Thursday, 15 December 2016

Smile Makers Lubricant, the Luxury but Affordable Skincare

As I started to work and meet more people out there in different industry, I realized that the topic on 'sexual intercourse' is very open and widely discuss among people.

I used to think that sex shouldn't be done unless you're planning to give birth, but in fact, it's something very healthy to all of us if we do it correctly, wear protection and always stay hygiene. Sexologists, gynecologists and beauty experts all over the world agreed that a better sex life means better health as it affect confidence and how beautiful you feel.

From researchers, depending on the country, 50-90% of women experienced pain during sex - bad sex life. It's very common but avoidable, all you need is a good lubricant because you don't wanna insert low quality products into your thin layer of skin down there, and end up needs to see a gynecologist due to the cause of itchiness and inflammation in your sensitive part, don't you?

And here's another question: How do you define a 'good lubricant'? To me, it has to be having the safest ingredients and perfect texture in the product that won't cause any problem to my precious vajayjay. The good news is the Smile Makers Lubricant has it all!

From the brand name itself, the Smile Maker was created to make everyone smile and happy because beauty starts with a smile. Their main products are the cutely shaped personal massagers and the lubricants with super luxurious packaging. Their mission is to normalize sexual well-being products and reframe them as a natural and healthy part of life and beauty care!

The proudest thing to mention even before the benefits of the lubricants, is that they are the No. 1 female lubricant that's recommended by Cosmopolitan HK!

As I mentioned earlier, these lubricants has the safest ingredients ever for your most sensitive part of the skin which I think that it's the biggest win of all! They are pure, safe, anti-inflammation, anti-itchy and also helps in skin regeneration.

These lubricants contains only pharma-grade ingredients (>99.5% pure). All the ingredients used are as pure as those in the hospital, extremely safe. It's so pure that you can even apply them on your face and it's not greasy and sticky at all!

Besides, they used 2 premium ingredients (Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate Methyl Propanediol) that normally only be used in the luxury skin care i.e Shiseido and Guerlain, and Smile Makers is the only brand to use them in the female lubricants, imported from France and Japan.

Unlike most of the competitors' products in the market, these lubricants are paraban-free and fragrance-free which they make sure that there's no harmful chemicals at all to lead to potential risks for your reproduction organ.

Moreover, most lubricants are thick and sticky, but these from Smile Makers are water-based to avoid sticky sensation, and it's gentle on the most sensitive skins, thanks to a natural plant extract!

There are 3 types of lubricants from Smile makers: Little Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum & Generous Gel. Comparing these 3 types, all of them have different thickness, from low to high that serves different needs in women.

The Little Light Liquid has the lightest liquid texture among all 3 lubricants. They called it Light As A Feather, it's formulated for a natural sensation. It's for women with a light need of extra lubrification.

Stay Silky Serum is a balanced lubricant which is extremely soft and perfect for any situation. It's softer than silk that will instantly soothes the skin for a smoother, velvety feel, and it's perfect fit for women with a moderate need for lubrification.

Last but not least, the Generous Gel has the richest gel texture that helps to alleviate any discomfort during sexual intercourse. This rich and luxuriously textured lubricant provides the right amount of cushioning and makes it the perfect internal-use lubricant for women with strong lubrification needs (vaginal dryness for example).

No more greasiness, stickiness and annoying fruity smell!

And look at them pretty bottles! They do make me have the thought of "Wow which luxury brand is it? This kind of bottle, confirm costs more than RM100"But no! It cost only RM59!

What makes you gasp even more is that these bottles are created by the same designer who designed SK-II bottles, Dolce & Gabbana perfume and Gucci perfume! Can you believe it?

I used to discuss about the topic sex with some of my close friends and I found out that most of them don't use lubricants because they have bad experience with those thick and sticky one. They told me that those are kinda useless as it still makes them has this burning sensation and discomfort.

Now I can recommend them and everyone else this Smile Makers Lubricants as I can tell that it's totally opposite from those they have experienced before! It's better to invest in a good and affordable product (only RM59!) than hurting yourself and cause problems in the future, right?? Now every woman in Malaysia can afford a luxury "skin care" product and start pampering yourself with Smile Makers! ;)

Product Information

Name: Smile Makers Lubricant
Volume: 30ml / 1.0 fl.oz. per bottle
Price: RM59.95 per bottle
WHERE TO BUY: Smile Maker's Website (link), Lazada (link) and Watsons.

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @smilemakerscollection

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. ei.. I still a little confused. So, can it use as skin care? I mean facial care.. >.<

    1. Haha the 'skin' i mean in skincare is actually our vajayjay's skin. But also, the ingredients in it is very pure that you can use it as a facial care, but that's not the main job of this product :D