Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tips & Tricks I used on my Daily Makeup Routine

Being a beauty blogger, I haven't really do a post that shares how I apply my makeup everyday and what's my best way to achieve the best makeup look on me. So here it is! I will demo my daily basic makeup tips and tricks using the products from 1028 Visual Therapy.

Note: The brand/products did not affect the way I apply makeup everyday even though this post is meant to write about 1028 Visual Therapy's brand products. I will still share the actual way that I apply my makeup, except that it's by using these specific products.

Anyway this time I think I should share my daily makeup look video first before you go into my makeup tips + review on all of the products below.

Without further ado, let's get straight into the post shall we!

The very first step of my makeup routine is foundation. Even though I should use primer on my problem skin but sometimes I'm just too lazy, and think that my moisturizer is good enough to act as the base. (Ok I think this is not really a good tip to start with, LOL!)

The most important 2 requirements for my foundation is a definitely lightweight + great coverage because I don't like to see flaws on my skin after I spent time to make myself looked pretty, you get how I feel?? Sorry not trying to be emotional but anyway, my recent favourite is the 1028 Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream with SPF 30 PA++.

Don't get fooled by the product packaging (cause I did :\), it looked like a sunscreen to me when I first received it but hey! It's a CC cream with good coverage! :D 

Shade: 02 Natural Beige.
This CC cream is lightweight + easy to blend!
I love to use brush to apply my liquid foundation.
Before & after, impressed by the coverage?
Not too say it's 100% perfect coverage but I'm satisfied with it!

Product Name: Moisture Infusion CC Essence Cream
Price: MYR 64.90


Next up I love to use a finishing powder (either compact or loose powder) on top of my foundation, like seriously, even though I'm using a matte foundation, it's still a must for me to apply finishing powder to set my foundation, and also to make sure my skin is matte-matte, no shiny!

My skin tends to be shiny throughout the day especially under my eyes area which will also enhance the appearance of my ugly eye bags & pores!

The 1028 Visual Therapy Ultimate Oil-Control Powder is also my recent favourite cause look at the packaging itself! The mini princessy design was made for me ok!

This compact powder is kind of perfect for my cause it's
  1. small in size, great for me to bring it out for touch up throughout the day;
  2. comes with a small mirror in it for all convenient usage;
  3. comes with a cute mini sponge, no extra brushes needed; and
  4. it works great to mattify my skin and minimize the appearance of my pores!

The colour is a little bit lighter, but it works great to brighten up my dark under eye-bags and scars!
That area that I was applying is the under eye area that I apply powder the most on.

Not sure if you can see the difference, but my under eyes doesn't look puffy anymore, and the bumps on my skin as well!

Product Name: Ultimate Oil-Control Powder
Price: MYR 29.90


Let's move on to eyebrows. If you followed my blog/social media since last year or earlier, you know that I did eyebrow embroidery 9 months ago.I haven't been using eyebrow products quite a while, but I still wanna share how I draw my eyebrows with this 1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer in the shade #02 dark brown cause eyebrow is very important in everyone's look!

From the outer look itself, you think it's just an ordinary eyebrow pencil with a groomer attached on the other end and that's it?! You Are Wrong!

This eyebrow pencil has a rhombus-tip shape allows you the perfect control to create the desired eyebrow shape!

And one more thing is that it has a sharpener behind the groomer! Honestly it's my first time seeing eyebrow pencil has sharpener with it! Why isn't this implemented in every eyebrow pencils that I used before?!

And also, I can't believe I forgot to take picture of the sharpener but I showed it in my video so watch it to see this part okay??

Anyway, yes I have to say this eyebrow pencil is awesome! My requirement of a perfect eyebrow pencil is all in this product:
  1. angled shape pencil - the rhombus-tip shape is a plus point!;
  2. pigmented colour so that I can draw it faster than slowly stroke it one by one;
  3. has a groomer to blend it;
  4. comes with a sharpener; and
  5. long lasting!
Even though I had semi-permanent eyebrow makeup on, I will use this eyebrow pencil on certain occasion if I want to have a bolder makeup look.

Product Name: Longwear Eyebrow Definer
Price: MYR -


Now to the most interesting part of my makeup routine is my eye makeup! Ya know, the eyes are the first thing we see in a person, so it has to be looking good!

The most common eyeshadow colour is always the brown shades, so among the 3 types of eyeshadow palettes that 1028 has (brownie/macaroon/mont blanc), I went for the Brownie Palette Kit as they are so multi-functional!

The palette comes with 6 eyeshadow shades, 2x2 eyeshadow applicators and a small mirror in it!
Again, it's another convenient product to bring out!

Swatches. Some are matte and some are a little bit glittery.

Personally love the middle 2 shades and used them the most - the champagne beige shade & lightest brown colour.

The champagne beige colour has a little bit of glitter which I think it's a great highlighter on my cheek bones as well! And the middle brown is great for shading/contouring too!

Tip #1: Even if I'm in a rush, I will always apply brown shade onto my crease and blend it to look like I have a deeper crease. Trust me, it does make my eyes looked bigger.

Tip #2: I will also apply the white/silver/light colour on the inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes look bigger and popped as well.

Dark colour on the outer corner of my eyelid, and light colour on the inner eyelid.

Using the same palette, I use the champagne colour as my cheekbone's highlighter, and the brown colour to contour my nose. I don't do this everyday but most of the time I love to enhance my feature with these steps.

Product Name: Brownie Eyeshadow Kit
Price: MYR 69.90


For eyeliner, if it's not a super smooth pencil eyeliner, I would always prefer liquid pen eyeliner with a pigmented colour, tear-proof and smudge-proof. The 1028 Infinity Longwear Black Eyeliner has it all!

Look at the paw prints design! So cute! And I love the cursive writing font as well!

The perfect tip of eyeliner - not too thick nor too thin, not too hard nor too soft, and it's smooth!
Even though the eyeliner is not too thin, but the thin nib able to draw a super thin line for a natural eyeliner look!

My rounder-eyes makeup tip: I love to apply the eyeliner under my 1/3 (or less) of my lower lash line.

Product Name: Infinity Longwear Black Eyeliner
Price: MYR -


What brings out your eyes even more is mascara! The 1028 Hook Mascara is also my current favourite cause it has a special wand shape that I have never seen before!

As from the name itself, the brush of this mascara is in a hook shape because it's meant to hook up every single eyelashes to make sure every lashes are well combed and curved up! Unlike a lot of the mascara out there, this brush won't make your eyelashes clumpy, instead you will see your lashes are all being combed evenly!

Look at the difference! I love to see all evenly combed eyelashes~
It does curled up my lashes a bit, and there's a little bit of lengthening effect as well!

Product Name: Hook Mascara
Price: MYR 59.90


At the last few steps of my makeup, I apply blusher and favourite lipstick of the day depends on my mood. These 2 are also an important steps in my routine cause these 2 products make me looked more healthy!

Lastly, I apply the Ultimate Oil-Control Powder under my eyes to prevent my eye makeup from smudging throughout the day, even though I should trust the smudge-proof function of the eyeliner. It also has a little bit of brightening effect so why not!

My final look! Check out my video for a similar look with blusher & lipsticks applied!

And that's all for my makeup tips & tricks! What do you guys think? I hope ya'll learn at least 1 thing from my tips up there cause I really love the way I apply my makeup at the moment. Gonna look back in few years time to see how my makeup technique change!

I think I should mention this again, even though it's a review post for 1028 products, I'm surprised that I don't really have any negative comments on all of these items above, hence I said they are all my current favourite, and yes they are really all my current favourite!

About 1028 Visual Therapy

1028 Visual Therapy is a brand from Taiwan. They are a customized, high-fashion makeup brand for Asian. Their products target female of age 20-35, such as college students, office ladies and even light matures.

"1028" is an inspiring date of the brand.
"Visual" stands for the unique and beautiful Asian Face. All of their products are tailored for Asian skin and features.
"Therapy" means "Skincare cosmetics" as it's a treatment skincare essence infused in cosmetics.

All of these products are available in Watsons outlet throughout nationwide!

For more information, kindly visit their Facebook page:

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.