Sunday, 8 January 2017

Matcha flavour PABLO Cheese Tart - it's finally here!

If you still haven't heard about PABLO Cheese Tart, you're really out of the food game! Read about Pablo here before you get confused with what I say later on in this post!

After the huge rave of their original flavour of the Freshly Baked Cheese Tart, they are finally launching the long waited Matcha & Chocolate flavour of the Freshly Baked Cheese Tarts!

Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart | RM49.90

Matcha fans know that the best combination in the world is matcha & red beans, so does Pablo. They used uji matcha as the flavour, and besides red beans, there are some mochi inside that act as a surprise when you eat it. The whole thing compliments each other very well!

To me, compare it with the original flavour, I find that this taste sweeter, which might be the reason that it feels thicker and fuller than the original one. If you're a bitter taste matcha lover, you might not really like this.

The previous one I've tasted it after refrigerated and I'm in love with the soft cold taste, but this time I tried it directly after it's served. Yes the melting cheese is good, but I personally would prefer it to be cold after refrigerated as it feels not as thick, just like hot milo vs iced milo. But the tart will not be as crispy as when it's hot, still depends on different person's preference.

There's one thing that did not happened to my previous original cheese tart, but I noticed that the Matcha and Chocolate flavour of this cheese tart sink easily after a few hours of not refrigerating it. It feels like the cheese with flavour are softer that the top coat couldn't support it well, and end up the middle part will sink inward easily (like the image below).

My tart after I got it for about 3 hours without refrigerating it.

So it's better if you can consume it within an hour, or just take a spoon to eat it like a bowl.

Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart | RM49.90

Since the Matcha is the key point for this new flavours launch, I wasn't excited for the chocolate flavour one, until I tried it out! To my own surprise, I actually love how the chocolate flavour taste more than matcha's! I still remembered that I was very surprised on my first bite!

Matcha lovers might not need to try the Matcha Cheese Tart, but I must say that chocolate lovers MUST TRY the Chocolate Cheese Tart, like really!

Aside from the 2 new cheese tarts, here are some other items that I've tried.

PABLO Frute - Matcha With Shiratama & Special Chocolate | RM15.90 per cup

Previously I was impressed by the Classic Cheese Tart flavour of the drink, and now I'm once again impressed by Matcha flavour's! With the tasty Matcha Jelly below on your first sip, I feel like I have to continue drinking it even though I was coughing like mad! And if you're a whip cream lover like me, this red bean whip cream is also a must try!

Special Chocolate

Matcha Cheese Soft Serve | RM11.90

Just like a lot of Soft Serve, it's a milky taste ice-cream, but don't forget that Pablo is famous in Cheese! This Matcha Cheese soft serve gives you the combination of milk, matcha and cheese!

Sabrel Cheese - Matcha (9 pcs) | RM36.90

PABLO Cheese Tarts Bakery

No 130, 2nd floor, One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Selangor
Instagram: @pablo_cheese_tart_malaysia #PabloMyMatcha


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