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Secret Garden 家园私方菜 CNY Steamboat Menu

Chinese New Year 2017 is in 20 days, can you believe it?? Bet a lot of you PJ people haven't decide where to bring your family for reunion dinner or lunch yet. Here I'm going to introduce a CNY Steamboat Menu at a new restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Secret Garden 家园私方菜.

Secret Garden is a non-halal authentic Chinese and Taiwanese Cuisine cooked from the heart. Located at Jalan SS 23/15, they have quite some parking space (non peak hours) in front of the shop lots.

Notice their flower designed logo? It represents family base (家园). The owner thinks that family bond is very important, and hence, they wanted to make the entire design to be like a home. It's definitely a great place for reunion or gathering dinner!

They have already started to serve their 2 choices of CNY Steamboat Package.
  • CNY Steamboat Package 1 新年火锅套餐 1: “鸡”唱吉祥到
  • CNY Steamboat Package 2 新年火锅套餐 2: 吉“鸡”祥富贵

Package 1: “鸡”唱吉祥到 Package 2: 吉“鸡”祥富贵
Appetizers 1. Yee Sang with Salmon
2. Taiwanese Deep-Fried Crispy Salted Chicken
1. Yee Sang with Jelly Fish and Salmon
2. Taiwanese Deep-Fried Cripsy Salted Chicken and Fried Sotong
Broth Secret Garden Imperial Chicken Broth Premium Wild Forest Truffle and Mushrooms Broth
Hot Pot Ingredients 1. Seafood Platter: Tiger Prawn, White Clam, Fish Maw, Scallop
2. Sliced Pork Neck
3. Sliced Beef / Sliced Lamb
4. Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
5. Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls
6. SG Seafood Dumpling “Kao Zi” and Chives Pork Dumpling “Kao Zi”
7. Handmade Fish Paste
8. Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms Platter
9. White Bean Curd
10. Fu Chuk Skin (Bean Curd Skin)
11. Udon Noodle
1. Seafood Platter: Abalone Clam, Tiger Prawn, Geoduck, Sliced Snapper,
White Clam, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber
2. Sliced Japan Sendai Beef
3. Sliced Iberico
4. Handmade Black Truffle Balls
5. Handmade Squid Balls
6. Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
7. SG Seafood Dumpling “Kao Zi” and Chives Pork Dumpling “Kao Zi”
8. Handmade Fish Paste
9. Handmade Prawn Paste
10. Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms Platter
11. Homemade Organic Black Bean Curd
12. Fu Chuk Skin (Bean Curd Skin)
13. Taiwanese Bamboo Charcoal Ramen and Taiwanese Spinach Ramen
Dessert Herbal Jelly with Wild Honey Chinese New Year Special Dessert
Price 6 pax = RM388
10 pax = RM688
6 pax = RM888
10 pax = RM1688

If you're picky with one of the dishes in the menu, feel free to contact them in advance to make request in changes. Besides, you can request for foods that they don't have in their menu as well, but condition is to call them in advance! This is what I like about this restaurant - flexibility!


The must have in every CNY reunion meaql - Yee Sang with Salmon! (Package 1)

In the menu, another appetizer is the Deep-Fried Chicken & Sotong, but instead, we get to try out their Steamed Chicken - Steamed Free Range Duckweed Fed Chicken with Homemade Sauce (原汁马草鸡).

Steamed Free Range Duckweed Fed Chicken with Homemade Sauce (原汁马草鸡)

The chicken they used in this dish was reared for more than 120 days, which means it's not injected with hormones of chemicals, unlike

The skin is easy to chew when it's hot. The taste is not heavy, and I'm in love with their homemade sauce. The chicken is like what we called the "kampung chicken", hence it's not as tough as normal chicken.

Signature Taiwanese Style Braised “Dong Po” Pork Belly (招牌东波肉)

If you prefer for a heavier taste of appetizer, try to request for their Signature Taiwanese Style Braised “Dong Po” Pork Belly (招牌东波肉) (RM38 small, RM66 large). This dish is the restaurant's specialty, but it's not included in the CNY package, but as I mentioned, you can just request for what you want!

Normally the dish comes with pork only, but I definitely recommend you guys to order their pao (cost RM1.20 for each pao) and eat together with the pork belly!

I don't really like to eat the fats in the meat, but the fats of the pork belly melt inside the mouth after 1 bite. The sauce is just perfect, not too salty or too soy sauce taste. Together with the pao, it doesn't make the bite very messy as it's very easy to bite. I have to say that this is my favourite dish in this whole meal!


Secret Garden Imperial Chicken Broth (Package 1)
Premium Wild Forest Truffle and Mushrooms Broth - contains 5 types of mushrooms in the chicken broth (Package 2)
Unlike the other steamboats, their soup comes in a lot of their original ingredients in. Both the soup taste so good, I can drink the whole pot I'm not even kidding! While doing the steamboat, it's recommended to put meat into the soup for cook first instead of vegetables!

From here, I actually learned that we can mix their in house sauces into our bowl of soup to enhance the taste that we like! Personally love their Homemade Soy Sauce as it taste a bit thicker and you can taste the chicken essence in it.


Seafood Platter
Sliced Pork Neck (Package 1)
Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
Handmade Pork Balls with Mushroom
Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls (Package 1)
Tobiko Squid Ball after cooked - Love the tobiko feeling in my mouth after bite!
Handmade Black Truffle Ball (Package 2)
Black Truffle Ball after cooked - Can feel the black truffle mushroom's taste floating in the mouth after eating.
Handmade Fish Paste & Handmade Prawn Paste
Secret Garden Seafood Dumpling “Kao Zi” and Chives Pork Dumpling “Kao Zi”
Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms Platter

Besides get to taste their CNY Menu dishes, we were so lucky to have their biggest chef - Chef Long 隆师傅 to show us how their handmade balls were made! Chef Long comes from Taiwan and he has more than 10 years experience in cooking.

The technique of squeezing like this is to make sure the air in the meat would be withdraw out and adding more of the meat from below, and hence the balls would be full with taste. Another tips is not to make the balls too big nor too small as it will affect the different taste from inside outafter cooking it.

My turn to try, and I definitely have no talent in making handmade balls for sure!

So far I had a really great experience in having meal there! The service is extremely good, till the point that they will help you to peel the prawn without you getting your hands messed up! I love that they always make sure the food quality and service is good, which it's the biggest point of opening the restaurant.

Restaurant Environment

The waiting area right after entering the restaurant.
They try to make the restaurant to be more nature feel.
Spot the leafs behind? They are real plants and it doesn't attracts any mosquitoes or bugs at all! Instead, you get extra oxygen!

Secret Garden 家园私方菜

7 & 9, Jalan SS 23/15, Petaling Jaya 47400 Selangor

Business Hours
Daily | 11.30am-3.00pm, 6.00pm-11.00pm

Contact: +603 7887 6999
Instagram: @mysecretgardenpj

*All image with my watermark are taken by Edwin Chuah

Disclaimer: The meals provided was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.

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