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Get Lumiére Complexion with Mon Chéri Instant Pore Refiner & Pétale CC Cover

Bonjour, Pinkyies! I'm back with a new beauty review on one of my favourite packaging brand - Mon Chéri - it's literally My Dream Packaging!

If you haven't know about Mon Chéri, perhaps you should read my previous review with some information of the brand itself here.

Their parcel made my gasp with extra items included and their stunning rose gold design!

The product that's going to be featured in this post is one of their new product from Collection De Bouquet line - Mon Chéri Instant Pore Refiner.

Aside from having scars & holes on my skin, two of my all time biggest concern of my skin is my enlarged pores that made my skin looks bad, and my foundations doesn't last on my oily skin.

Well the Lumiere Complexion & Pore Refiner is a skin care product to help enhance skin complexion and act as an instant pore eraser.

This instant pore refiner can be applied alone or with makeup to instantly and seamlessly remove the appearance of large pores on skin. It also diffuses fine lines and wrinkles to leave a more uniform skin texture on face. The plant extracts in it will also nourish the skin with its lightening and anti-aging properties.

Please take a moment to appreciate this rose gold and floral packaging! I'm still in love!

It has a shiny rose gold cap on, but instead of opening the cap to use the product like most of the products out there, it's a twist and squeeze kind of cap without needing to remove the cap to use the product. This packaging is so much easier to use and the chances of losing your cap is lower now!

The nude tone of the product works the magic to invisibly blend the product onto any skin tone or colour. It blurs any imperfections and also mattifies any shine on your skin.

A close up look on the product itself inside the packaging.

I realized Mon Chéri called this a Skin Care Product even though it's more of a make up product to me. But this product able to protect your skin with its additional anti photo-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties because it consists of an original marine active ingredient, the Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, hence it can be considered as a skin care product.

It also consist of a powerful antioxidant that provides photo-protection for the skin and to prevent any skin cell damage from harmful UV rays. That's why this product can be worn by itself as well.

Usage Direction

  • To use it on its own: Apply to clean or moisturized skin. Blend with fingertips on the area of concern.
  • To use with makeup: Gently dab onto face and smooth over face evenly. You can also apply touch-ups throughout the day as needed.

Spotted the difference? My skin is so much smoother & even my scars are slightly lightened!

My Thoughts

Let's talk about the packaging first. Aside from the uniquely gorgeous design on the bottle, I'm glad it's a twist & squeeze kind of opening instead of those normal cap kind. To me, it's easier to control the amount of product to be used.

However, on my first usage, the product was quite hard to squeeze out, guessing that it's because the product is quite a molten texture, maybe? I thought that I need to open the whole cap to use it (as seen on one of the image above).

But after a few try, I realized that it's a strategy to not to squeeze out too much product, I think. Now after using it for a month, I think it's quite easy and convenient to use.

To the product itself, it has a nice floral scent which makes me feel happy when I'm using it. Most importantly, it does what it was suppose to do!

With just a little bit of the product, it does helped to reduce the appearance of my pores instantly & the mattifying effect helped to enhance my skin complexion in overall. It doesn't really brightens/whiten up the skin tho, just when my pores are 'blurred' by the product, my skin has gone so much smoother. A little bit goes a long way!

Not sure why but I actually trusted that this product won't irritate my skin since the beginning, even though it has a fragrance scent, but so far it doesn't! But guys, remember to cleanse your pores properly every night after using this product!

Overall Rating: 9/10 - Nothing negative to say about this product!

Product Information

Name: Mon Chéri Lumiére Complexion & Pore Refiner
Country of Origin: France
Active Ingredients: Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract
Volume: 30ml
Price: MYR 110.00
Where to buy: Mon Chéri's Website (link)

Aside from that, the Mon Chéri Petale CC Cover is also another featured-worthy product to be mentioned together with the Instant Pore Refiner as these 2 products paired perfectly together.

Trust me, this casing has been nominated by me as The Best Packaging of The Year 2017!

The Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover is a weightless and velvety-soft cover for a visibly flawless skin. Since the Instant Pore Refiner doesn't provide flawless skin, this CC cream is one that enhances the coverage effect.

It's a hydrating foundation with sebum-regulating and skin-lightening effects and consist of SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

But what makes this different from most of the cushions out there is it consist of anti-aging benefits as well as ultra-smoothened wrinkle lines.

This rose gold plated lustrous surface! It's shiny and reflective that you can just use it directly as a mirror!

It comes in 5 natural skin shades:
  • Light Pink
  • Natural Beige
  • Sand Beige
  • Yellow Beige
  • Brown Beige

The one I got is in yellow beige. 

Petale CC Cover in Yellow Beige shade.
There's a fixed net on top of the cushion to avoid the cushion from falling out when pressed too hard.

The CC cream in it is non-sticky and non-greasy. As stated in the name itself, the CC cream is expected to have a customizable/buildable coverage onto the skin.

Providing a high quality soft sponge is a plus point for this product!
Glad that I got the right shade! And did you notice the awesome coverage it has! :D

My Thoughts

First of all, this packaging is too pretty to resist! I can't help but have to clean my hands every time before touching it cause it's going to leave a lot of fingerprints on the gloss/mirror area.

I really like that they have this extra padding to double protect the CC cream inside to avoid it from drying easily.

Every time I will need to put a little bit more effort to open the fold to use the product as it's tightly sealed onto the cushion, which I think it's one of the best part of this product! Some of my old cushion dries up easily as I won't be using them every day, and after a month of using it almost everyday, there's still a lot of product left inside!

Let's get into the product itself. This product has that Mon-Cheri-product-smell that's similar to the Tinted Sun Creme that I used before! Not sure how to describe but all I can say is very florally.

I love that this cushion has a net on top to avoid the cushion falling out when squeeze it too hard. I realized that net also helped to spread the product evenly onto the sponge.

The CC cream is hydrating, hence it's not matte but a little bit glossy feel. However it's not very oily or greasy on my skin. It's really light weight even though I always apply double layer for a higher coverage.

Speaking of coverage, it's not like a full full coverage, but I'm satisfied with their natural buildable coverage. The product gives a natural glow on the skin, but since it's glossy kind, it will transfer if it's not used with the pore refiner, or loose powder on top. Not saying that it's bad when it's used alone, but I'm would prefer to use both products together.

Ovarall Rating: 8.5/10

Product Information

Name: Mon Chéri Petale CC Cover SPF 50+ PA+++
Country of Origin: France
Price: RM135.00
Where to buy: Mon Chéri's Website (link)

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So what do you think of these 2 products? Has their packaging makes you wanna get it so badly already? Would love to hear your thought if you have tried any of Mon Cheri's products before!

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @moncheriessentials

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 
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