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[Giveaway] FRUIDEDAY Dried Fruit Health Water - Makes you fall in love with drinking water!

Who else doesn't have the habit or too busy to drink 8 glasses of water a day! Put your hands up! Cause here I'm going to introduce you a way that might make you fall in love with drinking water!

Yes, it's dried fruits! Add them into your water to make your drink even more tastier and healthier!

Such a cute and convenient packaging they have!

FRUIDEDAY was created to make everyone able to take nutrients from fruits or enjoy detox by just a simple step of drinking water every day. With this, we saved all the necessary steps of going to the market and prep for fruits to get nutrients from fruits.

There are more than 7 types of fruits in the entire pack such as lemon, kiwi, red apple, green apple, strawberry, orange, pineapple, dragon fruit, blueberry, and lime. Which means you'll be receiving more than enough of nutrients in 1 week!

They are all packed in this small packets with different mix of fruits that gives a different health function! They've also included extra Honey & Chia Seeds for extra taste! 

It's packed like this for you to bring it out easily!

What's so special about FRUIDEDAY's dried fruits is that they are all carefully selected one by one, and all the fruits are dried through low heat blow dry for about 15 hours instead of baking them with microwave so that the nutrients and fibre in the fruits will not be loss throughout the process.

Besides, they are 100% pure fruits without artificial ingredients, colouring and extra sugar!

You can make your dried fruits healthy water using these ways:
  1. For those with glass bottle that has a small mouth, you can choose to cut the dried fruits into half and mix it with water in the glass bottle, or soak the dried fruits in a cup for 10 minutes until the dried fruits become soft and only pour them into the glass bottle.
  2. Place the dried fruits into your bottle, add in warm or cold water, then leave it aside / put it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes and drink. Feel free to add in honey or sugar to make it even tastier!

Drank these in my company for the whole week! Added Chia Seeds and Honey on different days!
The middle one turns pink because of the natural colouring from the red dragon fruit! Prettiest!

My thoughts

Even tho there are sweet fruit such as apples or orange which they were in their original form, but they are not sweet anymore after dried and socked in water, so don't expect the fruits to give a sweet taste.

However it's not entirely tasteless or bad taste tho. The drink has a slight sour taste that's coming from the fruits. But you can just add in some sugar or honey for some extra taste.

Overall I find this product super convenient and it's super easy to make, just add it into my water bottle every day whenever I filled up my water in the morning at work voila! It really makes me wanna drink more water each day and eat away the fruits in it! Felt super healthy!!


7 Days Pack (contains 7 types of fruits): RM33.90
14 Days Pack (contains 7 types of fruits x2): RM60.90
7 Days Pack + Glass Bottle = RM48.90
14 Days Pack + Glass Bottle = RM70.90

Interested to purchase?  Drop them a message through their Facebook page:

On going promotionGet your RM5 cash rebate on your next purchase by taking a selfie with your first purchase and send it to them!

If you're planning to purchase it for you friends and family as a gift, feel free to let them know so that they will provide a gift card!


Good news pinkyies! I'm giving away 2 packs of the 7 Days Dried Fruits Packs for 2 lucky Pinkyies!!

How to Win

  1. Like FRUIDEDAY's Facebook Page & My Facebook Page.
  2. Share this post, tag my page @NicoleYie and set the post privacy to public.
  3. Comment in my post "I want to stay healthy with FRUIDEDAY!" followed by tagging 2 friends in your comment.
  4. And voila! Wait for the good news!

Contest runs until 15 April 2017! Opens to legal Malaysian residents, and 2 winners who has completed the giveaway steps as per above will be contacted on 16 April 2017!

For more information:

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.
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