Sunday, 12 February 2017

2016 Flashback • 2017 Resolution

Hello Pinkyies! I know I'm going on a really slow pace right now in my blogging life. I was kinda uninspired and have been doing lazy things lately. But it's already February and I shouldn't be lazy anymore! So here it is, I'm back with my super overdue post on my yearly Flashback X Resolutions post! Better late than never right? ;)

2016 Resolutions

#1. Get a job.
Basically I had a 2 weeks child care experience at the beginning of the year, 4 months of working as a part-time admin in the middle of the year, and then I finally stepped into my very first real full time job, and it's been 6 months! You can read my story here.

#2. Travel overseas.
End up I only traveled to Redang Island on my birthday because I was having a very low income at that moment.

#3. Start my regular exersice session
I did, for the beginning half of the year when I'm still in Penang. I went for regular dance and yoga class, and I even went to gym for 2 months, can you believe it! But after I moved to KL, I stopped everything. The only regular exercise is walking to LRT & office. But still consider exercise okay! LOL XD

#4. Longer hair! 
Yes, and it's colourful now!

#5. Change 
OMG I tell you this is the best change of my life - my skin has finally improved!! Keep reading to see the changes!

2016 Wishlists

#1. New Mirrorless 
Story: My sister bought herself a Fujifilm X-A1 for recording purposes, but ended up I borrowed it to use more often than she did it. At the end she sold it to me after I broke a few things in the lens (I fixed them, no worries.) So yeah! I finally have a mirrorless!! Not the Sony that I want but I'm so greatful that at least I have a great camera now!

#2. New Phone 
If it's within 2016, no I don't. But I got my new iPhone SE on 3 Feb 2017! So happy that I finally can play Snapchat (follow me @NicoleYie) and some games everyday without lagging or crashing the app! And most importantly I can take better quality pictures and go Live stream on Facebook & Instagram! I'm already using the Defender case by Otterbox for my phone since the first day, not gonna break this precious that I bought with my 血汗钱! T.T

#3. New Laptop
Yes still using my Toshiba Satellite L645, too loyal. But does company's laptop consider a new laptop to me? Should I or ? :x

2016 Flashback

#1. The Sam Willows' first concert in Malaysia

The Sam Willow's first concert in KL, The Bees, Publika.
Image credits to Edwin.
Getting close with them while getting their signature!

Because I rarely go to concerts, so this is one of my experience this year to attend my current favourite band from Singapore! But this year I've attended twice of their shows in KL, another one is the Tiger event which me and boyfie were there to support our friend from SOAP. We love both of these bands!

With the @sabunband SOAP (Son Of A Policeman)!
Image credits to Edwin.

#2. My Convocation

So I graduated on 2015 and finally had my convocation on March 2016! Finally got my degree cert and I'm now officially graduated from UTAR! More of my convocation images & story click here.

Thanks for all the flowers!! Horrible quality images taken from my Redmi. Now you know why I'm glad to have my new iPhone SE! ;)

#3. My Birthday trip to Pulau Redang

This blog post was in my draft for like almost a year now, guess I'll just delete it cause I don't think I have time for it anyway. But here's our Redang trip video, filmed & edited by the talented boyfie Edwin! Please hire him for any photography and videography jobs!!

Enjoy the video!

#4. My first permanent job!

Personally think that this year is not as happening as previous years, but getting a permanent job and have my own income by myself is the biggest change so far! Finally these days has come! Again, read on how I got my job in this post!

Halloween party in my company, and I decided to just no makeup. Scary enough huh? XD
Christmas party! Glad to be a part of the Happiness team in my company and help to plan events!

#5. My virgin eyebrow embroidery & eyelash extension experience

One of the thing that I'm thankful about is the first experience of my semi-permanent eyebrow sponsored by E-image! It's been nearly half a year and my eyebrows are still perfect in shape!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT VERY MUCH! Thank you Christy for approaching me and the great service! Check out my full experience in this blog post!

#6. My first studio photoshoot after so long

And now I'm have studio photoshoot images to show my grand-children and great-grandchildren the 23 year-old me, like how we're seeing our grandparent or great-grandparent's studio photoshoot photos now! XD Special thanks to Photohavens for the sponsored service as well! Full album click here!

#7. My official reader's name!!

HELLO MY DEAR PINKYIES! Yes I'm calling ya'll Pinkyies cause it's now my official readers name given by one of the Pinkyies on October 2016!! Woots! XD

#8. Biggest Hair transformation I had in my life

Got back into red hair on September & tried the Airy Bang 空气刘海, and I've been loving it so much (Thanks to Jeff Lee The Hair Company! Read my review post here!)

And then after 3 months! Decided to do something brave once in my life! Thanks to Restyle+ for transforming me into a unicorn / mermaid! Read my unicorn transformation post here!

#9. My skin has finally improved!

Wishing for a better skin has been my resolutions/wishlist for sooo many years, until I decided to give up on putting it into my resolution because it seems impossible. But it's now finally came true! Not that I'm having flawless skin now, but I don't have serious huge acne problems anymore!

It was even more serious on Feb 2016, but I choose not to scare all of you. Check out my February or March beauty review posts if you're curious how serious it was.

So if you don't know, I've went Live in Facebook last Sunday night talking about how I improved my skin. Too lazy to blog about it so here's the video!

Here are the blog posts that I've mentioned in the video:
  • Clinique 3-step skincare system review: Click here.
  • The Face Shop THE THERAPY First Serum review: Click here.
  • b.liv Repair & Rescue Mask review: Click here.
  • b.liv 'no spots bye dots' blemish cleansing gel review: Click here.


And of course, there are lotsa awesome sponsors and collaboration as usual! I truly appreciate all of them that comes in my life, and will definitely work harder to bring joy to all the brands & my Pinkyies! Thank you all that supported my throughout the year! <3

To be honest, I can't compare all the years anymore. Whenever I tried to say that 2016 is not as great as previous years, but thinking of getting a new job, still having the same boyfriend and those awesome sponsors, I just couldn't say it's bad at all! :)

2017 Resolutions

#1. Travel overseas.
I'm positive about this cause I'm already earning my own salary. It's not going to be (and cannot be) a dream anymore!

#2. Improvement in Work
I'm saying this in general because I cannot be specific about it. Be it an increment in salary, a promotion or maybe change to a better company, I don't know. But I know that I have to improve myself in this big part of my life.

#3. Pick up a new hobby.
A hobby that really will improve myself!

#4. New blog post every week OR Make a video every month! (added on 16 Feb 2017)
Because I will only do it if I make a promise out here! I'm forcing myself to make blog post at least once a week so that I won't be demotivated! New post every Friday night perhaps? I'll have to sort things out and will try to achieve it this year! Wish me luck! XD

#5. Change.
Again, either is change in my way of thinking, or change my blog design! Who knows? ;)

Seriously I can't think of anymore things I wanna do this year. These are already something that might not possible to achieve (omg why so negative). Will come back and add on if anything comes in my mind!

2017 Wishlists

Fuck this shit I want everything! XD


Sorry for being rude! XD 

Thanks for reading till the end, if you did! 
Love all of you, I truly do!
I wish everyone will have an awesome 2017, starting from today!


  1. Those pink hair looks amazing on you! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

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  2. Nice hair makeover & all the best for ticking off your resolutions my koala sis! <3 Btw, I am also thinking of redesigning my blog into navigation type, any ideas who to look for?