Monday, 24 April 2017

"Wild Wild West" Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2017

I've been to a few pet fair before because me and my boyfie are mega pet lovers! We squeak every time when we see dogs (actually I'm the only one who squeak XD)! My recent happy visit is the Pet Fiesta Expo which was held two weekends ago at Setia City Convention Centre!

What : "Wild Wild West" Pet Fiesta Expo Malaysia 2017
Where : Setia City Convention Centre
When : 14th - 16th April 2017
This pet fair was said to be the biggest outdoor & indoor Pet Fair in Malaysia! Totally love it when it's held together in an opened and closed area instead of only indoors.

There are some interesting activities for the pets to join such as:
  • MKA Grooming Competition
  • MKA Dog Show 
  • KKM International Cat Show
  • Dog training with Dave Teoh, the only Malaysian trained by Cesar Millan, celebrity TV host of Dog Whisperer

Now let's see what was happening there on the second day (Saturday)!

Petting Zoo for kids
Goldie's gathering!
Not forgetting - Pet Adoption!
Yes I will bring you home when I have my own house to stay okay??
Pomeranian heaven!
Poodle puddle!
More poodles!


Aside from that, there are lotsa surprises such as
  • Cafes for you and your pets
  • Reptiles Showcase by REPO
  • 'The Most' Contest!

Check out them cute Corgis! They are from Pet-tiserrie - one of the nearby pet cafe which also provide cupcakes, cakes and treats for pets!

Shopping for your pets!
Lotsa sleepy heads as well.
The "Most" Competition!
Not sure which kind of contest this baby is joining on but let me cheer for you!!

It was really a fun day for me and my boyfriend by just walking around cause pets makes us happy!

Look how excited I was when I was playing with this Frenchie! And guess what, we actually went again on Sunday because of the French Bulldog's gathering session is on Sunday noon! I miss them cute active dogs already!

Meet Sin Yee my blogger friend who owns a bearded dragon! It's super cute especially with its cute wings accessory! And they just won't make noise!

I had an awesome experience in this pet fair cause the environment is very clean and tidy! Check out my Facebook Live video and you'll understand!

And I guess that's all I got for here! Can't wait for our next pet fair already! Definitely joining the Pet Fiesta 2018 and hopefully I will be bringing a pup along with me! :D
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