
  4. Key Clasp
  5. USB Charger
  6. Quick Start Guide

Looking at this small little portable product, it's a multi-functional LED light that features:
  1. Truly Wireless Flash - connect via bluetooth, and pair up to 10 LED to 1 Smartphone!
  2. Sensor Colour Temperature Adjustment
  3. Compatible with iOS / Android native camera apps
  4. Has Camera Remote Shutter Mode
  5. Claimed to be the Best Selfie light on the market
  6. And able to do Multiple Syncing

On the first click of the button at the side, it switches on the LED light. Click it again to turn on the light with a lower intensity, and another click to have a super bright intensity. One more click to turn the light off.

It contains 130mAH Battery and 300 lumens (light output) for this bright lighting, and 300 flashes on charges. This product also has Touch Sensor behind to control the colour temperature of the light.

This is the touch sensor that can be used to adjust the light temperature from cold to warm or both.

The colour temperature control feature is super useful in order to get the right colour in different lighting or background.

If the iBlazr is connected to your phone via bluetooth, simply double tap the sensor to snap a photo! How convenient!

It also comes with a diffuser which gives a softer lighting.

With the diffuser, user can now try “Strobo” lighting concept instead of direct flash to your face.   The Pack of Coloured Silicone Diffusers (with blue, pink, red, orange and yellow colour) of the diffuser are sold separately.

It also comes with a Mount Clip which is to attach the LED to the phone.
The mount clip has silicon coating that works with any mobile device that is 0.24" to 0.37" (6 mm to 9.5mm) wide.

If you're looking for Mount that's for DSLR, the Cold Shoe Mount for DSLRs can also be purchased separately.

If you want to take full control of the camera, use the Shotlight app! The Shotlight app is a camera app that's created for all gadgets that are created from Conceptor. The difference is that this app can control the intensity and temperature directly in the app.

The Shotlight app features
  • Zoom features as in 7 Plus
  • Wide colour capture
  • Optical image stabilization - works on moving objects
  • Dual Camera Support - for a more in-depth focus between distance
  • and RAW Photo Capture - for professional photographers to do detailed editing
I will showcase and explain the app more in my next post (review) so stay tuned!

There are also interesting accessories that comes with this product
  1. 15.75 inches (400 mm) long flexible charger - can make the iblazr LED light into a table lamp!
  2. Cold Shoe Mount for DSLRs
  3. Pack of Coloured Silicone Diffusers - for creative soft light photography!

Here's a video with the detailed explanation on what can this LED light do:

And here's the complete video guide on how to use iblazr 2:

Product Information

Name: iBlazr 2 Wireless LED Flash
Price: RM269
Where to buy: Lazada Malaysia (link)

So what do you think of this product? Will you purchase it?

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For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @iblazr

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