Sunday, 18 December 2016

Triumph Winter Maximizer Collection 2016/17

Living in Malaysia, you know that you wouldn't really purchase any clothing that are meant for Winter. But when it comes to lingerie, it's totally fine cause you know it's going to be wintery pretty! And yes, I'm saying Triumph's new Winter 2016/17 collection that was just launched not long ago!

Their slogan for this collection - Find The One That Makes You Shines - shows that this collection is meant to make you shine bright like the festive lights! It features few types of floral designs but in cold colours, such as the pretty purple and dark blue. I'm more to bright colour but surprisingly I felt that this series of dull colours was pulled off by design perfectly!

Have been wearing Triumph's bra for a few years and my all time favourite is the one that I was wearing above - the Aqua Enhancer. Not only gives an enviable cleavage but also transforms you magically from A to C cup in a blink! This super volume-up bra is padded with lightweight Aqua cushions, achieving a natural bounce with every step.

The winter collection has to feature one of their top selling series - the Cleavage On Demand which is designed to let women take control of their femininity. Go from ooh to WOW by tightening the satin lace to accentuate the bust with maximum boost! It's the perfect piece of lingerie for women who like it their way.

Lastly, the Butterfly series that's perfect even for the most unforgiving top. The Butterfly style has unique 45 degree angled bones for ultimate cleavage centralization and high side panels to smoothen the most stubborn bulges, creating a beautiful silhouette instantly! This gives you unparalleled maximum support without compromising elegance, shape or sexiness.

Triumph never fails to amaze me with the comfortableness of their products! Even though they have a special category for the Support series, but I felt that all of them did a great job in supporting my boobs all day long, given that if you wear your bra in a correct way!

If you read my previous Triumph's posts before, you know that my favourite thing about them is the personal fitting service! Trust me, you won't regret of getting personal fitting from their professionals cause it's very important to wear a bra correctly. Do check them out and make your personal fitting appointment at your nearest outlet, and don't forget to let me know what do you think of them!

Love both of my new sets of  the winter collection very much!

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