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How to be like a 'Tai-Tai' and enjoy your life

Everyone can be a tai-tai if they are willing to spare some free time to pamper themselves with something good!

For those who don't understand what is "tai-tai", it's a term that Malaysians love to to describe on rich ladies with their life pampered with services such as nails done every week, hair salon every week, hanging out with other tai-tai for high tea and gossip, and so on!

So I was invited by The Butterfly Project to experience a tai-tai life with some other bloggers few weeks ago, and here I'm sharing how you can be a tai-tai too even if you're not one!

Step 1: Dress up!

Tai-tai will never wear too simple and casual on their dates! They said if you're not one, dress like one! Some outfit examples are floral dresses or something gold!

Thanks to photographer Eros for this pretty shoot of me! Tai-tai enough?
Note: pictures without my watermark are courtesy of The Butterfly Project!

Step 2: The perfect location

It could be a cafe or restaurant, but one of my recommended tai-tai day out spot is a nail spa salon cause it's important to maintain yourself by having good nails! Tai-tai doesn't need to do chores anyway :x

The one that I went was Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI which is their main branch of all.

The pedicure / manicure + pedicure section.

Few years back when they started to launch, the theme of the store is pink and black, but now they have renovated into a more luxury theme! This is why I suggest this location for you to enjoy your life cause you will think you're a tai-tai in here!

The manicure tables
The accessories that are ready to make your fingers look pretty!
Some of the designs done by their director! Pretty awesome right?
And yes, throughout their years in the market, they have won so many prizes! They definitely provide high quality service and you definitely don't wanna miss out!

Another reason why I suggest this location is because they provide other services such as makeup, hairdo, waxing and even eyelash extension services! It's like a one-off-self-maintenance place for you to give yourself a complete makeover from head-to-toe!

Aside from all the services mentioned above, they have this small room for function or event.

The vanity section! The table is movable so if you want the whole space for event, just request to move this away!

Fancy for some professional makeup service? :D

Posh! Nail Spa (TTDI)

31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, 60000 TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours
Weekdays: 10.30am- 8.00pm
Weekends: 10.00am -7.00pm

Contact: 012-9018219

Step 3: Have some high tea

When someone mention about "tai-tai life", the first thing that pops out in my mind is a high-class looking lady sipping English tea and eating pretty desserts! Don't chu think so?

Thanks to The Butterfly Project for this Butterfly Soiree event, we "tai-tai" get to try out the colourful and tasty desserts delivered by La Rose Noire!

La Rose Noire supplies awesome quality product such as sweet and savoury cones, tart shells, baskets, cone and basket stands to chefs, passionate cooks and events. In short, they are the supplier for hotel desserts.

Look at their desserts set up, I'm impressed! Love the Eiffel tower deco so much!
This one is to die for! Love the green colour one the most!

Personally think that their food are really good, it's like something you can't really get easily from cafe or bakery!

La Rose Noire Facebook page:

Step 4: Have some wine!

How can you not have wine during this pampering session with yourself? Forget about English tea, go for some wine instead! Get your favourite wine delivered to your door step from Wine Talk! I didn't know people can now buy wine online until that day, what else is not possible??

Wine Talk is an online platform with over 3000 wine, beer and liquor labels where you can shop and have your happiness delivered to your doorstep across ALL of Malaysia.

We had CA BIANCA MOSCATO D'ASTI, managed to find the product from the page, woots!

If you're a person who prefer sweet scent alcohol like I do, this is definitely your choice! I have to say that I love love love this wine so much! Wasn't an alcohol lover but if they are sweet, bring it to me!

WineTalk Malaysia's Website:

Step 5: Get your makeover!

Of course you can enjoy your makeover before your high tea and wine time, but I decided to eat and drink first, hohoho. All of us get to enjoy a complimentary service of manicure/pedicure express service.

This looks like a food menu, and it's really a menu from the salon. Choose your desire service before you start!
Can you guess which colour I've picked for my toe nails?
Got caught in eating + enjoying-my-life-too-much sitting position, oops!
Helloooo glittery blue nails! A lot of us picked this colour cause it's irresistible!

Pardon me for my ugly feet, but I'm loving this colour! And guess what, the colours are still there after 3 weeks, who needs gel pedicure when their normal one are so damn lasting already!!

And that's how I tai-tai-ed my day, and I think you should follow these steps to enjoy one day of your life too, especially if you're always stressed out during work, a few hours of tai-tai moment is also a way of releasing stress, right?

Besides, life is too short to work so hard! Give yourself a break, have some me-time and don't forget to be pretty as well!

Last but not least, a picture with the founder of Posh Nail Spa, Sereen! Thank you for making this wonderful place happen! I will definitely visit one of the branch again soon!

Would also like to thank the Butterfly Project for inviting me to thie Butterfly Soiree event, I can now share my tai-tai experience to my friends, family and readers who needed it as well!

So what do you guys think? Is this the way you enjoy your life? Let me know!

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