Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ipoh Trip - Lost World of Tambun

Aside from Penang and KL, Ipoh is one of my most visited state in Malaysia as it's located between Penang and KL, and most importantly, they have awesome food and coffee!!

So last month, I finally managed to squeeze out one weekend to have a short getaway to Ipoh Lost World of Tambun with boyfie after having a few hectic work weeks!

Side note: I've made a video on our trip! So there will be less picture and more video footage in the video. Scroll down to watch the video if you're too lazy to read the post.

We took ETS KL to Ipoh on a Saturday morning. We booked our tickets through is a one stop online booking portal for bus tickets that features a large number of operators in both Singapore and Malaysia, going through over 3,000+ routes within these two countries.

Some of you might thought that this website only sell bus tickets from its website name itself, but in fact they sell train tickets and ferry tickets as well!

You can pay with normal online banking, Paypal and even through 7-eleven!
Their website is easy to search and surf! Best for people like me who travels back to hometown.

Received travel pack from the team! How thoughtful!
This thing is a lifesaver for both of us in the train!

After we arrived, we went to Lost World of Tambun directly from Ipoh Train Station with Uber. It was about 20 minutes of drive from the train station to Lost World.

As you can tell from its name itself, this theme park has an adventurous theme. If you haven't been before, they have 2 exciting water slides, a roller coaster, some fun fair stuff, a long river to swim in and relax, a fake beach with waves and so on!

One of the best attraction in this theme park is their Hot Spring!

We spent some time looking around at the Petting Zoo as well. There are a few parts where you can directly interact with the animals such as birds and raccoons!

The hungry Raccoon! It's so cute! Managed to make it look at the camera!
And it thought my finger was a food so it bit me! So cute!

And yes I was so happy when all of them stand on my hands for foods! Always love to pet animal!

I have to say that this was rather a very chill day for me to spend time in Lost World. Even though it doesn't have many very exciting rides, but I took my time to enjoy the hot spring, beach waves, watch animal shows and petting animals, and can't believe I enjoyed their food as well! I'm planning to visit them at night on my next visit!

The "Ipoh Street" in the theme park! Surprisingly their Curry Mee and Popiah is so good!

That's a wrap for our trip in Lost World of Tambun! We spent another day chilling at a few random famous food stall, and head back to KL in the evening. Didn't took much about our food as well but here I have created a blog post on Ipoh 1 Day Food Itinerary before, click here to read it!

The food that I must must must share is the Peanut Paste & Mua Chee from Hong Kee! I will never miss my chance to visit them when I'm in Ipoh (except when I'm heaty and fever, which happened a few times already lol).

So that's a wrap for our short weekend trip to Ipoh! Here's a short video that we filmed together, but edited by Edwin. It covered more parts of our trip so make sure you watch it!

Special thanks to Bus Online Ticket and Lost World of Tambun for giving me this chance to release my stress in Lost World of Tambun and enjoy good food in Ipoh! Make sure you check them out for some best holiday deals!

Heading back to KL with the same train that we got the tickets from as well!

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