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PABLO Cheesetart - All the way from Japan to Malaysia!

The recent food trend - cheesetart has been gaining lotsa love from the worldwide, and finally one of the most famous in the world - the PABLO Cheesetart has finally arrived in Malaysia's 1 Utama Shopping Mall!

Launched on 6 Dec 2016, 2pm at the 2nd floor of Old Wing, 1 Utama, right beside Hokkaido Sushi. The big yellow sign and the super friendly staffs that constantly greets their customers will definitely get your attention right away.

If you still don't know what's Pablo, it's a 100% Japan imported cheese tarts brand and it's currently the hottest and most famous cheesetart & desserts brand in the world. It's actually the earliest ancestor of Half-Baked Cheese Tart!

The brand is started 6 years ago in Japan. It now has more than 25 stores in Japan and many parts of the world including Toronto, South Korea, Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta. And by now, Pablo has sold 6 million of its classic cheestarts since its inception.

The open kitchen design and store concept is designed to reflect our specialty in serving freshly baked products and to bring the experience to the consumers.

So what's so special about this cheesetart to make everyone willing to queue up for it? Let us check it out!

PABLO Freshly Baked Cheesetart | RM46.90 

Featuring their most famous dish - the Freshly Baked Cheesetart which is different from what you had out there in other cheesetart outlets. It's bigger in size and it has a mango jelly layer on top of it. This medium rare cheesetart is famous for its soft, ooey-gooey and “creamy overflowing” filling.

In Japan, you can request for the Pablo Cheese Tart to be rare or medium, which means to make the cheese lighter or thicker in texture. But in Malaysia, we only have it in medium-rare, but it could still turn into rare or medium depends on when you're eating it.

The size is the size of my palm!

Since we got those that has been baked several hours ago, we didn't get to see the melting cheese in it, but it's still good in taste when it's not melting. Make sure you taste it out once it's launched!

It looks very thick, but trust me, 1 slice is never enough! The texture of the cheese is creamy but not very thick to feel too full nor too thin to be a liquid, which I consider it to be perfect! What makes every bite even more tempting is the mango layer on top! Not forget to mention the crunchy crusts of the tart, not hard but not soft, but try not to crust it all over the floor! If you're a cheese lover, you might be able to eat the whole thing by yourself!

The cheesetart is recommended to be served when it's freshly baked, but if you're planning to take away, make sure you store it in the refrigorator after 6 hours, and it will last up to 2 days after refrigorated. The overall combination of this cheesetart is just so brilliant and yumz, can't wait to have more when it launched!

PABLO Mini | RM8.90

Of course, the most famous tart besides egg tart and fruit tart is their in house mini cheesetart - the PABLO Mini! Like most of the cheesetart out there, the cheese in it is thicker than the Freshly Baked Cheesetart, however it doesn't taste as thick as others!

They even have the mini one in Premium! 

Besides cheesetarts, they also have the widest range of mouth-watering cheese-based desserts, pastries & beverages to fulfill cheese lover's satistactions! These desserts come in a variety of flavours, such as original (plain cheese), chocolate, strawberry, matcha etc.

Pudding, Sabrel, Choco crunch... They even have cheese flavoured soft-serve ice-cream! It's a truly one-stop destination to enjoy almost everything wonderfull!

PABLO Frute (Classic Cheese Tart flavour) | RM15.90

The drink of the day was this PABLO Frute in the flavour of Classic Cheese Tart. Can you believe in cheese tart flavoured drinks? Well, I kid you not. Unless you can't handle sweetness, else this is a MUST TRY when you pay them a visit!

This drink consist of 3 layers and it's recommended to not to mix it but drink it from the bottom until the top part reached the bottom. The first taste of the drink is definitely the bottom part that consist of apricot jelly

Slowly you'll reach the main taste of the drink - Mango + Banana + CHEESE! But frankly, the mango stood out the most in the taste than banana and cheese, but you still can taste all 3 of them in 1! Lastly, the top part which is the whipped cream with some of the crust from the cheesetart in it! Bravo to the creator of this drink, you've just gained one big fan here! *clapped*

If you're not so keen to try out cheese tart drink, feel free to other any 4 other flavours of PABLO Frute from them! Bet they taste as good! (especially matcha! Matcha bias here haha)

Sabrel Cheese | RM32.90

Other than having freshly made food and drinks, they are selling baked goods as well, such as this Sabrel Cheese! It comes in 3 flavours:
  • White: Parmesan cheese & Gouda cheese cream;
  • Black: Black Truffle & Cheese;
  • Green: Matcha & Cream Cheese.

I've got to try out the white one!

PABLO Choco Crunch (Cheese Tart Flavour) | RM47.90

Another baked goods that they are selling is this PABLO Choco Crunch. The cheese tart flavour taste reminded me of Pocky in milk flavour, but it doesn't really have any cheese taste in it. Personally think this would be a great snack for Chinese New Year for your visitors as everyone even those who hated cheese can enjoy it as well! And I'm kinda in love with the cheese tart designed box!

Congratulations to PABLO for the launch in Malaysia!!

So will you be going to try them out after their launch today? Let me know if you've tried it and what do you think!

PABLO Cheesetarts Bakery

No 130, 2nd floor, One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Selangor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pablocheesetartmalaysia
Instagram: @pablo_cheese_tart_malaysia
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