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Paint Mask Challenge with B&Soap Coloring Paints Pack!

Hi Pinkyies! Let's get some creativity on today because I'm sharing a very fun beauty products to you guys which is about art and painting! Did a video review on this product as well so make sure you keep scrolling to watch how I messed up my painting! 😂

Before I move on, let me ask you a question. Have you guys ever tried to apply different kind of masks that serve different purposes to different parts of your skin? For example, a pore tightening mask on your T-zone areaan acne-control mask on your cheek areamoisturizing mask on other part of the face.

I used to have the thought, but never tried before. But now, I'm finally trying this technique using the B&SOAP Colouring Paints Pack!

The concept of this product is to apply different masks with different purposes on different parts of the skin to achieve a better skin condition! Aside from that, it can be a fun face painting product that won't hurt your skin with real paints! Isn't it sounds fun to use it already? :D

The paint pack comes with 5 colours of masks for various skin types and conditions:

White: Replenishes moisture and seals in moisture by forming a protective layer on skin.
Suggested areaCheeks (or any dry area) that contains stacked impurities and it's easily irritated.

Yellow: Brightens up dull and fatigued skin.
Suggested areaForehead - Imbalanced skin.

Red: Energizes and revitalizes fatigued skin.
Suggested areaEye areas due to dryness and sagging skin.

Green: Soothes irritated skin. Alleviates skin problems.
Suggested areaChin (or acne areas) - contains excessive sebum and impurities, sagging skin and too much dead skin cells caused by dryness

Black: Pore tightening, blackhead and sebum control.
Suggested area: Nose that contains the most sebum, blackhead & skin problems.

The packaging of the 5 masks are each contained in separate packaging of hygienic tube. It also comes with a brush and 5 mini containers so that you don't need to use your fingers to apply the products and do the colours mixing.

The colours doesn't look as solid or thick as real paint, and it doesn't smell like paints as well. Instead, you can feel that it's actually a normal mask's nice smell and texture. The texture is not too thick nor sticky, just good and it's easy to apply it with the given brush.

So there's a lot of beauty gurus have been using this mask to draw creative designs on their skin despite the real purpose of each masks! Some of the common designs are animals, clowns and so on! It's just all about creativity!

And with my recent hair colour, of course I wanna go for unicorn! But I'm not creative enough to think of my way to draw that, so I found a few unicorn face painting design on the internet so I just went for it!

Tadaa!! I know I messed up on the tracing part (black) cause the brush is too big to draw it nicely (and also because I'm clumsy and additional), what do you guys think? I'm actually in love with my own creation cause I never thought the outcome could be so cute! I finally have my own horn now!!

Check out my video here on how I drew (and messed up) my unicorn face paint using the B&SOAP Coloring Paints Pack, along with my thoughts on it!

So after playing with the design, I did use the mask on my targeted area of my skin.

Pore control (black) one on my T-zone area; Green one that soothes my cheek area that tends to break out; Red one that energizes skin under my eye area; and brightening effect on other parts of the skin!

My thoughts

As mentioned in my video, I really think that the product's concept is so good! Not just that I can have some fun with the colours and a face painting session, I can improve my skin at the same time!

The mask is easy to apply and mix, and it makes me wanna play with it every week cause of how easy to use it and to wash it off. Super recommend this for everyone of you to try it out cause most of you definitely have different skin problem on different part of the skin, right?

Not sure is it only the red colour one, I felt that there is a little bit burning sensation under my eyes on my second usage. Guess it really helps to energize my skin by giving it some heat for blood circulation! Definitely gonna use it alone for my under-eyes to see if my dark circles will improve or not!

Rating: 9/10

Product Information

Name: B&SOAP Colouring Paints Pack
Country of Origin: Korea
Price: MYR119.00 MYR63.00
Where to buy: Althea Korea's Website (link)

If you haven't make any purchase from Althea before, click here to sign up at Althea's Website to receive a RM20 worth of new member credits when purchasing at Althea store!

For more information, kindly visit:
Althea Korea's Malaysia Website:
Instagram: @altheakorea

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 

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