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Pink Korean Beauty Products!! Althea Favourites - Pink Vibes Set Review

When Althea Korea launched a new beauty box called the Pink Vibes Set, I immediately told them that I want to review this set because obviously this was meant to create for me! So here it is! 5 pink colour Korean products from Althea for me to review!

To be honest, I didn't give a high expectation on all of the products in this box because normally pretty products are just meant to be pretty... if you get what I mean. Unless you're a luxury brand that produce high quality products.

So what are my thoughts on all of these 5 pretty products? Keep reading to find it out!

What's in the box?

  1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
  2. Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion (#23 Natural Beige)
  3. Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadow (GPK02 Cotton Candy)
  4. Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube (#3 Rosy Coral)
  5. Hello Skin Jumiso Rich Nourishment Mask

I will review the products according to the order that I use them, like from skin care to face makeup, then eyes and lips makeup.

#1. Hello Skin Jumiso Rich Nourishment Mask, 26ml | RM12.00 RM9.00

From the name itself, this mask is meant to nourish the skin and increase skin elasticity. The earth gravity is pulling our skin downwards, hence collagen is really important to our skin in order to prevent sagging.

What make this mask different from other mask is that it's made of 100% Cupra Sheet. Cupra sheet is made of 100% mildest cotton yarn which has superior adhesion to the skin, breathable, quick absorption to the skin and has minimized the skin damage after applying it.

The mask is quite fragile, hence it's protected from a mesh. Please don't look at it if you have trypophobia.

Active ingredients

  • Collagen rich egg shell membrane (the superior essence!) -  to enhance skin elasticity.
  • Jojoba Oil - improves skin texture.
  • BL Fill Up - patented components for skin tightening
  • Ceramid Complex - contains the 2 types of ceramide similar to the skin lipids, which helps strengthen skin elesticity.
  • Adenosine - Improvement of wrinkles.

Usage direction

  1. Use the mash to open the sheet.
  2. After applying the sheet on the face, remove the mesh only.
  3. Leave the mask for 10-20 minutes.

My thoughts 

The sheet is really adhesive to the skin and super thin, which I really like how it fits properly on my skin and not feeling heavy.

The mesh gave me goosebumps everytime when I sees it tho (yes I have trypophobia), but the idea of protecting the sheet from being teared when taking out from the pack is quite good. However I still prefer to apply it without the mesh cause the mesh is a little bit hard to fit the mask on with it.

Since I just used this mask once, I can't really give my opinion towards the essence, but my skin feels normal without feeling too oily since it's a rich nourishment mask.

Rating: 8/10

#2. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, 20g | RM89.00 RM61.00

Since Laneige launched this Lip Sleeping Mask, a lot of my friends have been purchasing it and said how much they loved this product, just like how the world loves their signature Water Sleeping Mask! Althea says that this is a mask that works its magic by gently dissolving dead skin cells while you sleep!

It comes with a mini spatula to scoop the product for a more hygienic usage.

One of the two unique formulations - the Berry Mix Complex™ - injects vitamin C and berry-packed antioxidant ingredients to smoothen and tighten lips, while the other - the Moisture Wrap™ - contains hyaluronic acid that slowly absorbs into your lips and maintains its overall vibrancy throughout the night.

Usage direction

Apply a liberal amount on lips using spatula provided before you go to bed. Leave it on overnight. Wipe off excess with tissue paper or cotton pad the next day.

For best results, apply two to three times a week.

My thoughts

I'm seriously impressed with this product! First of all, the berry scent is so sweet and pleasant. And then the result. The first 2 usage doesn't give huge difference, but as time goes by, I realized my lips did become smoother after about 3 weeks of using it! Not forgetting to mention that it's an easy product to be used to achieve a smoother lips cause you only need to use it like a lip balm, super convenient!

Rating: 10/10!

#3. Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion (#23 Natural Beige), 14g

This pink colour cushion pack excites me the most cause I finally owned a real pink colour cushion foundation other than the pink empty pack that I bought to create my own cushion foundation!

I couldn't find the web link of this product in Althea's website, hence I googled it. Turns out this pink packaging is the limited edition version of it's original one in black! YASSSS 😍

Even the sponge is in pink!!!

This Tattoo Cover Cushion, as you can tell from it's name, it contains foundation with high coverage, and by 'Tattoo', I guess it means long lasting? Let's see if they are really that good. I'm a sucker for high coverage foundations by the way.

Just like most of the Korean brand, they only have the darkest shade of #23 Natural Beige, but still a bit light for my skin tone. Once again, please provide more shades for Malaysians please 🙏.

Wow, see the big difference? The high coverage is real! Luckily the shade is not too light.

My thoughts

After owning a few Korean cushion foundation brands, I have to say that it's too common for a cushion foundation to have the function of [high coverage + contains moisturizer + sunscreen effect + whitening effect + but only has the darkest shade of #23]. The competition within these normal cushion foundation is strong, but I personally would never look at these brands because I would rather go for the better brands such as Laneige BB Cushion, with just a little bit more expensive + a refill pack, but gives a better result. No offence, just stating the obvious.

If I were to give my opinion on this product itself, well, I actually kind of love it cause the coverage is really awesome, plus it's not heavy and sticky on my skin! It also has a nice scent. But, do you think that all of these comments are very similar to those not-so-famous Korean brand cushion foundations? :)

The bias part that makes me wanna give this product a higher rating is definitely the pink colour packaging with a holographic font on top! If all the functions has to be the same, please make the packaging stands out!

Rating: 8/10

#4. Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadow (GPK02 Cotton Candy), 2g

I couldn't find the product page of this product in Althea's website as well. This product is an eye shadow with a puzzle piece design as the packaging, pretty love the design.

It comes with a lot of shades, but I'm glad that the one I got is in this Cotton Candy pink colour cause it's really shinny and pretty!

Ohh I feel so happy by looking at this colour! So pretty and pigmented!

How I normally use it either apply it to my entire eyelids, or only in the middle of my eyelids after completing my eyeshadow look to make my eyes popped. I used it on the inner corners of my eyes as well.

I'm glad to have this shade cause aside from using it as an eye shadow, it's great to be used as a highlighted on my cheekbones as well! The pink base compliments my pink blush that I apply every day!

My thoughts

Can I call this a pink porn? Cause this shade is really super pretty, especially when I'm able to use it on my cheekbones as highlighter! I have been using this every day to highlight my face and I felt so happy every time when I see the shine!!

The product is easy to pick up, one swipe gives a pigmented glittery pink on my finger. But of course you need to be prepared to get sparkled by the glitters when you started to swipe the products.

Rating: 11/10 - I might be a little bit overreacted to this product but you have to know how much I love this product at the moment! 😍

#5. Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube (#03 Rosy Coral) | RM59.00 RM43.00

Air Tint Lip Cube was said to be a Blocking Colour Cube that can be used whatever you want. Combine the different colours of shades and make your own colour! But too bad, Althea is only selling the 3 basic colours at the moment. The image in the website actually shows that it comes with a lot of shades as well, from red tone to purple and even blue colour!

Since the product is small in size, the wand is also very mini in size, too cute!!

This Air Tint Lip Cube makes you achieve 2 different looks with one texture:
  1. Dab lightly onto your lips as a matte finish tint.
  2. Apply fully onto your lips as a vibrant serum rouge.

The packaging looks like a nail polish, don't chu think? But the glass looking body looks luxurious and amazing!

The texture is very pigmented & creamy.

My thoughts

This is another product that I couldn't wait to try it out when I first saw the swatches of this colour online! The colour is really very solid and pigmented in only 1 swipe! But it's not the thick kind that will feels oily on my lips. It dries up easily after applied which is quite impressive, and surprisingly it's consider lasting throughout the day!

The only downside I felt for this product is the short little wand. With the big square cover, several times that my lips will touch the cover and stained on it when I'm applying it. But it's forgivable since the product is small in size.

Rating: 8/10


So what do you guys think? Do you agree with my review on the products above? :)

As usual, Althea's box is always cheaper than buying those products separately! This box with all 5 products cost only RM107 instead of RM230! It's sold out at the moment but make sure you check out their website for their current available beauty boxes!

If you haven't make any purchase from Althea before, click here to sign up at Althea's Website to receive an additional RM5.00 discount + RM30 worth of new member discounts when purchasing at Althea store!

For more information, kindly visit:
Althea Korea's Malaysia Website:
Instagram: @altheakorea

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 


  1. woah this box is so nicee. I'm so curious about the sheet mask. and hey, I love your hair!

    1. Go and try out the sheet mask, available in althea! And thanks for the compliment! <3