Monday, 12 December 2016

End your 2016 with a partner with Datein!

Datein formerly ClickMe, is quite a different dating platform than I used to know.

They have revealed that they will be launching a new web and mobile application in March 2017. They do not call it a dating application, as they do not want to be seen as yet another dating app. Datein will bring features to help you get to know each other and to meet personally thus not creating a list of idle matches. Visit their website to learn more.

Melinda and her partner Amy Mojoe started to organize singles events a year ago. They had a simple concept: let singles meet and decide for themselves who they find interesting enough to ask them out privately. “Sometimes we joke about it and call ourselves a 3D Tinder”, says Melinda.

They were surely not the first one to organize singles events in Malaysia, many has come up with that idea, but what they believe brings their success is what they have learned from their mistakes at the beginning.

So how did Datein come to be and how did Melinda and Amy pull it all off? I interviewed them to find out.

Nicole: Ladies, I came across Datein from my friend referral and loved the way you present what you do. Can you explain in a few sentences what Datein is?

Melinda: Amy and I started to organize singles events last year. It came up from our very personal need of finding partners. We started on meetup platform and in just a few weeks we grew up to over 900 members. We were ecstatic about the attention and felt like nothing can stop us. Our first singles event, sadly, had only 6 participants turning up. Almost giving up, we thought why not to give it another shot. We realized that to click one button to join the group is too easy and our members would not be devoted to what we have to offer, so we migrated to our own dedicated web and started to pick singles who are ready to give it a try. Step by step, we managed to get higher attendance and today we are happy to organize great events in a very good scale. 

Nicole: Listening to your story, it seems that to organize singles events in Malaysia is not an easy thing. What is the secret sauce to success?

Amy: I believe the very important thing is that we keep in touch with our members personally. Once they register, we call them to learn about their situation. This at the same time helps us to identify those who are looking for different services than we offer so we basically work as the front-line filter. I can't count how many times we have cancelled a membership of those who were not looking for what we offer and we are very proud of our scam-free membership pool.

Since we do not do personal matchmaking, we always emphasize that we can not do miracles and serve you with the ready-made perfect partner. Sometimes our members have so specific ideas about their potential partner, however they join the event and end up matching with a completely different person. And we love to see that chemistry is much stronger than our brains.☺

Melinda: I have to say that the most important key to success is the ability to steadily grow our member pool and organize enjoyable events. A few of our members took interest in us and positively reviewed our events, which gave us credibility. These guys saw what we were trying to do and how much we were nerding out on the outcomes, and it created a very strong level of trust. Yet again, we never promise miracles. Love is such highly individual matter that nobody is able to ensure the success. But we do our best to ensure you will be given a high quality opportunity and our guarantee even allows to join another event completely for free if you do not find anybody interesting during one event.

Nicole: So why when you believe so much in letting people meet in real, why do you want to launch the online app?

Amy: So far we are only able to organize events in Kuala Lumpur, they always come in specific dates and times. It might not be always suitable for all our members. For one age group we typically organize the event once every two months. So we wanted to be able to offer an immediate option which at the same time will not compromise on a quality of our members. We will still keep personally in touch with our members, our security features will be set much higher than standard. 

More than that, the app will help you to get to know somebody before you actually meet them in person and it will actually encourage you to meet in person, as we do not want to create another environment where people just chat online but never meet or have a long list of matches but never even start any conversation. We see it as a connection and relationship app, not just a shallow dating app. We will be releasing the beta version in March 2017 and want to invite all our members to try it out. If anybody would like to give it a go and be part of the testing group, join us here. There will still be an option for those who are only interested in joining events.

Nicole: What’s the biggest challenge facing Datein right now?

Melinda: Well, there are thousands of challenges, but since we now have a chance to invite singles who are reading this interview to join us, I would just like to send them a personal message. I actually understand how hard it is to navigate in the endless options we have nowadays but often times I see singles who just stay stuck at one point, keep complaining but never actually move to change their situation. We have met so many singles who are perfectly eligible for our services but sometimes they are afraid to join us - they feel it might be embarrassing, weird or not good enough for them. We actually gather a very good level of people who work on their careers or who already achieved a lot and they just miss a good partner in their lives. So I just want to invite you all to join us without any scepticism. There is really nothing to lose. Our closest event is on 17th December 2016.

So will you be joining the event? Let me know! ;)
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