Monday, 22 May 2017

Makeups that Last All Day! W.Lab X Althea Last All Day Set Review + Video Tutorial!

Yay for a new K-beauty products review! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on these products from W.Lab which are meant to make your makeup Last All Day!

I've also did a video tutorial on how I use these products for an event so make sure you read till the end to watch it! (Or you can just scroll till the end to watch em haha)

So I received all of these in one of the beauty box from Althea. I will go through them in the order of how I use them, like from mask to face to eyes then lips. Without further ado let's get straight into the review!

#1. W.Lab Sebum-Out Peel Off PackMYR 90.00

Tried this like 2 times and every time it gives me great results! Love love love seeing all my blackheads and sebums get peeled out in just 30 minutes! Personally think that this mask is easier to use compared to another famous Taiwan brand, the trick is not to apply too thick as it will drip and become messy.

Rating: 9/10

#2. W.Lab W-Snow BB Cushion (#23 Cotton Beige) | MYR 66.00

From its name itself, you know that it's gonna make your skin fairer like a snow. Yellow undertone skin like mine will turn out having a more Korean fair skin tone as there are only 3 choices of shades. Got the darkest one in their range (#23) and still looked fair. Seriously all Korean brands should start considering their K-beauty fans from other country who would love to try out Korean foundations as well! Okay sorry but I'm not judging any Korean brands here.

Here's what I really think of the product. Aside from the fair shades, I was expecting this product to be matte since it's from a Last All Day set? But it's not matte as you can tell from the comparison above, it turns out to be just normal (not dewy or glowy as well). It's still fine, I won't say this product is really fully a Last-All-Day-Worthy product, but at least it has like a superb coverage I must say!! Refer to my video below as I have also used this as my under-eye concealer due to its good coverage!

Rating: 7/10

#3. W.Lab Sebum-Out Finish Powder | MYR 21.00

I couldn't judge that this Value Set didn't give a matte cushion foundation cause they did provide this translucent powder to mattify my makeup & last all day long! It does its job to make my foundation more matte and lasting so I think it's good! I love to apply it under my eyes to avoid my eyeliners from smudging since it's a translucent powder, and it works great!

Rating: 8/10

#4. W.Lab Twinkle Glam Eyes (#02 Glam Gold) | MYR 50.00

Well if you're looking for eyeshadows that last all day in just a product itself, glitter eye shadow is definitely the thing! So I don't need to explain how long lasting is this product yea? :)

Couldn't explain how excited I was when I opened it to see this shining product and swatch them! This colour is just TOO PRETTY that I'm thinking of getting shade #1 Glam Beige on my next purchase! It's easily to grab them pigmented products onto my fingers and blend them in!

Rating: 9/10

#5. W.Lab Clear Finish Gel Liner (#01 Matt Black) | MYR 65.00

Just in time when I needed a new black pencil liner and this has given me hope! As everyone knows that most of the pencil liners are not as waterproof/smudgeproof as pen liners.

So far this product works great on me as it doesn't smudge at all! The product is easy to glide onto my skin and to draw on my hooded eyes, and the extra brush and sharpener given are definitely a big plus point for me cause I still haven't score my winged liner using pencil liner, and this brush helped a lot!! Check out the video below to see how I achieve a perfect cat eye!

Rating: 8/10

#6. One Day Coating Tint (#03 Fashionable) | MYR 70.00

My most favourite product of the whole set! This liquid lipstick is moisturizing, long lasting, pigmented, easy to apply, has nice scent and nice colour! I really can't find any downside for this product! Perhaps they need more colours in their range?

Rating: 10/10


So here's the video of me using the products for this makeup look! Check out how I use them all, you might learn some new tricks to make your makeup last longer too!

My Thoughts

Basically all of the products received a high rating from me as they are all great products! In overall, this beauty set is super-duper worthy! Or I should say all of their beauty boxes are definitely worth to buy! Instead of RM362 (total of all after discounted price), this whole box cost only RM117! What a steal!!

If you haven't make any purchase from Althea before, click here to sign up at Althea's Website to receive an additional RM5.00 discount + RM30 worth of new member discounts when purchasing at Althea store!

Definitely recommend their beauty boxes! The current available ones are Makeup Magic Box & Total Brightening Box so don't miss the deals!!!

For more information, kindly visit:
Althea Korea's Malaysia Website:
Instagram: @altheakorea

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.
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  2. Wow! I am so impressed with this product W.Lab Sebum-Out Peel Off Pack. I feel wanna buy it!! <3