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The Flower Jelly Lipstick is now selling in Malaysia!! CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow Review

Hello Pinkyies! If you haven't seen this before, the Flower Jelly Lipstick is one of the prettiest makeup invention in 2016, and this gorgeous babies are finally available in Malaysia! Thanks to CADEAU for creating the similar product - Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow and sell it at a more affordable price in Malaysia!

Image taken from CADEAU Website.

The CADEAU Flower Lip Glow comes in 4 different colours of lipsticks and flowers -  Celosia (Red), Jacques Cartier (Pink), Acacia (Yellow) and Viridiflora (Green).

Image taken from Google Image. Note that they are not the exact flowers in the Lipstick.

As you can tell, the one I got is in yellow colour, which is Acacia (GL03). But don't worry, it doesn't work to give you a yellow lips, and the green one doesn't give you green lips as well! 😂

This lip glow basically works as a lip balm that moisturizes & gives a natural pinkish glow to your lips. It changes colour according to the temperature of your lips, which means the higher the temperature of your skin/lips, the pink colour will turn darker.

The minimalist plated rose gold packaging itself has melted my heart when I first saw it. It matches most of my items perfectly! The mirror finish on the casing is a brilliant invention as you can just touch up your lips anytime anywhere with it!

Each lip glows are handcrafted in Korea, and hence there are only a limited quantity produced everyday. Besides, they only use the highest quality natural ingredients to create each and one of it, and therefore it's suitable for sensitive skin as well.

The lip glow uses nine flower essences in manufacturing process, and hence the super moisturizing effect and the fruity floral fragrance smell in it.

Here's a better view of the lip glow itself! It contains real flowers with gold flakes around it, and they are sealed together inside the lip glow.

Still can't get over with the packaging! 😍

The lip glow has a smooth consistency and it's very easy to apply. The colour will change to a soft pink tint after 3 seconds setting time, and it claimed that the colour will stay up to 8 hours.

Close up look on the swatch. It's glowy and the pink colour is very light.
Testing time!
Making full use of the product packaging! The mirror is a little bit too small but enough to see the whole lips.
The colour payoff is more like enhancing the pink in your lips, enough to make you look awake during day time.

My Opinion

Packaging I've already mention how much I love its packaging above as it's in rose gold and it can be used as mirror as well. The down side is that it's not fingerprint-proof, just like holding iPhone 7 in Jet Black. But since it's just a small item, it can be cleaned easily with a micro-fibre cloth.

The Smell - The fruity floral fragrance smell is the best damn thing of the whole product! I can already smell it by just opening the cover it self. Not really sure how other 3 smells like, but this one has a little bit of my favourite green apple smell!

The Product - It does give a lip balm finish on my lips with a natural colour and moisturizing effect as mentioned, good enough. However it doesn't last till 8 hours as claimed in their description. Never expect lip balms to last long if you have dry lips or you'll be staying in an air condition room for the entire day. I can feel that it dries off after I sit in my cold air-conditioned office for an hour, and of course, it will be gone after eating. But this is completely normal to me as lip balms are meant to reapply every hours to keep your lips moisturized.

Is it worth to buy? - As I know a lot of the beauty junkies think that this product is worth to buy as a collection since it's only RM95 each (under RM100, still better than buying overseas!). Well, that's what I felt too. But if you're just looking for a lip balm to use, it's better to get a drugstore one instead.

If you're already planning to buy and collect them, I suggest you to go for the full set, which contains all 4 colours of the lip glows for only RM350 cause they are all super pretty and smells good! Besides, it's an awesome gift for your girlfriends too! *Hint for guys: Valentine's day is just around the corner!! 😏

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Product Information

Name: CADEAU Pure Flower Extract Lip Glow
Country of Origin: Malaysia
Weight: 3.3g
Available Colours: Red, Pink, Yellow and Green
Price: RM95.00
Where to buy: Maystar (link)
For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @cadeau_beauty

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.

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