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Permanent Makeup - Mist Eyebrow by E-image Aesthetic

When people mentioned about 'permanent make up', everyone would be thinking that it's like those days where your mom went to tattoo your eyebrows or eyeliner, the process is painful and the colour will changed after years.

Well thanks to all the advanced technology these days, there are new techniques to do permanent / semi-permanent makeup on your eyebrows, eye line, eyelash and even lips without going through all the pain, natural looking and there will be no colour changing after years!

I was so glad that I got the chance to try out the Korean latest semi-permanent eyebrow service - Mist Eyebrow at E-image Aesthetic!

Before I start my experience doing the Mist Eyebrow, let me introduce a little bit of what E-image does. E-image Aesthetic provides services like eyebrow embroideryeyeliner embroidery, eyelash extension and even lips!

On my first visit one month ago, I decided to go for the eyebrow service. There are 3 kinds of designs to choose from:
  • Mist eyebrow (semi permanent) - a new technique where it looks natural just like applying eyebrow powder.
  • Korean Floating eyebrow - create the most natural brows hairstroke.
  • Spring eyebrow - the combination of both Mist & Korean Floating eyebrow.

After my discussion with Christy, I decided to go for the mist eyebrow.

Mist Eyebrow

The mist eyebrow is just a semi-permanent makeup as it will only last up to 1-2 years depending on your skin, and the colour will totally fade away after 2 years instead of changing colour. It is a new technique of embroidery.

What makes mist eyebrow different from doing tattoo and old style embroidery is that mist eyebrow has a painless process, the colour will not change when time goes by, and it looks natural, just like applying eyebrow powder.

The ink's colour that they used for mist eyebrow was extracted from plants, and the inking was only made on the surface of the skin. The colour will follow the skin's metabolism and fade away when our dead skin cells has been removed from our body over the years.

Tracing my desire eyebrow shape.
This is how the inking process looks like. 
It somehow looks like doing tattoo on your eyebrows, but it's just on the surface of the skin.

So the whole 2 hours process starts from numbing your eyebrow area of your skin, then inking (poking) the eyebrows manually with a little needle with your desire eyebrow colour for a few rounds to achieve the complete mist eyebrow look.

Close up look of my eyrbrows after 2 hours of several rounds of inking.
My skin was kinda sensitive and it swelled during the process, not sure it's towards the numbing cream or the needle, but it's considered normal. The swelling & redness might last from few hours to few days depending on your skin situation.

Done for my first time! My eyebrows were swelling. The redness just make it as the same colour as my hair! XD
My original eyebrow vs after doing mist eyebrow!
After the process, the colour looked so much darker than my desired one. This will last for a few days, and it takes about 5-7 days for the exact color to show up. After the 3rd day, there will be a peeling process on the eyebrows.

Do note that the eyebrows are now considered as wound, so you might wanna take note of your food intake i.e no seafood. Besides, to make the colour last, don't let your eyebrows contact with water during the 1 week healing process.

And they are kind enough to provide us an Anti-Inflammatory cream to apply for the next 3 days!

It started to peel after the 3rd/4th day.
Eyebrows after 10 days.
Eyebrows after 2 weeks.
Eyebrows after 1 and a half month, looks exactly like I just have a light eyebrow powder on!
Christy told me that mine might fade faster as my skin is sensitive and oily, and it's a lil bit hard for the colour to stick into my skin. Hence, different person with different skin condition will have a different outcome.

Touch up

For the mist eyebrow. it includes a one time touch up for you to do within 3 months after your first time. So I've did mine after 1 and a half month during my second visit.

During the touch up, you can choose to remain the shape and colour, or you can request to adjust the shape a little bit, and maybe change to a darker colour so that it will last longer. I remained my shape but to have a darker colour.

Numb Numb Numb.
So I had taken better pictures this time.
Close up look of the inking process. *poke poke poke*
After 1 round of touching up. It's swelling again!
After an hour of touching up.

I requested for a darker colour, hence it's now darker, and the shape is a little bit wider so that the colour will last longer. And it swells again and it's badder than the previous time, probably because it's a healed wound.

After touching up, it still needs up to a week of healing process just like before:
  • Peeling process after 3rd day
  • Eyebrows don't contact with water
  • No seafood
And here's the final outcome after healed for the second time! Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~

It looks perfect!
Didn't make the wrong decision to darken the colour cause this is just perfect!

My Thoughts

Despite the part that my sensitive skin swelled, I have to say it was an awesome experience! Besides the friendly staffs and clean environment, the services are just very professional. They will let you know what you need to know before, during and after the treatment 1-by-1 and step-by-step.

For my mist eyebrow experience: Even though it uses needle to ink the colour, the numbing cream makes it painless, like really, I can't feel what was she doing at the beginning until I see it through my phone's reflection. But of course towards the end of the process, you'll started to feel the light needle pain, but don't worry, it's just like ant abit and it's bearable. Trust me, I'm scared of injection.

During the healing process, it might look super thick and doesn't match your face, but it's gonna be just 1 week. During the peeling, the eyebrow looks weird, but it's just for a few days. It's totally worth to wait for a week cause the outcome is just so nice!

Now I'm just so happy that I will be having this perfect eyebrow for 1 year or maybe even longer! :D

Eyelash Extension

So during my first visit, Christy was kind enough to provide me the Eyelash Extension service as well. There are also quite a few types of designs, from the length to thickness to styles of eyelashes to choose from

For mine, I picked a more natural look - Glamour style with thinnest lashes, C curl and 9mm to 11mm long (normal eyelashes are 8mm long)

I'm so much in love with the outcome!

So what do you think guys? Have you done any permanent makeup before? Let me know! ;)

E-image Aesthetic

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Disclaimer: The service provided was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.
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  1. Nicole, possible to make a make up tutorial? I love the effect after you put blue eyeliner ( is it?) on it! very pretty!

    1. Haha yes mable, it's a blue eyeliner! Am considering to do makeup videos already! Thanks for your kind words!! <3

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