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[Video] My Daily Makeup Look ft. Althea Life-Proof Makeup Box

If you're a person who has oily skin (like me) that always encountered makeup melted off during the midday, you gotta read this post because Althea Korea has came out with the Althea Life-Proof Makeup Box that saved me from making my makeup stay throughout the day! Make sure you read till the end for a makeup video on how I used all the products inside this box!

The Althea Life-Proof Makeup Box is their very first limited edition beauty box. It's filled with beauty products that not only will last you all day long, but also give amazing coverage as well so that you won't need to touch up anything throughout the day! Click here to check out the available monthly beauty boxes from Althea!

There are total of 7 cosmetics + a free mask in the box. So without further ado, let's check them out!

#1. RiRE LUXE Gel Tattoo (#2 Gray Brown)

I was a big fan of eyebrow tattoo because first, eyebrow is the second most important feature of my face (first is double eyelid in case you wonder), and second, I'm too lazy to draw my eyebrows everyday! But now I've did my eyebrow embroidery so it has literally solved my problem.

But as you can tell from above, I've tried it on my hand to make it as a temporary tattoo. The first time after peeled it off, it does has a gray brown shade, but not too gray. And after a few days, the colour reduced to become light brown, it's suitable for people who has lighter hair colour

I was actually kinda impressed with this product because if compared to my previous eyebrow tattoo gel, the Etude House Tint My Brow Gel, the LUXE Gel Tattoo's minimum waiting hour is only 1 hour whereas Etude House's is 2 hours.

What's more impressive is that it actually stayed for nearly a week on my hand even though I didn't waited it for an hour, which means the staying power is really strong! You can always refer back to this post if you're interested to know how to use eyebrow tattoo.

I've been wanting a Matte foundation/BB cream/BB cushion with high coverage for my oily skin and acne scars. I was so happy when I found out there's one in this box. And most importantly, it comes with shade #23. This shade is almost the same as my April Skin Magic Cushion's shade #23. You can check out the before and after results & how it turns out on my yellow tone skin in the video below!

#3. It's My BONG CEALER (Cool Born)

This concealer with a cushion head is something I'm always excited about because it's a very easy application, just click the back of the pen and apply the products onto the skin. It comes with 4 shades, but the one in this box is the cool born shade, which is lighter than my skin colour, so I used it as an undereye concealer and highlighter. I've been loving the coverage so much, and again, watch my video below to see the magic!

This sponge works just like beauty blender - submerge it into water and see it grow bigger! Since this beauty box doesn't comes with any liquid foundation, I used it on the BONG CEALER because for the first few times, I clicked the pen for too many times and it came out too much which I can't use the cushion to blend it, so this beauty blender is a need here!


I was about to buy the Innisfree Mineral Powder, and suddenly I don't need to cause the box comes with this mineral powder! It works just like those mineral powder out there. And since the Matt Cushion has made my skin matte, I only use this to apply on my oily eyelids after applying my eye makeup. So far it does its job as stated.

#6. RiRE Lip Powder (Fashion Red)

And this is also another super exciting product in this box! Yes, it's all powder in this little bottle with a normal but short applicator. The powder will just melt down when it touches your skin with temperature into a thick liquid, no magic at all.

Fashion Red is the brightest colour of all, and I'm glad it pulled out great with my skin tone! It's really matte, dry and smooth after the application, but it takes sometime to be completely kiss-proof. Besides, I realized it will comes off easily when you drink water. I couldn't say it last as long as those lip tint out there, and if you have chapped lips, it's better you apply lip balm first, or maybe this is not the product for you.

Another bad thing I realized is, if the powders on the applicator has touched the lips but was not applied on the lips, it will tend to transfer the temperature to the bottle, and there will be some clumped powder around the bottle. It's not a big deal tho, but it might be quite messy to some of you out there.

#7. Etude House Face Conditioning Fixer

I have to say that this beauty box has provide 90% of the stuff that I want! I wanted a makeup fixer for a while ago, but found out that lots of them out there (especially Sephora's) are quite expensive. Why didn't I realized Etude House has one?! But it's actually just like a normal mist with a nice fragrance small in it. Not really sure about the effect tho, but I'll still keep on using it everyday for extra moisture.

#8. Chica-Y-Chico Princess Mask Pack (Whitening)

This was a gift for every purchase of the box, so it's actually doesn't consider as a life-proof product. But still thanks to Althea for the awesome box with a pretty mask!

So check out my video on my daily makeup look with these products in the Althea Life-Proof Makeup Box!

This box has been sold out at the moment, but there will be more new beauty box coming out by Althea every month! Click here to check out the available monthly beauty boxes from Althea! Register here to get RM35 credits on your purchase!

They have been asking the fans what kind of beauty boxes they want in the future, so if you have any special ideas, visit their Facebook page to submit your beauty box idea before 30 November 2016, and stand a chance to win an Althea Beauty Box worth RM100!

For more information, kindly visit:
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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 
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