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Weird Flavours!! Magi Planet Popcorn Set Review!

What's better than watching drama / movie with your loved one? Popcorns!! 

It's always a must buy for me and my boyfie when we're watching movies in the theater, but when we're watching dramas or movies at home, Magi Planet Popcorn is it! Especially during the recent top K-drama - Goblin!

Formerly Planet Popcorn, the Magi Planet Popcorn is back with 4 types of flavours:
  • Crystal Salted Caramel 玫瑰盐焦糖 
  • Corn Soup 玉米浓汤
  • Takoyaki 海苔章鱼烧 
  • Chili Cheese 辛起司 

They sounded cheesy right? Keep reading to see what I think of all of the flavours!

This popcorn set comes with 4 big packs (110g x 4) and 4 small packs (50g x 4) of all 4 different flavours of popcorns.

Corn Soup
Crystal Salted Caramel 

Unlike theater's popcorns, they are rounder in shape and the flavour were all mixed in the popcorn itself instead of the surface only.

So without further ado, let's check all of these weird flavours of popcorns out!

#1. Crystal Salted Caramel 玫瑰盐焦糖

Description: The caramel sauce was hand-cooked which makes it doesn't taste too heavy nor too sweet. It contains Crystal Salt that's specially picked from the Himalayas mountain, and it is the reason that makes the popcorn taste healthy and wonderful. The Crystal Salt contains natural minerals and it's not processed at all. The saltiness and sweetness level of this flavour is very balanced, and it's tasty and healthy at the same time.

My Comment: According to their website, this flavour is the top flavour of all. I personally think that it's because it has the lightest taste compare to another 3, and it's the closest taste to movie theater's popcorns. It's sweet but it's never enough! Since the taste is not heavy, I can finish the small pack in an hour of my drama show!

My rating: 10/10

#2. Corn Soup 玉米浓汤

Description: It's the main flavour of Magi Planet Popcorn. On top of the corn soup is a little bit of the black pepper in it to enhance the taste. It's everyone's favourite sweet and salty flavour!

My Comment: One thing so special about this brand of popcorn is it has weird flavours! Corn soup?! I wonder if they will come out with more soup flavours soon, like Lotus Root Soup? LOL!

On my first taste of it, it feels really weird as it does have the corn and soup taste in it, can you believe it?! But I'm glad that after a few times it gets better as it's not too heavy nor too light, just the right salty taste that everyone loves.

My rating: 7/10

#3. Takoyaki 海苔章鱼烧

Description: Contains the real taste of Takoyaki -  the sweetness of the squid & dried fish, and specially picked seaweed which is baked instead of fried. All of them were handmade and shredded. This special taste makes you feel like eating the real Takoyaki!

My Comment: Hands down people, I still can't get over with this awesome flavour of popcorn! When I first opened the packet, the takoyaki smell is really there! Except that there's no smoke coming out from the packet, LOL! It really has the combination of the grilled taste and sauce, and it's crispy! Like seriously, I still remember how the Takoyaki smells like and taste like in my mouth!

My rating: 11/10 (I'm serious! XD)

#4. Chili Cheese 辛起司

Description: The mixture of cheese and pepper, the spiciness makes the taste of cheese goes to another level. Recommended for all spicy lovers! The cheese powder was specially picked from New Zealand.

My Opinion: This chili cheese flavour was kinda special as I never heard of the taste of spicy and cheese together before! It does have that slight spicy taste and Twistie (the snack) kind of cheese flavour taste. Probably is the spicy taste that makes it too heavy in taste for me and makes me feel thirsty. I'm not sure if cheese lovers will love it or not tho, but you can definitely try it out if you're a heavy taste person.

My rating: 6/10 (not a spicy person here)


  1. Takoyaki 海苔章鱼烧
  2. Crystal Salted Caramel 玫瑰盐焦糖
  3. Corn Soup 玉米浓汤
  4. Chili Cheese 辛起司

While I'm watching the second last episode of Goblin! That awkward face tho XD

Overall, I'm really impressed cause all of them really tasted just like their names! Corn Soup flavour taste exactly like corn soup in popcorn, Chili Cheese has really spicy cheese taste, and omg to the Takoyaki!

I know it's a little bit too late to get it as a Chinese New Year snack now, but if you're planning to get some snacks that's a little bit different than those traditional CNY biscuits and cookies, here's a good news for y'all!

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Product Information

Name: Magi Planet Popcorn Set (8 packs)
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Weight: 4 x 110g; 4 x 50g
Price: RM150
Where to buy: All Young (link)

For more information, kindly visit: Magi Planet's Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 

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  1. I started feeling hungry after looking at the pictur of this popcorn , it must be so delicious , which one is better corn soup , chilli chese or the other ones ? or tell me which is your favorite flavor ? okay i read it again you have given 10 out of 10 to crystal salted caramel so i would try this flavor first , for me its not necessary to only eat popcorn while watching movie , I can eat it anytime because I like popcorns hehe , its my first visit at your blog nicole yie and I m kinda liking it !!

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