Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What made 2016 so special for me

It's my first year that I don't have a long holiday during Christmas like how I used to have. Everything has changed after I started my full time job in KL. No more holidays that's way before Christmas but only going back to Penang during peak season with all other labours and then go back right after. And this. This is one of the biggest thing that's so special to me in 2016.

Good things come and go without you noticing it. When I was so desperately wanting a full time job at the beginning of the year, I only got bad part time jobs. But look at me right now, I've got my first full time job by the end of the year and I'm having a happy working life now! Believe or not, it's quite unbelievable for me until today.

All of this happened and makes me wanna give some of my personal advise for all of you out there who's seeking for jobs or making changes in life:

  • Don't be rush in making decisions. If it's meant to be yours, it's yours.
  • Stay calm and follow your instinct. Trust your sixth sense and you'll be surprised.
  • Be brave and do what you really want to do. Don't hesitate too much as it'll ruined your decision.
  • Everything happens for a reason. The sudden change in plan might be something great ahead that's waiting for you.

Wow I should just write down these quotes and stick it on my desk. Wait, maybe I can just make them be on stuffs that I see everyday such as mugs, t-shirts, phone case or even pillow case so that it reminds me everyday! Yes! I'm so gonna personalize my stuffs at Printcious with awesome quotes!

Since everyone's starting to look for Christmas present, nothing's better than personalized gifts! No I'm not sponsored by Printcious but you can definitely consider to make personalized gifts for your loved one this year with Printcious!

As you visit their website, you can see Gifts for Him & Gifts for Her, and each of them have more than 15 types of items for you to personalize and gift it to your loved one!

Now I need some help from you guys! Should I gift my boyfriend a mug or a T-shirt?

Or maybe a pillow? He's a sleepy head and these love shaped pillows are just too adorb!!
OMG they are sooo cute!

Okay they even have Magic Mug! So many choices of gifts, I should gift some to my family members as well!

Well I guess I'm a little out of topic now, but here's what made 2016 special for me! I'll go into more details on my yearly Flashback x Resolution post next month!

Now is your turn to let me know what made 2016 so special for you! And feel free to let me know your special Christmas gift ideas too! ;)
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