Monday, 26 December 2016

My Unicorn Hair Journey with Restyle+ by A Cut Above

So I did something very brave before I end my 2016. It was my dream to have rainbow or colourful hair, but was always afraid of how bleaching worsen my hair. But IT'S NOW OR NEVER! Am entering the first quarter of my life soon and if I don't try it now, when will I have the chance again?

I know I just dyed my hair red like 3 months ago, but this year I can a colourful Christmas & CNY for next year! So I decided to have my first full bleached coloured hair experience at Restyle+ by A Cut Above Saloon at DA MEN MALL.

Restyle+ is about providing an organic solution to a healthy scalp and hair, while still being able to stay true to its original goal; to cultivate the look you want, the appearance you aspire to portray.

The saloon is just located at the right after you've entered the main entrance of the mall for a few more steps.

It's not a big saloon but it's spacious and clean with wooden design. One thing to take note that it's kinda cold so make sure to wear more if you're easily get cold like me.

I was recommended to head over to Restyle+ for my fancy hair experience because they have a wider range and choices of colours than other branches do, plus they are expertise in it. So if you're planning for an uncommon hair colour, you should consider to pay them a visit.

Bleaching time!
I left my hair for Johnt and asked him to do the magic! Since my hair was red for almost 2 years and it's already a part of me, he said that I need to bleach twice to completely remove the red/orange shade on my hair.

So this is the outcome after my first bleach! Now you know why I need to bleach twice cause it's still so pinkish!

Bleaching for the 2nd time!

Finally it's whiter! But still a little bit of orange in it. Since the bottom part has some orangy colour, Johnt decided to dye it pink as it's the nearest colour to orange and red (compared to bly

Dying the top part to make it blackish blue. Btw that was my face when the dye was in contact with my scalp. It was quite stingy and a little hurtful, and it was not that good for my scalp, so make sure you inform them that you don't want it to dye till your scalp.

It looks like black, but Johnt told me it's going to become dark blue when it fades.
Looking at these colours makes me almost orgas... sorry I mean, happy! Haha XD
After 8 hours of butt-aching, the final outcome! And I have thicker fringe now!
Close up look. Can't get over with the blending colour!
Before and After. My hair was surprisingly smooth after the dying!
I see a super huge difference in me. I looked so innocent before the transformation tho!
A closer look. I was so dilemma on naming it Unicorn hair or Mermaid hair but at the end, everyone called it unicorn hair, so unicorn it is!

My overall experience at the saloon is consider as great, despite some trainees are a little bit not that professional in their service yet, but give them some time! I do recommend you guys to go there for hair colour service as they do have a lot of colour choices.

And did you realized that my hair is still so smooth after bleaching twice plus a layer of bright colour?? I was told so many times that my hair is still good after the bleaching! Personally think that the brand they used are better than a lot of them out there and that's why it creates a better result.

Restyle+ by A Cut Above

G-01B Da Men Mall,
No, 1, Persiaran Kewajipan, Usj 1,
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Contact: +603 8011 0130
Instagram: @restyleplus

Disclaimer: The service provided was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


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