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Unicorn Face Makeup Brushes from Wanderlust Things!

I couldn't believe myself that I finally owned the Unicorn Brushes that you-thought-its-too-expensive-and-impossible-to-get cause, you know... for Malaysians, all of those wonderful beauty stuffs can only be seen in viral Facebook videos but it's so hard to get, unless you willing to spend hundreds or thousands to get it shipped from the other side of the world.

But now, it's possible to get in Malaysia from Wanderlust Things! And guess what, this set of brushes is only MYR89, bye Sephora brushes!

Hold on, don't buy them yet! Wait till the end of the post cause there's a special discount code for my readers, so keep reading!

If you read this previous post, you knew that I got this set of wonders from The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party last month! Looking at this every time makes me feel super duper happy!

Now let's check this set of brushes out! Is it just something nice to see, or is it worth to buy it from Wanderlust Things?

If you watch closely, the different colours actually made the brushes doesn't seem very neat, but the bristles are actually super smooth!as they were made with synthetic bristles. It was a little bit unbelievable for me.

Different brushes are vary in their colours, I guess it's placed by random and other brushes will be different as well.

I have OCD in colour ordering, and sometimes the colours that doesn't arranged properly in order annoyed me. But looking at them as a while, it doesn't looked that bad cause they did combine most of the colours together.

Look at the horn of the unicorn in lilac colour! Don't worry, no unicorns were harmed during the making process. It is made out of plastics, and it's surprisingly very light and easy to hold.

The packaging or Wanderlust Things' website didn't mention the brushes functions, but it did mentioned that this set consists of
  1. Powder brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Contour brush
  4. Highlight brush
  5. Blush brush

I'm not really sure which is which from the production point of view, but I will be showing you how I used them. Let me explain how I think of which brush is for which function okay?

Looking at the shape of the brush, initially I thought it was a powder brush. It is, but it can be used as my blush brush as well as it picked up moderate amount of powders.

This is another similar shape with the first one, but it's more loose and flat. At the beginning I thought that this is a blush brush, but it actually didn't really pick up a lot of products, so I would think it's either a powder or highlight brush.

Tried to use is a blush brush, and the colour payoff is not that good.

I'm certainly confirmed that this is a foundation brush cause it's more dense and easy to pick up liquid foundations compared to others.

I personally am not a fan or the flat foundation brush, but this one works fine. It's a little bit thicker that those flat foundation brush, but they worked the same, except that this doesn't get well into small areas like the side of the nose.

This is the smallest brush in this set, which I assumed that it's a contour brush cause it can be used for nose contour. It might be a highlighter brush tho, but there won't be any other brushes to be used as contour brush.

I used this to contour my nose, contour the side of my cheeks and also to blend the dark shade eyeshadow into the crease of my eyes, which is my eye contouring technique that always makes my eyes look bigger.

Lastly, this angled brush was actually my other choice to be contour brush, but I felt that the angled shape is more suitable to draw on my curved cheek bones, so to me this is a highlighter brush.

As I recently have a few nice highlighter powders to use, I have been using this to apply my favourite highlighters on my cheekbones, and the dab the remaining on my forehead and nose bridge. After all I still think this is the best brush for highlighting, even tho it can be used as a blush brush as well.

My thoughts: 

Initially I think that this was a hyped thing, plus when I know the price cost less than RM100, I felt that this would be a great decoration but not that nice.

But omg wow, I'm impressed that their bristles are so soft, and they really worked as a brush, not just a deco! I would definitely recommend people to get these if they asked for face makeup brushes!

For the price of RM89 a set, one brush is like about RM17.80 only, are you kidding me? It's a unicorn brush babe! Where will you be getting such an affordable hype product! MUST BUY!!!!

Rating: Magical/10

So what do you guys think? Am I right with all the namings? Let me know if you think otherwise!

Product Information

Name: Unicorn Face Makeup Brush (5 pcs)
Price: MYR 89.00
Where to buy: Wanderlust Things' Website (link)

Special Discount Code!

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For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @wanderlustthings

Disclaimer: Product was given to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 

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